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Social City Adds Corporate HQ & More

Social City developer Playdom released a variety of new items today, from tiki bars to corporate headquarters. The game free gifts tab was also updated.

The bulk of the new gifts have a patriotic flair on account of the upcoming July 4th holiday, but there are also a few new tiki themed gifts, to keep things spicy. The new gifts tab line-up: Water, Blue Star Flowers, Blue Star Flowers 2, Red Flag Flowers, Cobblestone Road, Beach Party, Hollywood R, Patriotic Victorian home, Tiki Statues, and Tiki Bar.

New high-end residential and leisure buildings were also released. Both are the highest level items in their category. The new Corporate HQ costs 4,000,000 coins, but generates a whopping 50,000 leisure in return. The Charming Chateau costs 750,00 coins, and generates 1,000 population every 18 hours.

Happy Pets Adds Pandora Pets

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced a set of three “pandora pets” today, inspired by the blue cat aliens in Avatar. These animals come with a special twist, however – they can’t actually be purchased from the Happy Pets shop.

The only way to earn them is via consecutive Happy Pets logins. If a player checks in every day for 14 days they are awarded the spotted blue Pandora Pig. Log in 21 days straight, and a player earns the Pandora Ferret. If a player can manage to log in for an impressive 28 days straight, they will be awarded the Pandora Dog.

Since there’s no other way to obtain these animals, if you visit a neighbor next month and they have this dog, then you will know they are a truly dedicated Happy Pets player.

Happy Island Releases N.D.’s Dig Site

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has released another innovative permanent bonus. This time in the form of N. D.’s Dig Site (cute name!).

The dig site is for sale for 89 FB$ ($8.90), but like the Pot of Gold added to Happy Pets, it also awards players 1 FB$ per day for the first 14 days. So if a player checks in each day, the price is effectively reduced to 75 FB$.

At the end of the 14 day period, players are given one of three golden artifacts, modeled after the three items Indiana Jones is after in his original film trilogy – a golden chalice, a golden ark, or a golden idol. After that, the dig site continues to award 5,000 coins per day, forever.

Although the Indiana Jones theme is cute, like the Pot of Gold, the value of this offer seems a little iffy to us. A couple of free attractions will also earn a combined 5,000 coins per day forever. So players are spending $7.50 basically just to get the special golden artifact.

Happy Island Adds LE Wizarding Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar released two limited edition wizard themed attractions today. Like the rest of Crowdstar’s pop culture-inspired updates, these items never mention Harry Potter by name, but the inspiration is clear.

The Wizard School and the Wizard Field attractions are both for sale for 55 FB$ ($5.50). They strongly resemble Hogwarts Castle and a Quidditch pitch, respectively.

Both appear to be quite popular. Despite going on sale just a few hours ago, there are only 500 Wizard Schools 1100 Wizard Fields left for sale. Perhaps their success means more wizarding decorations and attractions will soon be in the works?

PetVille Wedding Balcony Released

PetVille has released a small addition to the game’s wedding expansion – a balcony! The new decoration is (oddly) being sold in the furniture store and not the outdoor store, like all the other wedding props.

Players that want this romantic view for their pet’s wedding will need to act fast – the balcony is available for this week only.

PetVille Introduces Genie Gems Minigame

PetVille developer Zynga introduced a new game of chance, today: Genie Gems! Players that participate will have the chance to win money, clean bombs, flowers, or discover one of the genie’s 12 lost gems. If all the gems are recovered, a special bonus is earned.

Each time a player wants to try their luck a Genie Lamp must be spent. PetVille players begin with three. More can be purchased with Pet Cash, or friends can send genie lamps to one another for free.

The minigame itself is pretty simple. There are nine baskets, either containing a prize, the dreaded game over snake, or nothing. If a player uncovers the snake, it’s game over. Any prizes uncovered first are then kept.

The big question on everyone’s mind is the secret reward for finding all the genie gems. The scoop is… there isn’t just a single reward. Players are given the chance to choose from three secret (and seemingly random) genie rewards. Clean Bomb 10-packs and two Pet Cash are confirmed prizes.

My Empire Adds Decorations and Buildings

Playfish’s Roman themed city builder My Empire added a handful of Happiness buildings this week, as well as a few new decorations. All the new additions are only available to high-level players, however.

The two new buildings are a Royal Sanctuary, and a Horse Pasture. The two new decorations are a Grand Road, and a Romulus and Remus statue. The statue is an especially cool addition. Who says social games can’t educate while they entertain?

FrontierVille Mystery Crates Now Available

FrontierVille from Zynga has been going strong since it launched earlier this month. In fact, it is already one of the biggest games on Facebook! The first week the game experienced some growing pains, but things seem to have settled down, and the FrontierVille team is already bringing out new buildings, crops, and plenty more.

The most recent new addition is a social game staple: mystery crates! The FrontierVille Mystery crate works a little differently than FarmVille’s – Rather than featuring exclusive decorations or animals, it instead contains six random collection items. So, with luck a player could purchase one to help complete that hard-to-finish collection. It is for sale for 25 horseshoes.

Social City Adds Achievements System

Social City developer Playdom released a robust new goals & achievements section of the in-game newspaper. The game itself has had achievements since almost day 1, but before now there was no way to track progress or see what achievements were yet to be earned.

The achievements page shows players milestones they have already reached, while the goals page shows players what awards they are currently working towards. There are achievements for helping neighbors, building parks, leisure buildings, and residences, saving money, having lots of neighbors, and plenty more.

FishVille Introduces Deep Sea Abyss Expansion

FishVille developer Zynga finally introduced a new item theme this week: Deep Sea Abyss! So far just a few decorations are available, but based on previous FishVille expansions (and on the preview loading image), many more are undoubtedly on the way.

The new items are: Brisingid Starfish, Sunken Propeller, Submarine Wreck, and Green Anemone. Both creatures are being sold for Sand Dollars, and both decorations are for sale for coins.

New Deep Sea Abyss background and floor environments are also available, for players that want to give their tank a darker, more foreboding atmosphere.