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FishVille Releases More Deep Sea Abyss Decorations

FishVille developer Zynga released yet another set of Deep Sea Abyss decorations, earlier this week. Every since Zynga tweaked how its FishVille item expansions work, there has been a marked increase in the quality of their new items, in our opinion. New items are now released less frequently, but are generally more desirable. Who doesn’t want a Deep Sea Probe?

As usual, Zynga has frustratingly mixed the brand-new items in with those added weeks ago. But we believe the new items are: White Jelly, Hydrothermal Vent, Goose Barnacles, Deep Sea Probe, and Pillow Lava Flow.

We’re surprised Zynga’s artists were able to resist creating more homages to James Cameron’s The Abyss when making this item set. If we were in charge, the FishVille store would now be filled with liquid aliens and underwater oil platforms.

Happy Aquarium Adds More Wedding Items

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar expanded its collection of wedding themed items today in a couple of unique ways.

First up, a limited edition Wedding Gift Idol is for sale for $14.90. The idol provides players with one free premium item per day, forever! The idol offer expires at the end of the day July 26th, or until the remaining 12,500 are sold – whichever comes first.

A Groom Fish and a Bride Fish have also been added. Both are dressed up in the proper wedding attire, and are also limited editions. The Groom Fish is for sale for $1.70, and the Bride Fish is for sale for $2.10. About 12,500 copies of each are left.

Happy Aquarium Adds Wedding Props

In a smart bit of knowing their audience, Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced a small collection of wedding themed props, today. Unfortunately all the additions are only available for premium currency. Perhaps Crowdstar is counting on gamers not letting a few dollars get in the way of true fish love?

Anyway, the new items are: Wedding Cake, Wedding Gazebo, and Wedding Arch. The cake and the gazebo are $1, and the arch is $0.80.

The items aren’t limited editions or limited time offers – they are permanent additions to the game’s decor store.

FishVille Introduces Discovery Log

FishVille developer Zynga introduced a new discovery log feature, this week. The discovery log seems to be a cross between an achievement/trophy system and an item collection system, with a dash of adventure mixed in. It is now taking up one of FishVille’s main menu slots, indicating that it is likely a permanent addition to the game.

Any time a player “discovers” (ie purchases) one of the fish or decorations present in the log, its spot is colored in and a few points are earned. Special rewards and treasures are available to players that complete fish or treasure collections, or achieve certain point milestones.

It appears all the Discovery Log features are not yet live. Soon, Zynga states that players will be able to “collect resources” in order to go on adventures.

All in all, the Discovery Log seems like a nifty addition to the game. It seems like it might provide FishVille with some much-needed direction, and give players more varied goals to work towards than the previously introduced fish mastery.

FishVille Expands Deep Sea Abyss Item Set

FishVille developer Zynga added more Deep Sea Abyss items this week, to further help players create a dark and mysterious tank. Once again, the new items are intermixed with those that were previously available. Luckily for you SGC is here to run down the most recent additions :)

The new Deep Sea Abyss items are: Deep Sea Angler, Deep Dive Suit, Robotic Arm, Deep Dive Helm, Deep Sea Coral, Lost Necklace, Serpentine Rock, Turquoise Rock, Basalt Spire, Blue Anemone, and Purple Anemone.

The items are available for a mixture of coins and Sand Dollars. Refreshingly, several of the most desirable items, including the rusty and overgrown robotic arm, can be had for coins.

Happy Aquarium Adds Firefly & Pegasus

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar added a flying creature duo today. Players can now purchase a Pegasus and a Firefly for their tank.

Crowdstar emphasized in their announcement and in the creature descriptions themselves that both animals “fly.” But if a creature is moving around inside a fish tank, isn’t it really just… swimming?

In any case, the Firefly can be purchased for 1550 coins, and the Pegasus can be purchased for 55 FB$ ($5.50) or 66 Pearls.

Happy Aquarium Introduces Fish in the City Line

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced a set of four “Fish in the City” parody fish, today. Each is for sale for 49 FB$ ($4.90) making the full set a little pricy. But players can always just purchase their favorite Sex in the City fish parody.

The four fish are: Melinda, Charla, Corey, and Sandra. Crowdstar smartly disabled the sex selector – all four are only available as females. The fish are limited additions, with about 3500 – 4000 copies left.

FishVille Introduces Deep Sea Abyss Expansion

FishVille developer Zynga finally introduced a new item theme this week: Deep Sea Abyss! So far just a few decorations are available, but based on previous FishVille expansions (and on the preview loading image), many more are undoubtedly on the way.

The new items are: Brisingid Starfish, Sunken Propeller, Submarine Wreck, and Green Anemone. Both creatures are being sold for Sand Dollars, and both decorations are for sale for coins.

New Deep Sea Abyss background and floor environments are also available, for players that want to give their tank a darker, more foreboding atmosphere.

Happy Aquarium Releases Limited Edition Cyclops Fish

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar released another unique, limited edition fish today: The Cyclops Fish!

This one-eyed fish is a limited edition, only available until midnight, June 29th, or until 5800 more are sold (whichever comes first). It is for sale for 58 FB$ ($5.80).

The fish’s actual name is “The Cyclops Fish,” which strikes us as a little unimaginative. What should he (or she) have been named? Blinky? Uno? Peeper? Leave a comment and share your ideas.

FishVille Adds Fairy Wrasse Mastery

FishVille developer Zynga released a new Fish Mastery track today: the Fairy Wrasse family.

Unlike other fish masteries, players don’t have access right away. Instead, like Cafe World’s Coffee Machine, players must add three new FishVille neighbors to unlock access, regardless of how many neighbors they already have. Alternatively, players can purchase access to the Fairy Wrasse mastery track for 30 Sand Dollars.

We’re big fans of FishVille’s Fish Mastery system, but we’re not so crazy about compulsory neighbor adding. It is one thing to require 8 neighbors or 15 neighbors to unlock a feature, but it is another to require someone with 100 neighbors to increase that total to 103.