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Five FrontierVille Tips & Tricks

By now everyone has had a chance to give FrontierVille, Zynga’s newest & most ambitious game, a shot. Whether a player wants to build a town, farm some crops, or just quietly raise a family, FrontierVille seems to offer something for everyone.

One side effect of the game’s increased scope and ambition is that there are a greater number of tricks, cheats, and shortcuts to be uncovered than in a game like, say, FarmVille. That’s where we come in! Below we have compiled a helpful collection of five FrontierVille tricks & facts that you might not have noticed.

1) Crop plots can be moved
This one is fairly self-explanatory. Once a player has planted a crop, it isn’t stuck there! Using the move tool, players can move crops anywhere they like. Helpful if (like us) you prefer your crops to be in perfect rows, but accidentally mislay one.

2) Don’t delete withered crops
Accidentally plant some crops at a poor time and lose a ton of money due to withering? Never fear! Every neighbor that visits your ranch can revive up to five dead crops for you. There doesn’t seem to be a time limit, either. Even if it takes a week, a player can leave all their dead crops in the middle of their ranch, and just wait patiently for a friendly neighbor to provide a second chance at harvesting them. Eventually, your neighbors will revive them all.

3) Bears & snakes aren’t really that threatening
Chopping down a tree and having a bear pop out is certainly startling. The natural reaction is to deal with the animal as quickly as possible. But, as weird as it sounds, having a bear standing around isn’t necessarily such a big deal. The bear only affects a small area of your ranch. So if you have to choose between scaring away a bear on one side of your ranch, or harvesting valuable crops on the other, the bear can safely be ignored.

4) It’s still all about farming
After players complete the initial stages of the game, and clear out their living space, they will quickly run out of activities to spend their energy on. At that point, is it best to get lots of fruit trees, or animals, or farm plots? The answer is farming. And it isn’t even close.

Players will earn FAR more coins and XP per each energy spent farming than with any other activity. Players just need to pay attention to how much they plant, so there aren’t 40 crops all ready to harvest at once, but only 25 energy left to harvest them

5) Long term farming is better than short term
There is a strong desire in most FrontierVille players to plant 4, 8, or 12 hour crops because, who in the world wants to wait four days to harvest peanuts, right?

Not quite. The truth is, the longer it takes a crop to grow, the more XP and coins the player earns when they harvest it. But the catch is, each harvest still takes one energy! So the best FrontierVille farming method is to plant long-term crops, but to stagger them, so there is something to harvest every day. Let’s take a look at an example:

If a player plants 10 1-day Wheat crops every day, they will be earning 100 XP and 2,220 coins per day, when they harvest. But if they planted 10 4-day Peanut crops per day instead, they would be earning 130 XP and a whopping 7,250 coins per day! It’s true that for the first few days the player will earn nothing, as their first set of Peanuts mature, but it only takes a few days for a player to be harvesting and planting their staggered peanut crops every day, just like they would have been doing with Wheat.

The bottom line is, if a player will be spending their energy to harvest once, twice, or three times a day, better for that harvest to be very-profitable Peanuts or Cotton. With staggered planting times, the lengthy growth period becomes a non-issue – after just a few days there will be as much farming activity as there would be planting much faster crops.

That’s all the FrontierVille secrets we have to share for now! If there’s any helpful hints or tips we didn’t cover, leave a comment and let us know!

SGC Guide: Ranch Town’s Steam Power

Ranch Town developer Meteor Games released a large game update, late last week. Ranch expansions & cosmetic decorations made their debut, as well as a brand new feature: Steam Power! Steam Power allows players to automate their machines and animals, processing all ranch goods automatically, with no need to click click click repeatedly.

We have put together a complete illustrated guide to help players learn what Ranch Town Steam Power is, how to get and use it, and what it can & can’t do.

How to get Steam Power
Steam Power can be obtained in two ways: it can be bought with Meteor Credits, or it can be obtained as a gift from fellow Ranch Town players. Let’s start with purchasing.

Players will first need to buy some meteor credits. This can be done by clicking the “Add coins and credits” tab, above the game itself. $10 purchases 1,000 credits, so an easy trick is to remember that one Meteor Credit = one cent. There is no discount for buying larger amounts of currency, like in many other games.

Once you have the credits, steam power can be purchased from the “Automation” tab of the Ranch Town store. Steam Power packages range from the quite small (150 steam points) to the very large (12,000 Steam Points). Again, there is NO discount for buying a larger package!

Regardless of which package a player buys, they get 15 steam points for 1 Meteor Credit (i.e. 1 cent). So feel free to buy the smallest package, to test the feature out.

Gifting is the only other way to receive Steam Power. Players can gift 25 Steam Points to one another on the Ranch Town gifts tab, in the same way other in-game gifts are sent. 25 might not seem like much (it is not even 2 cents worth!), but if a large group of people send each other 25 every day, it will add up quickly. Plus, there is always a use for it, unlike gifting something like machines, which may not be wanted or needed.

After you accept the gift, the 25 Steam Power is automatically added to your total.

How to use Steam Power
Once you’ve gotten some Steam Points, it’s time to spend them! To begin, click the new Steam Power icon, below your level and XP bar.

This brings up the Steam Power icon above all your animals and machines. By clicking one of these icons, it will change from red to green. This machine is now automated! It will automatically restock itself, and once it finishes processing an item, it will automatically harvest it.

Clicking on the icon above the machine again will disable automation.

What Steam Power Can’t Do

- Steam Power can not plant or harvest crops from farm plots. It only works on animals and machines that process goods from one form into another.

- Steam Power DOES NOT work if you close the game! Ranch Town must remain open for goods to be processed.

- Steam Powered machines and animals still require the same amount of processing time. The process is not sped up – just automated. So if you’re like us, with nearly 600 flour built up, it will still take 600 minutes to process it.

Other Steam Power Facts & Questions

- Players still earn XP as normal for processing goods with Steam Power, even though they aren’t clicking.

- Two Steam Points are used to process each good, not one. This is because a Steam Point is spent every time the game does something a player would normally have to click to do. One Steam Point for stocking the machine, another Steam Point for harvesting the finished product. Remember this when planning! 200 Steam Points will process 100 items, not 200!

Suggested uses for Steam Power
– Help with a backlog. Most players will have hundreds of flour or cornmeal saved up before they get their first bakery. Automating that bakery can be a big boost.

– Automating a single full production line. By automating both a cow and a butter churn, players can turn Alfalfa directly into butter. When butter is eventually used to make something, that building can then be automated as well.

– We suggest players not automate machines that only have 20 – 50 items to process, or one-step production lines. These situations are easy for a player to handle themselves. Save Steam Power for the big stuff!

Fishville Introduces Fish Mastery

Fishville’s long-awaited Fish Mastery feature has finally been sent live! Some players have had access for weeks, since Fishville developer Zynga tests out new game features on a random small percentage of of their players. But now, the feature has officially been released for all Fishville fanatics!

Fish Mastery really isn’t too different from Farmville crop mastery, Mafia Wars mission mastery, or any other social game that allows players to “master” one specific task before moving on to the next. Basically, just raise lots and lots of one type of fish and you’ll eventually “master” it, unlocking a new breeds as more mastery levels are earned. Let’s break it down:

1) Raise Specific Breeds of Fish

Right now, the following fish breeds are available for fish mastery: Butterflyfish, Clownfish, Gobies, Boxfish, Damselfish (coming soon), and Hamlets (coming soon).

If you hatch and grow enough of one kind of fish, your mastery level will increase! This gives you access to more fish in that fish family. For example, you begin with access to just the Longnose Butterfly. But after raising some, you will unlock access to the Latticed Butterfly:

2) Move Up the Ranks

Each mastery rank takes more points to earn than the rank previous. For example, earning the first Butterflyfish rank takes just 70 points, but earning the rank after that requires a big jump – 400 points. Luckily, the new fish you unlock give you more mastery points, too.

For example, the first Butterfly fish you have access to, the Longnose, gives you 3 mastery points when sold. But the next one, the Latticed, gives you 5 mastery points when sold.

3) Have fun!

This feature might sound a little confusing, but it really isn’t. We’re just trying to explain it very thoroughly! Bottom line? You can access your Fish Mastery progress using the tab on the right side of the screen:

From there, you can see what fish you need to raise, how much mastery progress you’ve made for each fish breed, and what you have unlocked.

Mafia Wars Paris: Everything You Need To Know

When Mafia Wars developer Zynga first teased the upcoming release of a Paris expansion. SGC assumed it was several weeks if not months away. After all, there was a huge build up leading up to the launch of Bangkok, the previous expansion.

But, Zynga threw us all a curveball. Paris was sent live just a couple days after it was first announced.

We have a complete Mafia Wars: Paris guide Here is everything you need to know:

It is not a full-fledged expansion
Unlike Cuba, Moscow, and Bangkok, Mafia Wars: Paris is not a complete expansion. This is what Zynga meant by its cryptic “Challenge Mission” statement when Paris was first announced. There are no Paris properties, or loot items, and there are just a handful (most likely nine) missions.

Think of Mafia Wars: Paris as something bigger than the week-long special holiday events, but something smaller than a full city expansion.

It is only available for a limited time
The Paris Challenge missions are only available for about 18 more days as of now. After that, the city goes away forever!

Paris Has an actual, cohesive story
Previous Mafia Wars cities have had a loose plot line players advanced through. But in Paris, your mission is clear: Steal the Mona Lisa. Every mission you complete leads you closer to this singular goal.

It has exclusive loot
New high-end loot is available to players that master the three Paris Challenge levels:
Chapter 1: Parisian Fixer, ATK 30 DEF 61
Chapter 2: French Kiss, ATK 75 DEF 45
Chapter 3: DaVinci Q415, ATK 63 DEF 103

It unlocks in waves
Right now, only Chapter 1 is available. Players will be able to begin on Chapter 2 in four days, and Chapter 3 opens up in 11 days.

Paris has new rules
Mafia Wars: Paris does a bunch of things that are new to Mafia Wars. We’re here to break it all down for you.

When you first enter Paris, you will have access to just the first three jobs: Enter Paris, Track Down Your Fixer, and Gather Materials. These missions require energy as normal, but they also require “Paris Maps.” Players can earn 10 of these maps every 24 hours by visiting Mafia Wars: Paris. And they are also (rarely) found at random completing missions in other cities.

Paris features a new “heat meter.” Every mission you complete increases it. Once it reaches certain levels, each Paris mission will require more energy, and (much more importantly) more additional Paris Maps. These maps are quite rare, so players SHOULD NOT continue to complete Paris missions when the heat is on. The heat meter will return to normal after eight hours.

The basic idea with Mafia Wars: Paris is to BE PATIENT. Due to the heat meter climbing so quickly, players will only be able to complete a couple missions before they begin requiring two Paris Maps instead of one. Players might be tempted to continue completing missions anyway, until their maps are gone, but it is important that this temptation is resisted! The heat meter resets every 8 hours, but players can only earn more free Paris Maps every 24 hours.

So players that play smart, and only spend their Paris Maps when the heat meter is at its lowest state, will be able to survive and progress the fastest, over the long term. And maybe even pull off the ultimate heist… the Mona Lisa itself…

Petville Yards Released! – The Complete Construction Guide

Petville developer Zynga finally released the long-teased yards today, but with a twist! Players can’t just purchase one, like the other Petville house expansions. Instead, the yard has to be built. How? Zynga has broken down all the details, and we’ve reproduced their full note (with images!) below.

The short version? Constructing a yard is very similar to constructing a Horse Stable in Farmville or a Chop Shop in Mafia Wars. Players will need to gather materials from their Petville friends, or buy the materials they need. Once they have the 50 required items, voila – your pets now have a yard! Zynga’s guide:

Yards are here! Start building your very own yard today! Send free gifts to your friends to help them build their own yards! The new yard store is open and ready for business to help you decorate your new yard!

How to Build a Yard:
* There are 5 different kinds of materials you will need.
* Collect 10 of each yard building materials for a total of 50 items.
* Each of your friends can send you different kinds of materials.
* You can also purchase extra yard materials from the yard window.

Let’s get started:
You’ll see a new yard icon on the right side of your house. Click on the yard icon to go outside! It looks like this:

There will be a progress sign in your yard while it is under construction.

Using Materials:
Everyone starts off with one wheelbarrow of dirt to get them started. In your yard, there is a wooden sign with a green button on it. Click this button to use the materials you have collected. You can click on this button any time you have new materials to use.

Once you have used up all of your supplies, click on the green “Get Supplies” button in your yard to bring up the materials window. In this window, you can see how many materials you need, buy more materials, or ask your friends to send you materials.

Send your friends yard materials and ask them to send materials back to you!

Sending Materials:
Each pet can gift 2 of the 5 types of materials that you will need. The materials that you can gift are determined randomly so you will need the help of a few different friends to collect all of the different kinds of materials.

Mafia Wars Crew Collections Guide

Mafia Wars developer Zynga released a new type of collection item, over the weekend: Crew Collections! These collections require your mafia’s help to complete, but completing them earns special rewards. We have the full scoop.

First off, there are three new collections in total: Prototype Carjacking, Theft of a Drone, and Weapons Shipment Hijacking. Their rewards? Koenigsberg S10 Vehicle, Military Spy Drone, and Fox Hunter Rocket Launcher, respectively. These collections can’t be re-vaulted – it is one and done. Their full requirements:

Prototype Carjacking Contents
GPS Signal Scrambler, Tank of Gasoline, Ignition Device, Microchip Fitted Key, Map of the Garage, Counterfeit ID Badges, and Security Hacker

Theft of a Drone Contents
Classified Report, Hijacked Transmitter, Access Codes, Guards Schedule, Calibration Manual, Guidance Module, and UltraLite Fuel Cell

Weapons Shipment Hijacking Contents
Shipment Info, Schedule of Truck Route, Road Block, Container Key, Rocket Ammo, Tracking Laser Sight, and Carrying Case.

Some items in each collection will be found randomly when completing a job, similar or Chop Shop parts or standard Mafia Wars collections. Other items can only be found if you ask your Mafia for help. When you ask for help a Facebook news feed item is created. The first five Mafia Wars players that clicks on the feed post will be able to help you out.

Just clicking on the feed post isn’t enough. Once a Mafia member decides to help you out, they must have the item drop from a random job. When it does, both you and your helper gain the item.

There are some restrictions – you can only create one news feed post every 48 hours, and you can only help one friend at a time, and five friends in a 24 hour period.

It’s all a little confusing, isn’t it? Bottom line: If you or a friend opts to help with these Crew Collections by clicking on a news feed post, you then have to complete missions until the item drops. Once it does, you both get to keep it!

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Cafe World Spices Released

Cafe World developer Zynga has finally released the long-awaited dish spices feature! Remember that Social Game Central was the first site to mention the possibility of a Spice Rack feature, way back on February 4th. Our complete guide to the new feature:

First, build your Spice Rack
When you begin construction on your Spice Rack, you’ll see a list of items you still need. In total, construction requires 5 shelves, 5 small, medium, and large jars, and 15 lids. To get these items, you can post a Facebook news feed update. Any friend that clicks on it will send you one of your needed items.

The Spice Rack parts can also be sent and received as standard Cafe World gifts. But, every player only has two of the ingredients available to send (chosen at random), so you may need to ask around to find someone that can send you the specific part you need.

Next… start seasoning!
More spices are likely to be added over time, but these are the ones currently in the game:

- Mystery Spice
- One hour Thyme: speed cooking time by 1 hour (Cafe Cash)
- Super Salt: Adds 5% more servings. (Coins)
- Six hour Thyme: Speeds cook time 6 hours. (Cafe Cash)
- Power Pepper: Adds 10% more servings. (Coins)
- Instant Thyme: Makes a dish instantly ready. (Cafe Cash)
- Salvage Sage: Removes spoil from a dish. (Cafe Cash)

- The Mystery Spice can have all kinds of wild or not-so-wild effects. It might speed up your cooking time by just one minute, OR it might award you 5 Cafe Cash!

- Since the Power Pepper costs 600 coins and adds 10% more servings, you will LOSE money if you use it on anything that normally sells for less than 6000 coins total! For anything that sells above 6000, Power Pepper is free extra money, however :)

- Multiple spices can be used on one dish, or you can use the same spice on a dish over and over for stacking results. This means that you can use Power Pepper 10 times, and receive 100% the number of servings.

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Mafia Wars’ Valentine’s Day Massacre Guide

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Apparently not wanting to be left out of the Valentine’s Day fun, Mafia Wars developer Zynga flipped the switch on their own unique spin on the holiday, earlier today: the Valentine’s Day Massacre!

Similar to the New Year’s Eve Mafia Wars event, players will have the opportunity to choose from one of three unique, V-Day themed jobs: Trick Target to Attend Meeting (5 minute recharge), Scout Out the Location (8 hour recharge), or Procure Untraceable Sub-Machine Guns (24 hour recharge). Each job has different stats, according to how often you’re able to participate:

Also added as part of the event is a special, limited-time Valentine’s Day Massacre collection! Although collection is found in the same place as all the others (Inventory –> Collections), it works a little differently. The Valentine is received from fellow Mafia Wars Player as a Gift, and the Love Bear is received randomly when you win a fight against a fellow player. The other five items (Heart Tattoo, Shoot the Moon, Stolen Heart, Heart Locket, Box of Chocolates) are received randomly by completing missions.

Finally, rounding out the holiday, a couple Valentine-themed weapons have been added to the gift pool.

All in all, this seems like a pretty cool and well-planned event, with lots of facets. Even though I don’t usually participate in fighting or gifting in Mafia Wars, it is a nice change of pace to do so to complete the collection.

Gangster City Guide Chapter 5: Cold Harbor

Cold Harbor initially opens up to players at level 11, but for the next nine levels, the only thing to do there is buy a single property – Cold Harbor. Players don’t unlock the mission location, The First Rule SC, until level 20. Many new missions open up in Little Ireland and Broken Hill as players level through their teens, in order to help speed them along to level 20.


Cold Harbor (Purchasable Property)

Level 1: $1814 income every 8 hours.
Level 2: $4147 income every 8 hours. (Requires level 20 and $56,400 investment)

The First Rule SC (Missions)

Unwelcome Committee (Unlocks at level 20)

Requires: 55 Energy
Requires: 1 CA870 and 1 M40A3
Payout: 2117 Experience
Payout: $1320 – $1584

Show and Tell (Unlocks at level 20)

Requires: 55 Energy
Requires: 2 M1911s
Payout: 1968 Experience
Payout: $1430 – $1716

Social Game Central Gangster City Guide:
Introduction & Basics (coming soon)
Chapter 1: Little Ireland
Chapter 2: Broken Hill
Chapter 3: Lower East
Chapter 4: Upper Grove
Chapter 5: Cold Harbor (You Are Here)

Mafia Wars Bangkok Vehicles Guide

Mafia Wars: Bangkok is here! And with it came a new batch of items to purchase. We have the low-down on all the new vehicles available. Note that since Bangkok uses a new level-scaling system, you might see stats different than these. These stats are only for players level 200 and higher:

Tuk Tuk 8 Attack 10 Defense

Moped 10 Attack 7 Defense

Long Boat 7 Attack 12 Defense

Thai Compact 13 Attack 9 Defense

Japanese Sedan 10 Attack 14 Defense

Junk 12 Attack 12 Defense

(Click for full size)