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Tiki Farm Adds Playdom Items

Tiki Farm developer Playdom released a self-serving (but still fun) update to their island farming title this week. A variety of Playdom themed decorations and buildings are now available, giving players the opportunity to show off their Playdom pride.

The available items are:
- Playdom Blimp
- Wild Ones Dog
- Tiki Resort Wonder
- Bola Soccer Field
- Social City Burger
- Treetopia Tree
- Sorority Life House
- Mobsters Restaurant

The blimp and the Wild Ones Dog are available on the Tiki Farm gifts tab, and the others are for sale in the ‘Premium’ shop category, for a combination of FB$ and in-game coins.

Happy Pets Releases Rocking Horse Gifts

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar expanded on its recent horse themed additions in an oblique way today, with a collection of three rocking horse gifts. Players can now gift one another blue, pink, and brown rocking horses.

Like all gifts, these items are free to send to fellow Happy Pets players, although there is a cap on how many gifts and individual can send in a single day.

Happy Pets Releases Shrek Themed Animals

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar continued their recent practice of releasing pets themed after famous fictional characters, this time opting for fairytale franchise Shrek.

Four pets are available in total: Dulok Swamp Ogre, Dulok Princess Ogre, Dulok Donkey, and Dulok Kitty. The two “Ogres” (they are actually green pigs) are modeled after Shrek, the Kitten is modeled after Puss in Boots, and Donkey is modeled after… Donkey.

One bit of trivia regarding these new pets – usually the Happy Pets parodies have fairly obvious names – Iron Cat for Iron Man, Catzilla for Godzilla, etc. But not so this time around. A quick Google search shows us that the term “Dulok” comes from the universe of Star Wars, oddly enough. Dulok Swamp on the moon of Endor is the home of the Duloks – a distant cousin to the adorable Ewoks from Return of the Jedi. Well played, Crowdstar.

Interview: My Tribe’s Facebook Migration

My Tribe from Big Fish Games is a unique Facebook gaming experience, for a number of reasons. For one, it was originally a downloadable PC game. It is one of the first console/PC games to successfully make the transition to a social platform.

Another intriguing feature is the game’s realtime nature. What makes My Tribe so addictive is that another event is always just seconds away.

We recently spoke with My Tribe Executive Producer Ryan Clark about making the transition to Facebook, how to solve some of the game’s brain-bending mysteries, and what’s next for the for everyone’s island tribes…

Social Game Central: First off, for those readers that aren’t familiar with My Tribe, can you give us an overview of the series?

Ryan Clark: My Tribe is a tropical island simulation game in which players nurture a tribe of castaways – feeding, clothing, and sheltering their tribespeople while trying to solve the mysteries of their island.

SGC: My Tribe recently introduced a large collection of trophies. Can you tell us a little about this new feature? Although most social games are open-ended, My Tribe is especially so. Was the trophy system introduced to give players more direction?

RC: Some players really enjoy open-ended play with no set goals, while others crave direction. Our trophies system provides this direction for players who desire it, but can be ignored by players who prefer to choose their own path.

SGC: What unusual activities or projects can project can players engage in, besides just advancing enough to travel to a new island? Do you have any ideas for players that don’t know what to try next?

RC: Gemcutting is a high-level technology that allows players to craft extremely powerful gems for their tribe. The technology itself is difficult to research, and once researched, it’s challenging to find the recipes and resources needed to cut new gems. Many players are currently working towards this goal.

Other long-term activities include solving all eight of the game’s mysterious objects and completing the hard and hardest trophies.

SGC: My tribe is unique among social games in that another event is always just around the corner. There is even a timer counting down the next happening in the bottom left corner. Where did the My Tribe team draw its inspiration for this “realtime” game design?

RC: As you’ve noticed, in My Tribe, there’s always something going on. We’ve designed the game to reflect real-life scenarios, incorporating a mix of anticipated and unanticipated events that offer players a balance of predictability and anticipation.

SGC: For many players the most mysterious element of My Tribe is (obviously) the collection of mystery items. Do you have any hints for stumped players?

RC: Try dropping tribespeople on the mysterious objects to receive hints. People of different ages, physical strengths, mental strengths, and skill levels may yield different results!

SGC: Can you give us a sneak peak at any upcoming additions to My Tribe?

RC: We just released a special Mother’s Day feature – if you buy flowers for your mom through My Tribe, you can earn pearls. In terms of sneak peeks, we’re hard at work on new features as we speak. You won’t have to wait long to find out!

SGC: Thanks Ryan!

Hotel City Adds Movie Theater

Hotel City from Playfish hasn’t updated much since it was released. Playfish has focused on fixing networking errors and squashing other bugs instead of adding new content. It looks like that is beginning to change, however. A new commercial room has been added: a movie theater!

The room costs 26,500 coins to purchase, and unlocks at level 17. It’s actually called the “Small Cinema” in-game, which seems to imply that a bigger movie theater will eventually be added. The Small Cinema can hold up to five guests, and earns two coins per guest.

Happy Aquarium Adds Premium Pearl Idol

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar released yet another high-priced, high-reward idol, earlier today. This latest Pearl Idol follows the Love Idol that was added in February, and the Octopus Idol added just last week.

The Pearl Idol costs 138 FB$ ($13.80), but has a pretty tremendous upside: buying one will gives players one free pearl per day, forever. The offer expires March 30th however, so players will need to decide quickly!

Pearls are Happy Aquarium’s other premium currency, along with Facebook Credits. At one free pearl per day, SGC calculates that this Pearl Idol will pay for itself after about five and a half months. That’s a significant chunk of time to be sure, but for Happy Aquarium players committed to sticking with the game long term, this item a pretty great deal. It’s the only virtual item we know of that actually pays for itself, anyway.

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My Town Releases Skyscraper & More

My Town developer Broken Bulb Studios added another handful of buildings and decorations, earlier today.

New items include a Hollywood Star sidewalk, a Mega Store that looks suspiciously like a Wal-Mart, an extremely detailed Water Park, a Skyscraper, and a White Pine tree.

As impressive as the Skyscraper is, the Water Park has to be the highlight of today’s additions. In just a few pixels, it crams in a wave pool, four water slides, gazebos, and more.

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Zoo Kingdom Releases Extensive Update

Zoo Kingdom from Facebook game newcomer Blue Fang released an extensive update, earlier today. Five new levels, new animals, new flora, new buildings, new zoo expansion, and lots more. Whew!

All the upgrades are welcome, but the new animals are probably the most exciting addition for players. The new animals are: Bactrian Camel, Emperor Penguin, American Bobcat, Grant’s Caribou, Musk Ox, African Spurred Tortoise, Blue Wildebeest, and Nile Crocodile.

Blue Fang also took the unusual step of posting extensive release notes on what is new and changed, with this release. Normally companies are vague about their additions. Full release notes:

“Welcome to Zoo Kingdom R7! This update has a whole lot in store for the players and we are excited to bring it to you today! Not only have we made up leaps in bounds on the technical end, but this build also has some really awesome new features on the front end that you guys are sure to love! Okay, let’s get to it:



- Levels 16-20 added
- Zoo Expansion
- Photo Screen Capture tool
- Guest Admissions
- New Cursor Actions
- Asynchronous Loading (more efficient game loading) with load bar on the ZK splash screen
- Added posting event at every level and at new expansions
- Added ZK logo to initial white load screen
- Tons of new animals, exhibits, scenery, flora, and buildings!


- Fixed long load times issue and added asynchronous asset loading
- Fixed Zoo Fame
- Various UI fixes and improvements
- Tweaked performance and improved gameplay
- Fixed some exhibit layering issues”

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Happy Pets Adds Wonderland Yard Decorations

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar released a third Alice in Wonderland-themed update to their Facebook pet-raising title, earlier today. Today’s addition? New outdoor yard decorations.

The new additions include three varieties of exotic giant mushrooms, and a new Wonderland yard background that features animated butterflies. When I say that the mushrooms are giant, I meant GIANT, for the record. Check the screenshot below to see just how big they really are. One even extends off the top of the screen.

These Wonderland yard decorations follow the Wonderland plates and Wonderland indoor decorations, which were added earlier this week.

YoVille Adds Wonderland House & Items

Zynga’s YoVille is headed to Wonderland in March. The first of what Zynga promises will be “tons” of whimsical furniture options are available now in the furniture store. The centerpiece of today’s item update is undoubtedly the whimsical house, however:

The house features a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bath, upstairs room, balcony, and front yard and is for sale for 38 YoCash.

So far 39 new Whimsical items have been added to the furniture store. New additions include a Jar of Fireflies, misshapen “whimsical” doors, windows, & fireplaces, a checkered rug, a grandfather clock, card paintings, and more. The items are all distorted and extremely distinctive. They might not be much a fit in a realistic YoVille home, but they’re perfect for anyone wanting something more fantastical.