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Castle Age Introduces Gehenna, The Fire Elemental

Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age introduced a brand new boss today: Gehenna, The Fire Elemental. Players can now send one another the new gift needed to summon him.

The fight introduces a new “Rage Meter” mechanic. The rage bar fills the more a player attacks, and boosts a player’s total damage as it increases.

Gehenna also drops a variety of new legendary loot, including Tyrant Crown, Rune of Flame, and Flame Invoker.

Market Street Adds New Limited Edition Items

Playdom’s smash-hit retail game Market Street received a small updated today, in the form of a few new limited edition decorations. Like most social game LE items, these additions are only available for Crowns, the game’s premium currency, and are only available in limited quantities.

The new items are a giant Crossword Poster, a Globe Stand, and a Glass Coffee Table. Three previous LE items are still available, although their supplies are dwindling. The Garden Gnome, Vintage Register, and Canvas Painting will soon be sold out.

Treasure Isle Introduces Whales

Treasure Isle developer Zynga has introduced another premium home island decoration: whales! As players probably have guessed, these whales are quite large, and can only be placed in the water surrounding a player’s home island – not on the land itself. They are only being sold for Island Cash, and permanently boost a player’s maximum energy when purchased.

The Cake Whale, Bowhead Whale, and Sperm Whale are all for sale for 40 Island Cash, and provide +1 to a player’s max energy. The Fail Whale (named and styled after Twitter’s fail whale) is for sale for 55 Island Cash, and provides +2 to a player’s max energy. All of these whales are available for six more days.

City of Wonder Adds Labor Day Buildings

City of Wonder developer Playdom has added a handful of buildings and decorations, to celebrate the impending Labor Day holiday. Players can now purchase: Mess Hall, Lake, Fishing Hole, and Picnic.

The new Mess Hall costs 20 Gold Bars, and provides +40 Attack, and +80 Defense. The Lake costs 13 Gold Bars, and provides +1300 Happiness, and +130 Culture. The Picnic Provides +830 Happiness, and + 83 Culture. Finally, the Fishing Hole costs 6,900 coins and provides 316 Happiness and 32 Culture.

FrontierVille Kicks Off Labor Day Celebrations

Frontier living might be rough, but that isn’t stopping the citizens of Zynga’s FrontierVille from having some Labor Day fun on their homesteads. To celebrate the holiday, there are new missions, new schoolhouse lessons, and a new item collection.

The new missions must be purchased from the FrontierVille store, and all revolve around getting ready to go back to school. The first mission revolves around players finishing their farm chores, and requires players harvest crops, sell goats, and plant fruit trees.

The new school house missions (some of which are limited editions) are: Writing, Hunting, Canning, Early to Bed, and Healthy Education. They allow players to hire more neighbors, get more items from varmints, earn more food from harvesting, replenish energy faster, and give +5 to max energy.

Finally, the new Labor Day collection contains: Book Strap, School Bell, Paddle, Worm Apple, amd Globe. Players can obtain the items by tending clovers, tending neighbor potatoes, tending neighbor tomatos, harvest apple trees, and tending neighbor corn.

Mafia Wars San Juan Event Begins

Mafia Wars developer Zynga introduced a new ‘It’s On in San Juan’ fighting event this week, but the rollout has experienced a few hiccups. Zynga has announced that they are now “slowly rolling out the event to avoid any game performance issues” due to its popularity.

This San Juan fighting event works very similarly to the previous Beat the Feds event. There are four bosses to defeat, and each boss has a Bronze, Silver, and Gold difficulty level. Every time a player defeats a boss they receive a new piece of powerful equipment. Once a harder version of that boss is defeated, the item’s stats are improved even further. Players that defeat the toughest version of each boss within the 10 day time limit win a special prize: The Outlander (112 Attack, 58 Defense).

Eventually, the bosses will become too tough for players to defeat on their own. Luckily players can enlist the help of their Mafia Wars playing friends to team up and take them down together.

Pirates Ahoy Launches Battle Arena

Pirates Ahoy from Playfish launched a major new feature this week, to further evolve the game beyond its treasure digging roots. Players can now challenge their friends in ship vs. ship combat! Besides earning plenty of glory, players can also win coins, gems, and other rewards.

Players begin with three challenges per day, and can get more in daily neighbor visits, by digging, or by purchasing them with Playfish cash. Right now, players can only challenge their fellow Pirates Ahoy neighbors. After challenging a friend to a fight, players then pick what attacks they want to perform.

There are three battle moves to choose from – Ram, Shoot, and Shield. Every fight has five attack rounds, and players choose which move to perform each round. Victory is decided in a rock, paper, scissors manor – shoot beats shield, shield beats ram, and ram beats shoot.

After challenging your opponent, they will then need to log in and select their own attack moves. Then you can see which ship came out on top! The more players battle, the higher their battle rank becomes. Thicker shields, more devastiting cannons, and other upgrades can then be purchased. Players can also spend some Playfish Cash to give themselves an even bigger edge.

Cafe World Birthday Party Catering Event Begins

Cafe World developer Zynga has revealed the game’s first catering mission. Players have been asked to cater the birthday party of Amelia’s (the game’s pink-haired promotor) niece. Players that complete the mission quickly enough will earn an exclusive new recipe.

Catering missions appear to be somewhat similar to FarmVille Co-Op Farming mission. Players are tasked with cooking a large amount of food within a specific time limit, and can get help from their friends to ensure they finish in time. For the birthday party, players need to provide the niece’s favorite foods: Triple Berry Cheesecake, Clubhouse Sandwiches, and Bacon Cheeseburgers.

Depending on how fast a player is, they will receive 1, 2, or 3 stars for their order. More stars means more bonus Cafe Points and coins. Players that recieve at least 2 stars will also unlock the next catering order. Finally, players that earn all three stars earn a special bonus: an exclusive Birthday Cupcake recipe! The cupcakes cook in just 1 minute.

Happy Aquarium Adds More Wizard of Oz Decorations

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar has released another handful of decorations themed after L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz.

New decor options include: Dorothy’s House, Ruby Slippers, The Castle in the Sky, and two members of the Lollipop Guild. Two Oz themed tank wallpapers have also been released.

Additionally, the new Toto and Good Witch tank mates have now been made limited editions. Originally these items appeared to be permanent additions to the Happy Aquarium store. But now, like the rest, they will be gone after about 5000-6000 more copies are sold.

City of Wonder Adds Angkor Wat Wonder

Playdom’s smash-hit historical town building title City of Wonder has received its first significant content update. Players can now construct a new wonder: Hindu temple Angkor Wat!

Like other Wonders, players have two ways to obtain Angkor Wat. It can be purchased with 25 Gold Bars, or it can be constructed with the help of 15 friends. When constructed, it provides 300 Culture and 1500 Happiness, with an added Wonder bonus of +3% to total Happiness and Culture. The only research requirement is Mysticism.

A matching new Angkor Wat home has been added to City of Wonder’s free gifts tab.