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New Castle Age Hero: Azalia

Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age added yet another new hero this week: Azalia! Her stats:

18 Attack
16 Defense
Abilities: +X Attack to the second position of your War Council
Azalia, who is often known for her nobleness, is well respected by all mages from around the land. Her skill and knowledge of the arcane is often associated with mages who have reached the pinnacles of magic.

As with all monthly Castle Age generals, Azalia is also debuting with new equipment:

Prismatic Staff
17 Attack
14 Defense

Archmage Robes
14 Attack
12 Defense

Magicite Earrings
12 Attack
10 Defense

Cafe World Introduces Grand Master Chef Statue

Cafe World developer Zynga has introduced a new premium statue: the Grand Master Chef! Once placed in a player’s restaurant, this statue allows players to master dishes three times faster for one week – an ideal bonus for those players trying to fully complete their recipe book.

There are two ways to obtain a Grand Master Chef. It can be purchased straight-up for 25 Cafe Cash, or can be constructed for free with the help of friends. To complete construction, players will need 8 each of: Magic Herbs, Secret Spices, Ancient Recipes, and Secret Scrolls. Players can get these items from their friends for free by making a Facebook wall post requesting them.

After the statue’s week long bonus is finished, players can pay 8 Cafe Cash to recharge it and get another week of 3X recipe mastery.

Social City Releases Chinatown Gift Set

In our opinion, no big city is complete without a bustling Chinatown district. Social City developer Playdom seems to agree. The company has released a special collection of one-day-only Chinatown gifts on the Social City free gifts tab.

The event started on Sunday, meaning we’re already on day three of the five day promotion. Today’s free gift is Chinatown Apartment 3. Players that manage to collect all five of the free Chinatown gifts win the limited edition Dragon Dance Park. If a player has missed one of the free gifts, they can play Social City’s Gift Raffle for a second chance at collecting it.

A matching Chinatown Market premium building is also for sale for City Bucks in the Social City in-game newspaper.

Happy Aquarium Schedules Special Anniversary Event

Happy Aquarium is celebrating its first birthday, tomorrow. Time flies in the world of social games, doesn’t it? To celebrate the milestone, developer Crowdstar is giving all players the opportunity to get an exclusive anniversary fish, but only if they log on at a specific time.

Tomorrow, September 15th, players that log in to Happy Aquarium between 10AM and 11AM PST will be awarded the exclusive anniversary fish. Crowdstar has set up an official Facebook event page for the giveaway.

We’re of the opinion that free items, no matter how they’re given away, are always a good thing. But it still seems a little strange that the free fish are only being given away for one hour, doesn’t it? I mean… it’s Crowdstar’s own anniversary celebration. Why not let players that log in all day long get their free fish?

Happy Aquarium Adds New Limited Edition Fish

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar added an exotic new fish today, but it is only available to players willing to buy it with premium currency.

The new Oriental Flying Gurnard is currently being offered to all players, with a price tag of $4.80, or 58 Pearls. The colorful blue and orange fish is typically found in the Indo-Pacific Oceans, according to Crowdstar’s in-game information panel.

Right now there are about 2700 copies of this special fish left.

Restaurant City Adds Coffee Bar

Restaurant City developer Playfish released a new limited time collectible today: a coffee bar! Players can earn it by mastering the Hazelnut Latte recipe.

The Hazelnut Latte recipe requires Coffee Beans, Milk, and Hazelnut ingredients to learn. Players will need 10 of each to fully master the recipe and earn their Coffee Bar. Players can earn the ingredients by trading, gifting, or visiting friends. The ingredients can also be purchased with PF Cash.

Players that also master a pastry recipe will be given a free chef for their Coffee Bar.

This new coffee serving mechanic should fit very nicely with this week’s upcoming Paris themed decorations. The new decor will be hitting the Restaurant City store on Thursday.

Treasure Isle Releases ‘Secret Japan’ Maps

Treasure Isle developer Zynga has added a new batch of Asian Isles maps, entitled Secret Japan. Players now have seven more islands to explore and seek treasure on, but only if they have the cash to purchase them.

The new maps are: The Old Road, The Outpost, Forest Creatures, Mini Metro, Tiny Village, Samurai VS Ninja, and Snowbound. Three of the new maps must be purchased with Island Cash, and two must be purchased for coins. This leaves just two maps available free of charge.

FrontierVille Horseshoe Pit Introduced

FrontierVille developer Zynga introduced a special new building today, but players will need to do much more than help out their homestead to construct it.

To construct the Horseshoe Pit, players will first need to spend a little coins and wood, and whack it 10 times, same as a standard FrontierVille building. But to complete construction, players will need to collect a Wooden Board, a Bar Stool, a Gold Horseshoe, a Spike, a Bag of Sand, and 10 Measuring Tapes. If these items sound unfamiliar, that is because they are all brand new to the game. The Measuring Tapes are obtained by asking your friends for them via a Facebook wall post. But the other items can only be obtained by playing other popular Zynga games (unless a player wants to pay 50 Horseshoes for each).

The criteria for each Horseshoe Pit item:

Wooden Board: Harvest 200 Crops in FarmVille.
Spike: Gain 3 levels after level 5 in Mafia Wars.
Bag of Sand: Gain 1 level after level 5 in Treasure Isle.
Golden Horseshoe: Gain 1 level after level 5 in Zynga Poker.
Bar Stool: Gain 1 level after level 5 in Cafe World.

After construction is complete, players can use the Horseshoe Pit to win exclusive prizes. Players get one free horseshoe throw per day, and can buy additional throws for one (currency) horseshoe a piece. Players can win coins, XP, or energy. Rare prizes include large Horseshoe jackpots, Beef Jerky, Horses, and Mystery Animals.

Zynga Giving Away $24,000

Zynga announced today that it is giving away $1000 an hour, all day long! For a player to have an opportunity to get in on this $24,000 giveaway, they must log in to eight of the company’s most popular games.

The contest details are pretty simple. Every hour on the hour, one lucky social gamer will win $1000. To be eligible, players simple have to visit: YoVille, Mafia Wars, Zynga Poker, FarmVille, PetVille, Cafe World, Treasure Isle, and FrontierVille. Players don’t need to accomplish any goals in the games or jump through any other hoops – a simple log in is sufficient.

At the top of these eight Zynga games is a check box. After a player visits a game, it will then be checked off. So it is easy for players to see which games they still need to visit to be eligible for the cash prize.

Many social game companies run incentives or giveaways to encourage players to check out their entire library of games, but few are as elaborate (or potentially lucrative!) as this. Zynga certainly knows how to do things up large, don’t they?

Cafe World Releases Japanese Decor

Cafe World developer Zynga drew inspiration from the Far East for this week’s item expansion. A variety of Japanese themed items are now for sale in Cafe World’s indoor and outdoor stores.

New items include: Japanese Table & Chair, Ocean Painting, Slide Wall Door, Karaoke Stage, Bamboo Fountain, Taiko Drum, Sumo Wrestler, and a Ninja. Perhaps not the most nuanced representation of Japanese culture around, but certainly an entertaining collection nonetheless.

The outdoor store only received a few small additions. Players can now purchase a Zen Garden and a Koi Pond for their cafe yards.