Happy Island Releases N.D.’s Dig Site

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has released another innovative permanent bonus. This time in the form of N. D.’s Dig Site (cute name!).

The dig site is for sale for 89 FB$ ($8.90), but like the Pot of Gold added to Happy Pets, it also awards players 1 FB$ per day for the first 14 days. So if a player checks in each day, the price is effectively reduced to 75 FB$.

At the end of the 14 day period, players are given one of three golden artifacts, modeled after the three items Indiana Jones is after in his original film trilogy – a golden chalice, a golden ark, or a golden idol. After that, the dig site continues to award 5,000 coins per day, forever.

Although the Indiana Jones theme is cute, like the Pot of Gold, the value of this offer seems a little iffy to us. A couple of free attractions will also earn a combined 5,000 coins per day forever. So players are spending $7.50 basically just to get the special golden artifact.

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