Playdom Launches Fanglies!

Playdom, the company behind Social City, Wild Ones, Bola, and a variety of other Facebook hits, has been on a tear lately. The company has been releasing new games at a very fast pace, and it seems they have no signs of slowing down. Today, the company flipped the switch on their newest title – Fanglies!

Like many of Playdom’s recent titles, the game doesn’t fall into just one of the many social game genres that have formed over the past year. It is part pet game and part town game, but players will also manage businesses, dig for treasure, fish, and plenty more.

The entire experience is managed with an energy bar that refills over time. Nearly every activity a player does costs some energy. In this way the game might be most similar to Zynga’s newly-launched FrontierVille.

When players begin Fanglies, their tiny village will consist of just one creature, and one building. As they complete activities like pulling weeds or fishing in the nearby pond, they were earn XP and level up. This unlocks more “Fanglies” for players to purchase. These creatures will then join your village. Each has their own personality. Mr. Coppercoal seems to be a rich, evil baron (complete with monocle), while Pouts comes off as an Emo girl.

Players can unlock and purchase new buildings in the same way. Early on players gain access to a Cheap ‘N Nice furniture store, and a Parks ‘N Gardens decoration store. Players can then put these stores to work, building furniture or other goodies. One nice touch is that these stores can be used to make money, OR to gain cheap decorations. For example, players might be able to construct a birdbath over 12 hours for 20 coins. They can then keep the birdbath for their village, or sell it for 450 coins.

Fanglies has launched in a fairly feature-rich state. There are item collections, joint neighbor construction projects, lots of cute ways to interact with your villagers, and plenty more. Even so, it’s easy to see the ways Playdom could expand the concept even further. Whether this one will turn into a Facebook hit remains to be seen, but so far we’re liking the game’s chances.

But don’t take our word for it – try out Fanglies for yourself!

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