Treasure Isle Voyages Introduced

Treasure Isle developer Zynga introduced a new constructible Dragonboat a while back, with the promise that once it was built, players could use it to go on voyages. Today, the feature has officially launched!

Players can access the voyages screen by clicking on their Dragonboat. Voyages are unlocked by adding crew members, which can be done by paying Island Cash, or recruiting friends for free.

Once a player embarks on a journey, every step they take will consume 15 energy. Several random events take place along the way, some bad (Ninja attacks!), and some good (free food!). Eventually, players will complete their journey, unlocking a new treasure digging stage in the process.

So far, there are three voyages: Ninja Assassin, Happy Land, and Monster Island. Mastering all three unlocks a total of six new treasure digging maps.

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  1. Ninja Assasin is cheey in my opinion, the action sequence could have been much better .

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