FrontierVille Horseshoe Pit Introduced

FrontierVille developer Zynga introduced a special new building today, but players will need to do much more than help out their homestead to construct it.

To construct the Horseshoe Pit, players will first need to spend a little coins and wood, and whack it 10 times, same as a standard FrontierVille building. But to complete construction, players will need to collect a Wooden Board, a Bar Stool, a Gold Horseshoe, a Spike, a Bag of Sand, and 10 Measuring Tapes. If these items sound unfamiliar, that is because they are all brand new to the game. The Measuring Tapes are obtained by asking your friends for them via a Facebook wall post. But the other items can only be obtained by playing other popular Zynga games (unless a player wants to pay 50 Horseshoes for each).

The criteria for each Horseshoe Pit item:

Wooden Board: Harvest 200 Crops in FarmVille.
Spike: Gain 3 levels after level 5 in Mafia Wars.
Bag of Sand: Gain 1 level after level 5 in Treasure Isle.
Golden Horseshoe: Gain 1 level after level 5 in Zynga Poker.
Bar Stool: Gain 1 level after level 5 in Cafe World.

After construction is complete, players can use the Horseshoe Pit to win exclusive prizes. Players get one free horseshoe throw per day, and can buy additional throws for one (currency) horseshoe a piece. Players can win coins, XP, or energy. Rare prizes include large Horseshoe jackpots, Beef Jerky, Horses, and Mystery Animals.

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