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Happy Aquarium Releases Limited Edition Whale Shark

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced a new limited edition creature today: a Whale Shark! The developer is calling it the biggest shark released in Happy Aquarium.

It can be purchased for 50 FB$ ($5.00), or 60 Pearls. It is only available in very limited quantities, however. 4500 copies were made available earlier today, but that number has already dwindled to about 3600. So any player that wants one better scrape together the required currency while they still can.

Happy Aquarium Adds Magical Decorations

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar has released a small collection of magic themed props. Players can now purchase Randolph the Wizard, a Book of Spells, a Disappearing Cat, a Magical Wizard Fish, a fairy tank mate, and more.

It wouldn’t be a true Crowdstar update if it didn’t also include a few random odds and ends, though. New unthemed additions to the Happy Aquarium store include a Three-Eyed Fish, a Heart Shaped Blowfish, and animated twinkling stars.

Happy Aquarium Introduces Pearl Lotto

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced a new Pearl Lotto promotion this week, designed to get players to return to the game each day, and to provide players with a little gambling excitement as they tend to their virtual fish tanks.

Every five days, a lotto drawing takes place. If the numbers on a player’s ticket match the winning numbers, they win 1000 pearls! It’s as simple as that. Players can fill out one free ticket per day. Additional tickets can be purchased for $0.50 each.

We aren’t math whizzes, but with 50 numbers to choose from and a winning combination of just five numbers, it seems a little easier to win this lotto than one in the real world. But there are still millions of possible winning combinations, so players shouldn’t get their hopes up too high.

FishVille Releases More Bayou Items

FishVille developer Zynga further expanded the game’s New Orleans Bayou expansion this week, giving players even more options for decorating their voodoo swamp aquarium. This is now the third week for the Bayou expansion, so it is likely close to wrapping up. Fishville’s item expansions aren’t given official expiration dates, unfortunately. One day the items all just disappear! So if any of these props catch your eye, it would be wise to snatch it up now.

The new items are: Preserved Eyes, Straw Hat, Corncob Pipe, Old Trombone, Voodoo Jar of Teeth, Voodoo Stick, Chickenbone Jar, Decaying Stump, and Rotted Stump. ALL of today’s new items are for sale for coins, which is always welcome.

Happy Aquarium Releases Rainbow Wrasse

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar added a new fish today, but it is only available to very high level players, and players willing to part with their FB credits.

The new Rainbow Wrasse unlocks at level 60, making it the highest level Happy Aquarium fish by a wide margin. The nearest fish is the Bluefin Tuna, which unlocks at level 55. This colorful Wrasse can be purchased only with FB$, and is for sale for $9.70. It grows to adulthood in 32 hours.

FishVille Adds More Bayou Items

Like most FishVille expansions, Zynga started off the New Orleans Bayou expansion a little slowly, choosing to release just a few themed items. Things are beginning to pick up steam, however. With this week’s new additions, there are now over two full pages of Bayou items for players to purchase.

The new items are: Jar of Crystals, Baby Caiman, Captured Fireflies, Mambos’ Talisman, Tenor Banjo, Sunken River Raft, Weeping Willow, Hollow Tree Stump, Spanish Moss, Spanish Moss Bunch, Petrified Log, Old Tree Stump. As usual, all the newest items are intermixed with the previous Bayou releases.

Things like moss and petrified wood might not seem like much, but when put all together with other Bayou props, they should go a long way towards helping players convert their aquariums into true Louisiana swamps.

FishVille Introduces New Orleans Bayou Expansion

FishVille developer Zynga wasted no time introducing a new expansion following the completion of its Deep Sea Abyss item set. A brand-new set of Bayou items was introduced late last week! Like most FishVille expansions, this New Orleans item set only includes a few items to begin with. More will likely be added in the coming days.

The new items are: Bullfrog, Swamp Shack, Voodoo Doll, Mambos’ Talisman, Shrunkenhead Man, Mimosa Tree, Cattails, and Petrified Stump. These items don’t have a specific expiration date, but like all FishVille expansions we’re sure they won’t be around forever.

Happy Aquarium Releases Dinosaur Tank Mates

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced two new limited edition tank mates, today. Like the decorations added to Happy Pets, they both have a very prehistoric feel: a surfing brontosaurus, and a T-Rex with an inflatable rubber ducky!

Both are limited editions, with about 8,000 copes left. The brontosaurus is for sale for $5.80, and the T-Rex is for sale for $6.60. Both are animated and will freely swim around players’ tanks.

Happy Aquarium Adds New Coral Gifts

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar added three new corals to the game’s free gifts tab, today. Players can now gift one another Pink Spike Coral, Purple Spike Coral, and Spiral Coral.

As usual, the only way to get one of these new corals is to receive one from a friend – they are not for sale in the Happy Aquarium store. Gamers can send their fellow Happy Aquarium playing friends one free gift per day.

Happy Aquarium Continues Wedding Expansion

What started as a small batch of decorations in Happy Aquarium has slowly & steadily turned into a pretty sizable expansion. Crowdstar has continued releasing wedding themed goodies at a regular pace the last several days.

New items include: Wedding Ring, Wedding Gazebo, Love Songbirds, and a Flower Girl tank mate. All four are limited editions, and are being sold in limited quantities for FB$ and Pearls. The Wedding Ring comes inside of a clamshell, giving it a nice underwater touch.