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FishVille Expands Phosphorus Forest Item Set

FishVille developer Zynga has continued slowly adding to the game’s Phosphorus Forest item collection. Eight more items were added to the expansion this week, bringing its total size up to 16 decorations.

The latest new items are: Horseshoe Crab, Mesmerize, Dream Catcher, Hanging Lamp, Seed Pod, Spirobranchus, Radiant Monstera, and Phosphorus Flytrap. Many of these new glowing plants seem to be as deadly as they are beautiful, with teeth and other deadly appendages included.

Mafia Wars: Las Vegas Chapters 7 & 8 Now Open

Mafia Wars developer Zynga continued the Las Vegas storyline this week, with the release of two more chapters for players to complete.

With the defeat of the Hill Bros. at the end of Chapter Six, players are now the undisputed kings of Las Vegas itself. But what about the rest of the state of Nevada? In Chapter 7 players will travel to Area 51. Chapter 8 takes players to the Hoover Dam, where they will ultimately oust the Nevada Governor himself.

To complete these chapters, players will need more than just large stockpiles of energy and cash. Hotel Key Cards, Alarm Codes, and Hot Tips are also required. They can be collected from previous Las Vegas Chapters.

FrontierVille Releases New Mystery Animal Crate

FrontierVille developer Zynga reintroduced the game’s Mystery Animal Crate today, with three more exotic pets available as prizes.

The crate is for sale for 30 Horseshoes, and is guaranteed to contain either an Alpaca, a Turtle, or a Ferret. Not exactly the animals one thinks of when picturing frontier living. But that is probably why they are premium additions.

Players that collect all three of these mystery animals will once again be given a bonus stuffed bear statue.

FrontierVille Adds Fiery Decorations

FrontierVille developer Zynga has released another new batch of items. To prepare players for the impending fall, all the items have a fire theme! Players now have plenty of options for keeping their frontier family warm.

The new items are: Ring of Fire, Smoke Signaler, Chugging Burner, Wood Bin, Wood Pile, Hot Furnace, Raised Campfire, Tiki Torch, and Log Campfire.

Some of the new items are permanent additions to the FrontierVille store, and others are limited editions, available for just 12 more days. The items are for sale for a mixture of coins and Horseshoes.

Exclusive: Crowdstar’s Next Big Game: ‘It Girl’

Social Game Central learned today that Crowdstar’s next major social game is entitled It Girl. The game is a significant departure from the cute, cartoony style of previous Crowdstar games. Players instead play as a sophisticated city girl (the game begins in New York City), who wants nothing more than to keep up with the latest fashion trends, and be invited to the hottest parties.

Thanks to some good old fashioned sleuthing, we were able to discover that the game is already online and playable, although Crowdstar is not yet linking to it, or publicizing it in any way. Right now it only has 36 Facebook fans! Players can check the game out for themselves right here.

Crowdstar describes the purpose of It Girl thusly:

“The purpose of the game is to become the It Girl, the most stylish person at cool events around the world, surrounded by the biggest clique! Visit stores to search racks for fashionable outfits, attend events and Show Off against rivals for the It Girl title. “

Based on our play time with the game, we would call that description accurate. Players can shop in a variety of different stores for new clothing and accessories. Different clothing is appropriate for different types of parties (you wouldn’t wear an evening dress to a beach party), and also have a rarity, and a “hotness” level. One nice touch is that players have to browse the racks of the various stores to uncover what clothing is for sale.

After picking out the perfect (or required) outfit, players can then attend parties, and “Show Off” against other party girls. In a neat twist, the party attendees are actual It Girl players, wearing the clothing they wore when they attended that party. If your outfit is “hotter” than theirs, you gain confidence points. Otherwise, you lose them.

As a (straight) man in his 20s, It Girl is not meant for this editor’s demographic. But still, we give props to Crowdstar for creating something innovative and fresh in the increasingly stale social gaming space. It Girl’s extremely trivial & vapid theme does give us pause, however.

We’ll have more on this game as Crowdstar continues testing it in the coming weeks.

Crowdstar Launches Pop Boom

Crowdstar, the developer behind the “happy” line of social games Happy Pets, Happy Island, and Happy Aquarium, has flipped the switch on their latest title: Pop Boom! The game is quite different from all of Crowdstar previous titles. Instead of allowing players to decorate and grow a space, it is a one minute arcade title, similar to Popcap’s Bejeweled Blitz.

Players have one minute to pop as many balloons (or are they bubbles?) as they can. Players use their mouse to pick up a bubble, and can place it anywhere on the game screen. When three bubbles are aligned, they pop, and more come in from the bottom of the screen to take their place.

The game initially seems very simple, since players can place bubbles wherever they want. But players earn bonus points and can create power-ups by popping more than three balloons at once, or by creating cascading popping balloon combos. In Pop Boom, it pays to slow down (just a little) to try and think more than one move ahead.

Like many of these arcade-style games, they aren’t built to be played for hours at a time. Instead, it is fun to sign on and work for a bit to try and beat your friends’ high scores. Will Pop Boom be a huge hit like Bejeweled Blitz is for Popcap? That remains to be seen. We encourage games to try the game out for themselves, to see what they think.

Happy Pets Introduces Chickens

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar has been busy. In addition to Iguanas, the company also introduced another new pet this week: Chickens! Like Horses and Dinosaurs, players must first complete construction of a new building before being allowed to keep chickens as pets, however.

The new Chicken Coop building costs 800 coins to purchase. Players must then enlist the help of their friends to finish construction. Players need 40 construction materials in total. 5 each of: Screwdriver, Screws, Saw horse, Tape Measure, Hinges, Chicken Wire, Rake, and Saw. Players can request these materials by making a Facebook wall post, and they are also available on the Happy Pets free gifts tab.

Once the Chicken Coop is constructed, players can then keep Chickens as pets! So far, the available chicken colors are: White, Yellow, Brown, Cerulean, Red, Purple, Pink, and Black.

Happy Pets Adds Iguanas

Lizard fans, rejoice! Happy Pets developer Crowdstar has finally added Iguanas. Right now, Iguanas are a premium-only pet and can only be purchased with FB$, but we suspect that down the line high-level players will be able to purchase Iguanas for coins.

The available iguana varieties are: Yellow, Hot Ice, Terra, Black, Blue, White, and Pink. They range in price from $4 to $5.

It is worth noting that this isn’t technically the Iguana’s Happy Pets debut. Players could previously receive a Red Iguana at random from a trapped mystery pet promotion. The Iguana prize was particularly rare, however.

Happy Island Adds Futuristic & Steampunk Items

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has updated the game’s shops with items both old and new. New steampunk and futuristic themed items and attractions are now for sale.

The new items are: Bio Sphere, Steamsmith, Empire River, Steam Engine, Steampunk Falls, Steampunk Turn, Island Mech, and Tiki Prime. The items are available for a mixture of coins and FB cash.

The giant mech statue might seem like something out of a futuristic sci-fi show, but it actually really exists. In Japan, a 59 foot tall mecha suit was constructed to celebrate the the 30th anniversary of the Gundam franchise.

City of Wonder Adds New Research

City of Wonder developer Playdom has added a few new technologies for players to research, as well as some complimentary new structures. Civilizations that are advanced enough can now research Police, and Explosives.

The Police research is unlocked at level 16. It takes 24 hours to complete, and earns 350 XP upon completion. It unlocks (what else?) the Police Station structure.

The Explosives research is unlocked at level 25. It takes 44 hours to complete, and earns 510 XP upon completion. It unlocks the Munitions Depot structure.