It’s Official: CityVille Surpasses 100M Players

Alright, we’ve already established that Zynga’s CityVille is a very big deal. But now, the game has become so successful that it is on a plane of social game success that we didn’t even know existed prior to this. 100 million (100,000,000!) people have played CityVille within the last month:

When dealing with numbers this large, it becomes difficult to contextualize them. When people read “one hundred million” their heads translate that into “OK really big number. GOT IT.” It could be a billion or a bajillion and it would have the same effect on people. So let me illustrate just how big this Monthly Active User total is:

- Crowdstar is the #2 social game developer, and their games have a total of 47 million players. This means that CityVille alone has twice as many players as all of Crowdstar’s games put together. Crowdstar is not some mid-tier competitor – they are Zynga’s closest competition.

- Zynga’s games have a total of 296 million players. So, CityVille alone accounts for one third of Zynga’s player base. All their other games put together are the remaining two thirds.

- CityVille has more players than Pet Society, City of Wonder, Happy Aquarium, It Girl, Social City, and Restaurant City put together. With about 30 million players to spare. These six games are the #1 and #2 titles from the other “big three” social game makers.

- About one in six people on Facebook have played CityVille this month.

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