First Look: Miscrits: World of Adventure

Miscrits: World of Adventure from Broken Bulb Studios is an exceptionally ambitious game. All of Broken Bulb’s titles have been quality (we’re especially big fans of My Town), but with Miscrits, the company seems determined to prove that social games are capable of richer experiences than they are currently delivering.

At its core, Miscrits is essentially a Pokemon clone. But I’m not using that label in an unkind way. The Pokemon formula seems tailor-made for the social game treatment, and if Broken Bulb didn’t tackle it, someone else was bound to.

Like Pokemon, Miscrits is an RPG (role-playing game). Players explore the wilderness, searching for creatures, called Miscrits, to capture and add to their collection. Players don’t actually do the fighting. Instead, a player chooses four of their captured Miscrits to act as their active team, and it is these Miscrits that are sent into battle.

Each Miscrit has a variety of statistics (health points, attack power, speed, etc.) that determines how effective they are in battle. As players win battles they earn experience points, which eventually allow them to level-up. Each time a player levels up they earn five Training Points, which can be spent to make their Miscrits more powerful. Eventually, a Miscrit can actually “evolve” into a brand-new form.

Like Pokemon, a Miscrit’s most important stat is its element. Each Miscrit belongs to an elemental family (fire, water, nature, etc.), and in battle some elements may be strong or weak against others. So it is important to adventure with a balanced team of Miscrits. A fire Miscrit is very weak against water enemies, but strong against nature, for example.

Miscrits is still very new, with lots of features still listed as “coming soon.” But even in this early state, it is still a very compelling product. The game looks great, with all of the 20+ Miscrits featuring high-quality, detailed artwork. The soundtrack is also lengthy and very catchy.

Like in Pokemon, a large part of Miscrit’s draw is attempting to collect all the available creatures. Some are more rare than others, and it is likely that some can’t be captured by normal means. I currently have seven unique Miscrits in my collection, and I’m already thinking about when I’ll be able to head back out and add some more.

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    • angah along
    • January 7th, 2011

    why i cant play this game????

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