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Happy Aquarium Adds Hippie Items

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar has shown us plenty of times in the past that it isn’t afraid of having a little fun with their updates. Many items and fish that don’t (and couldn’t!) exist in the real world have been made available. The company has introduced a new collection of hippie fish and decorations, continuing this fine tradition.

Players can now purchase several groovy decorations for their fish tank, including a flower power bug and bus, and a 70s chair. New Tye-Dye and Disco tank wallpapers have also been released.

The highlight of the expansion is the the new John Lennon lookalike fish, however. It comes complete with a gigantic bushy mustache, and can be purchased for $5.20, or 62 pearls. There are only 1500 copies remaining.

Happy Aquarium Adds Leaf Collection

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced the item collection feature several months ago, but hasn’t done much with it since. A new item collection was finally introduced this week, though – the game’s fifth. Players level 21 and higher can now complete the new Leaf Collection.

As with other Happy Aquarium item collections, there are nine items in total players will need to find. Three common, three uncommon, and three rare. Once all the leaves have been collected, players earn a special prize: an exclusive Leaf Fish!

Have you had any luck uncovering any of these collection items yet? Leave a comment and let us know.

FishVille Expands Phosphorus Forest Item Set

FishVille developer Zynga has continued slowly adding to the game’s Phosphorus Forest item collection. Eight more items were added to the expansion this week, bringing its total size up to 16 decorations.

The latest new items are: Horseshoe Crab, Mesmerize, Dream Catcher, Hanging Lamp, Seed Pod, Spirobranchus, Radiant Monstera, and Phosphorus Flytrap. Many of these new glowing plants seem to be as deadly as they are beautiful, with teeth and other deadly appendages included.

Happy Aquarium Schedules Special Anniversary Event

Happy Aquarium is celebrating its first birthday, tomorrow. Time flies in the world of social games, doesn’t it? To celebrate the milestone, developer Crowdstar is giving all players the opportunity to get an exclusive anniversary fish, but only if they log on at a specific time.

Tomorrow, September 15th, players that log in to Happy Aquarium between 10AM and 11AM PST will be awarded the exclusive anniversary fish. Crowdstar has set up an official Facebook event page for the giveaway.

We’re of the opinion that free items, no matter how they’re given away, are always a good thing. But it still seems a little strange that the free fish are only being given away for one hour, doesn’t it? I mean… it’s Crowdstar’s own anniversary celebration. Why not let players that log in all day long get their free fish?

Happy Aquarium Adds New Limited Edition Fish

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar added an exotic new fish today, but it is only available to players willing to buy it with premium currency.

The new Oriental Flying Gurnard is currently being offered to all players, with a price tag of $4.80, or 58 Pearls. The colorful blue and orange fish is typically found in the Indo-Pacific Oceans, according to Crowdstar’s in-game information panel.

Right now there are about 2700 copies of this special fish left.

FishVille Adds More Phosphorus Forest Items

FishVille developer Zynga introduced a new Phosphorus Forest item expansion last week, focused around glowing plants and animals. The set debuted with just a few items, but Zynga has slowly been adding more.

The newest Phosphorus Forest items are: Sea Serpent, Peeker, Mystic Tablet, Glow Tree, Glow Mushroom, and Glow Capsule. The items are available for a mixture of Sand Dollars and coins, and don’t have a published expiration date. But like all FishVille expansions, these items will eventually be removed to make way for more fresh additions.

Happy Aquarium Adds More Wizard of Oz Decorations

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar has released another handful of decorations themed after L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz.

New decor options include: Dorothy’s House, Ruby Slippers, The Castle in the Sky, and two members of the Lollipop Guild. Two Oz themed tank wallpapers have also been released.

Additionally, the new Toto and Good Witch tank mates have now been made limited editions. Originally these items appeared to be permanent additions to the Happy Aquarium store. But now, like the rest, they will be gone after about 5000-6000 more copies are sold.

FishVille Introduces Phosphorous Forest Expansion

FishVille developer Zynga has finally revealed the game’s next decoration expansion: Phosphorous Forest! Zynga states that players can use these items to turn their tank into a “glowing jungle.” We think the new items more closely resemble the planet Pandora, from Avatar.

So far, only four items are available: Chimaera, Treehouse, Luminous Reeds, and Plasma Orb. Based on previous FishVille expansions, we’re sure many more are on the way.

Happy Aquarium Adds Wizard of Oz Items

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar has added a variety of fish and tank mates that follow a Wizard of Oz theme. Some of the items are permanent additions to the in-game store, while others are limited additions.

The new items are: Good Witch, Toto, Bad Witch, Flying Monkey, Cowardy Lion, Tin Man, Mini Dorothy, and Scarecrow. Only Toto and the Good Witch are permanent additions – the rest are limited editions, with about 7000 – 9000 copies left.

Their names might sound standard, but each has been given a fishy makeover, with gills, fins, scales, and plenty of other details to make them more fish-like.

Happy Aquarium Releases Limited Edition Whale Shark

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced a new limited edition creature today: a Whale Shark! The developer is calling it the biggest shark released in Happy Aquarium.

It can be purchased for 50 FB$ ($5.00), or 60 Pearls. It is only available in very limited quantities, however. 4500 copies were made available earlier today, but that number has already dwindled to about 3600. So any player that wants one better scrape together the required currency while they still can.