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FarmVille Adds Three Crafting Ribbons

FarmVille developer Zynga snuck in three new ribbons for players to earn in the game’s most recent update. All three relate to the game’s new crafting system, giving players even more reason to check out the major new feature. The new ribbons are: Crafty, Best Buyer, and Super Salesman.

Craft 5 goods to earn the yellow ribbon.

Super Salesman:
Sell 5 crafted goods to earn the yellow ribbon.

Best Buyer:
Buy 5 crafted goods from friends to earn the yellow ribbon.

What do you think the blue ribbon requirements for these three achievements will be? Leave a comment and let us know!

FarmVille Adds Two Permanent Crops

With social game developers shifting increasing amounts of their attention to themed, limited edition expansions, it can be easy to forget the days when new items were added “just because.” No timer, no special theme, just new goodies to play around with. FarmVille developer Zynga reminded us this week that these types of additions are always an option, by adding two new permanent crops: Chickpeas, and Heirloom Carrots.

Chickpeas are available to players that have mastered Soybeans, and are level 10 or higher. They can be planted for 80 coins, grow to maturity in 20 hours, and can be harvested for 2 XP and 210 coins. Chickpea mastery requires a total of 2400 harvests.

Heirloom Carrots are available to players that have harvested carrots and are level 57 or higher. They can be planted for 110 coins, grow to maturity in 12 hours, and can be harvested for 1XP and 210 coins. Heirloom Carrot mastery requires a total of 8400 harvests.

FishVille Adds More Bayou Items

Like most FishVille expansions, Zynga started off the New Orleans Bayou expansion a little slowly, choosing to release just a few themed items. Things are beginning to pick up steam, however. With this week’s new additions, there are now over two full pages of Bayou items for players to purchase.

The new items are: Jar of Crystals, Baby Caiman, Captured Fireflies, Mambos’ Talisman, Tenor Banjo, Sunken River Raft, Weeping Willow, Hollow Tree Stump, Spanish Moss, Spanish Moss Bunch, Petrified Log, Old Tree Stump. As usual, all the newest items are intermixed with the previous Bayou releases.

Things like moss and petrified wood might not seem like much, but when put all together with other Bayou props, they should go a long way towards helping players convert their aquariums into true Louisiana swamps.

PetVille Adds Jaycub & More Dusk Items

PetVille developer Zynga has expanded its collection of “Dusk” Twilight parody items. Further fueling the vampires vs. werwolves debate, players can now purchase the transforming Jaycub, as well as the previously-released sparkling Petward. Both are available for just over nine more days.

Other new additions include Stella Fawn, Allison Culven, Josalie Tail, and more Twilight-inspired yard decorations.

We should point out that there are two versions of both Jaycub and Petward available. The slightly pricier, limited edition version of each animate more elaborately.

FarmVille Releases More New England Items

FarmVille developer Zynga added another batch of items to the game’s ever-growing collection of New England props, last night. These newest additions are available for 10 more days – several days longer than the first few sets of New England items released.

The new items are: Hollyhocks crop, Puffin, Antique Shop, Crab Shack, Coastal Beach, Trawler Gnome, and Nelly Moser tree.

The new Hollyhocks crop IS available for crop mastery, and expires a little later as a result – it will be around until August 12th. A total of 3000 must be harvested to complete all three mastery levels. Hollyhocks cost 210 coins to plant, grow to maturity in 18 hours, and yield 2 XP and 350 coins when sold.

Restaurant City Releases Versailles Grandeur Expansion

Restaurant City developer Playfish kept its string of high-class expansions rolling this week, with a new set of Versailles Grandeur decorations. This set follows last week’s Baroque Opulence expansion. While those items focused on Western Europe as a whole, this new set, as its name implies, has more of a French style.

New decorations include: a variety of marble tables and “exquisite” chairs, wall mounted candles, an elegant rug, Marie Antoinette herself, several marble columns, and a harpsichord. The highlight of the expansion is probably the addition of The Three Musketeers – Athos, Aramis, and Porthos. Although, oddly, Athos and Aramis are for sale for PF Cash and Porthos for coins. Poor Porthos.

In true French fashion, Duck has also been introduced as a new recipe ingredient. Players can find it by visiting their neighbor’s restaurants.

Cafe World Adds Outdoor Vampire Decore

Cafe World developer Zynga released a new set of Vampire themed decor last week, and at the time, we commented on the outdoor store being neglected. All the new additions were only for the traditional indoor view. But Zynga was thinking about all of their outdoor decorators after all. A variety of gothic decorations have been added to the outdoor store, this week!

New decorations include: Dark Grass, Black Pine Tree, Gothic Spire, Tombstones, Dark Iron Lamp, Bat Tree, Cothic Rooftop, Dark Thorns wall, and plenty more.

Zynga used to release new item sets every week. Perhaps the developer is going to begin alternating, with new indoor decorations one week, and outdoor decorations the next? We will have to wait and see.

My Empire Releases Constructible Moai Statues

My Empire developer Playfish has given players another historical treasure to construct. Players that have fully revealed their new world map and explored the new Volcano Island can now get to work constructing the new Moai Statues wonder!

To complete construction, players will need to collect 40 items total, ten each of: Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, and Emerald. These items are found when exploring Volcano Island itself.

The Moai statues might not be historically accurate, since My Empire players are intended to be Romans (these statues are found on Easter Island in real life), but we think they still make a cool and imposing addition to Volcano Island.

My Town July 29 Update

It’s Thursday, which means new items have been added to Broken Bulb’s city building title My Town! Both of today’s additions are very kid friendly.

Players can now purchase a Daycare and a Playground Park. The Daycare features a tinker toy roof, and the playground has slides, a merry-go-round, swings, and most of the other features any good kid’s park should include.

Treasure Isle Teasing Monkey Palace

With Fire God Mountain behind us, Zynga is wasting no time in beginning the hype cycle for the next Treasure Isle event: Monkey Palace! Like Fire God Mountain, the Monkey Palace has been on the map screen, locked away, practically since the day the game launched.

Right now we don’t have many details, but it is probably a good bet that players will need another exclusive item, like the SPF-3000, to get in. Based on Zynga’s teaser image, we’re guessing the item is Golden Tickets. We also expect the palace to again feature randomized stages, allowing players to experience something different each time they enter.

The only real clue we have to go on is his very amusing monkey party invitation: