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Happy Aquarium Releases Limited Edition Items

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar has released three limited edition premium items this week, for players looking for a little something extra to stand apart from their neighbors.

The Kraken is for sale for 39 FB$, and comes complete with a captured sailing ship in its clutches. There are about 1500 left.

The Sea King, for sale for 58 FB$ with 6,000 copies left, bears a strong (and likely not coincidental) resemblance to King Triton from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Lastly, a Catfish is for sale for 58 FB$, with only about 300 copies left. This Catfish takes its name quite literally, and comes with whiskers, ears, even fur.

Happy Aquarium Releases Gulf Coast Dolphin

Like Happy Island and Happy Pets, Crowdstar’s Happy Aquarium is also giving players the opportunity to help donate to gulf coast recovery efforts. Players can purchase the new Bottlenose Dolphin and 100% of the net proceeds will be donated by Crowdstar to the National Wildlife Federation.

The dolphin is for sale for 88 FB$ ($8.80), and is available for the next 30 days.

Happy Aquarium Releases Three High-Level Fish

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced three fish this week for their most dedicated players – all three are only unlocked after level 50.

The Spotted Handfish costs 87 FB$ ($8.70), and unlocks at level 52. It grows to maturity in three days. The Red Handfish costs 89 FB$ ($8.90), and unlocks at level 53. It also grows to maturity in three days.

Crowdstar’s announcement also listed a third fish – Bluefin Tuna – that is supposed to be available at level 55. But we didn’t see it in the Happy Aquarium store. Perhaps it is still on the way?

Happy Aquarium Adds Hammerhead Shark

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar has added another giant aquatic animal: A hammerhead shark! This shark follows the game’s first giant addition, a Giant Sunfish, which was about 10X the size of a normal fish.

This purple hammerhead is for sale for 66 FB$ ($6.60). It is a limited addition, with just over 25,000 left.

One interesting observation: when we blogged about the Giant Sunfish three days ago, there were over 36,000 left. Now, there are only 3000 still available! If Crowdstar really sold 33,000 of these giant fish, that represents over $217,000 in money made (minus Facebook’s cut)! If those are true sales figures and haven’t been fudged, it is probably safe to say many more premium giant fish are now in the works.

Fishville Makes Premium Fish Immortal

FishVille developer Zynga has finally made a tweak that probably should have been in place from the beginning: premium Sand Dollar fish can no longer die!

Previously, if left too long without food, a fish purchased with Sand Dollars would get sick and eventually perish, same as any normal fish. Although it usually took much, much longer for this to occur. Now, if left without food, a premium fish can still get sick, but it will no longer actually die. The sickness can be quickly and easily cured with a dose of fish medicine.

This is a very welcome change, indeed! It seems hard to believe that up until now, a player could have potentially spent loads of real dough on a tank of fish, only to have them taken away if they didn’t visit often enough. In our opinion this is a reasonable penalty for standard fish, but not premium ones.

Happy Aquarium Releases Giant Sunfish

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar released a new limited edition fish today: the Giant Sunfish! And when Crowdstar says “giant,” they mean it. This sunfish is nearly 10x than a normal Happy Aquarium fish – it fills a big portion of a tank just by itself!

The Giant Sunfish is for sale for 66 FB$ ($6.60), or 79 Pearls. It grows to maturity in 32 hours. Like most limited Happy Aquarium item, this sunfish is available in limited quantities. As of now, there are about 36,000 left.

Crowdstar has been toying with the size of their fish and their pets for a while now, with the Giant Sunfish being the most recent (and most extreme) example. The limited edition Catzilla that was recently released in Happy Pets also comes to mind.

Happy Aquarium Releases World Cup Decor

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar is the latest (we are sure will be many) social game developer to catch World Cup fever. A variety of World Cup themed goodies are now available in the Happy Aquarium store.

The biggest addition is a series of international flag tank wallpapers. 18 are available in total, making up the bulk of the World Cup participants. The United States, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Greece, the United Kingdom, Japan, and France are among the countries represented.

A new tank mate, “Zack, the soccer-playing lion” was also released, for 48 FB$ ($4.80).

Finally a new soccer ball gift is available on the Happy Aquarium gifts tab.

Fishville Releases More Atlantis Items

Fishville developer Zynga added a few more items to the game’s very cool Atlantis expansion, late yesterday. Once again, the new additions are intermixed with the old, making it difficult to spot the fresh items (if any social game developers are reading this, please label new items!). We compared the item listings to our previous Atlantis post and have come up with what we think is a complete list.

The new Atlantis items are: Dumbo Octopus, Green Temple Gem, Simple Pendant, Simple Totem, Vision Pendant, and Crystal Armillary.

Fun fact: An Armillary Sphere is defined as “An old astronomical model with solid rings, all circles of a single sphere, used to display relationships among the principal celestial circles.” Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s nothing to learn from playing social games!

Happy Aquarium Adds New Expedition

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar first introduced expeditions about two months ago. Players were tasked with gathering up a crew of their friends, to sail off and capture a loch ness monster.

Today, a second expedition was released, giving players the chance to finish the job. This time around, the goal is to capture a Female Nessie!

Like last time, players will need to recruit 10 crew members: Captain, First Mate, Fish Whisperer, Musician, Cook Lookout, Cabin Boy, Powder Monkey, Parrot, and Deck Swab. Players can recruit their friends by making a Facebook wall post. Once the full crew compliment has been gathered, the expedition is a success, and players get their Female Nessie!

Happy Aquarium Adds Three Premium Tank Mates

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar added three more Tank Mates today. Like most of Happy Aquarium’s recent additions, all three resemble existing characters.

The Surfer Turtle is for sale for 40 FB$ ($4.00), and is most likely a reference to Crush, the gnarly turtle from Finding Nemo.

A Scuba Alien Bear and a Milo, the hula swimmer are both available now as well, for 20 FB$ and 30 FB$, respectively. Both seem to be styled after the characters in Disney’s Lilo & Stitch.