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Happy Aquarium Adds Stackable Tiki Heads

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar added a new set of stackable Tiki Heads this week, giving players the chance to make their own personal Totem Pole.

Three of the items (plus a custom base) can be purchased from the Happy Aquarium store for 500 coins each. Tiki Heads 4 & 5 are only available from the gifts tab, however. So Happy Aquarium players hoping to collect the full set will need to enlist the help of a few friends.

Fishville Fish Arena Finally Released!

After initially being teased and hinted at months ago, Fishville developer Zynga has finally released the Fish Arena! Players can now pit their fish against others in battle, and earn exclusive rewards along the way.

It works like this: First, players must purchase one of several fish designated as an “arena” fish. These fish have three stats: IQ, Agility, and Strength. These stats can be increased with special foods. The only way to get these foods right now is to buy them, but it is likely that more ways to earn them will be introduced over time.

Players can travel to the arena tank the same way they travel to any of their other tanks. Once there, players can click on one of their arena fish and click the “train” button to begin facing off against others. The actual fish battles themselves are automated – the player’s three fish stats are compared to their opponents stats, and the winner is determined based on these figures (with a bonus for having more Fishville neighbors).

Winning a fish battle earns a player some coins and XP, and can sometimes earn a random decoration, as well. Every battle won lowers you opposing fish’s HP. Reduce their XP to zero to perform a “Fish Knockout.” By performing more knockouts, players progress through the Fishville Arena ranks, earning more rewards along the way.

These exclusive arena decorations are for more than just looks, though. They also increase your fighting fish’s stats – the spiked coral can be used to give a fish +1 strength, for example. The final arena reward is an exclusive fish: the fabled Charcoal Lionfish.

And that’s about it! This is most certainly the biggest feature to come to Fishville in some time… maybe since the game launched. It might seem a little strange to introduce combat to something as peaceful as an aquarium, but we found the fish figting to be a fun diversion. Have you tried the arena yet? If so, what did you think? Leave a comment and let us know!

We have an extensive gallery of Fishville Arena pictures below.

Fishville Releases Atlantis Item Set

Fishville developer Zynga released the first items in a brand-new set, today: Atlantis! Right now players have just 12 Atlantean items to work with, but like other recent Fishville expansions, it is likely that more will be added over the next few weeks. The Atlantis loading screen features several items aren’t available yet.

The Atlantis items released so far are: Atlantean Seahorse, Dolphin Princess, Divine Totem, Primal Runestone, Mystic Column, Temple Steps, Energy Pinacle [sic], Fallen Columns, Celestial Relic, and Neptune Grass. Two Atlantis gifts were also released: Purple Temple Gem and Blue Temple Gem.

Although it’s tough to truly define what an “Atlantis” item should look like, it seems like Zynga has nailed it. The items are an interesting mixture of the ancient and the advanced.

Fishville Adds Three Premium Fish

Fishville developer Zynga has made three additions to the Fishville fish store over the last few days. The new fish are notable because most fish added in recent memory have been limited editions, but these three are all permanent Fishville fixtures. All three are premium fish, for sale for Sand Dollars.

The Scooter Dragonet is for sale for 10 Sand Dollars, and grows to maturity in 4 days. It can be sold for 3,750 coins, and earns 1,050 XP.

The Moon Wrasse is for sale for 8 Sand Dollars, and grows to maturity in 3 days. It can be sold for 3,000 coins, and earns 840 XP.

Finally, the Bearded Ghoul is for sale for 12 Sand Dollars, and grows to maturity in 4 days. It can be sold for 5,200 coins, and earns 1,580 XP.

Fishville Introduces Treat Racks

Fishville developer Zynga introduced constructible Treat Racks a few days ago. The new feature should be familiar to players of Zynga’s restaurant title Cafe World – these new Treat Racks are very similar in design and function to that game’s Spice Racks.

Before players can begin using their Treat Rack, they first have to construct it. This process is a little lengthier and more involved than the other “buildable” decorations Fishville fans are probably familiar with. 30 parts are needed in total to complete construction – 5 labels, 5 lids, 5 jars, 5 shelves, and 10 nails. Parts can be obtained three ways – players can buy them outright for 1 Sand Dollar a piece, players can request a specific part from their friends by making a Facebook wall post, or players can gift parts to one another via the standard Fishville gift interface.

Once the treat rack is constructed, players will be able to buy special foods to feed to their fish, which then gives them special properties. The foods are available are for sale for a mix of coins and Sand Dollars. The special Treat Rack foods we know about so far are:

- Insta-Grow: Instantly grow your fish.
- Mastery Food: Boost Mastery by 25%.
- XP Food: 2X Fish Sell XP.
- Coin Food: 2X Coin Sell Value.

Have you finished construction of your Treat Rack yet? If so, what do you think about the new special foods? Leave a comment and let us know!

Happy Aquarium Releases Persian Mystique Expansion

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar added a collection of Persian-themed decorations, over the weekend. Most Happy Aquarium updates are loosely themed, or entirely unthemed, so it is nice to see a collection of items that all fit together.

Updates include: a Date Palm Tree, a Scimitar, a Persian Castle, Bob the Monkey, a Persian Castle, a Turkish Flag, and a Persian Vase, among others. Our guess is that the true reason for this update was to give Crowdstar an excuse to release “Princess Jessi,” a Tank Mate that looks a heck of a lot like Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin.

The bulk of these Persian Props are for sale for coins, although Princess Jessi costs 66 FB$ ($6.60).

Happy Aquarium Adds New Koi Fish

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar has added a new high-level fish for advanced players: Red & White Koi Fish. This koi fish unlocks at level 50, and costs 3500 coins. It grows to maturity in 32 hours.

With a level 50 requirement, this Red & White Koi Fish is actually the highest-level unlock in all of Happy Aquarium. At least for now. The record was previously held by the Unicorn Tang, which unlocked at level 49.

Fishville Adds Crystal Caverns Gifts

Fishville developer Zynga has released a handful of new Crystal Caverns themed gifts to the Fishville gifts tab. Now players on a tight budget trying to theme their aquarium as a glittering cave have a few more items to work with. Assuming they can get their Fishville neighbors to send them the goods, that is.

The new gifts we spotted are: Cobalt Opal Shell, Urchin Shells, Rose Conch Shell, and buildable Dino Bones. Only the Rose Conch Shell is specifically listed as being a part of the Crystal Caverns set, but the other three gifts all seem to fit in nicely with the theme.

Happy Aquarium Releases Limited Edition Lucky Slots Idol

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar figured out a while back that they could make some major dough by releasing limited edition “idols” that give players a permanent in-game boost. The only problem is there are only so many permanent in-game bonuses players can be awarded.

The newest exclusive idol seems to back up our hypothesis that Crowdstar is running out of idol ideas. The new Lucky Slots Idol gives players the opportunity to test their luck every 8 hours with the pull of a slot machine. Every pull is a winner, but some moreso than others. The big payout is an impressive 1,000,000 coins!

The Lucky Slots Idol is for sale for 149 FB$ ($14.90), and is only available until Sunday, May 23rd.

Fishville Introduces V.I.P. Fish

Fishville developer Zynga has introduced a new type of fish, to help players gain XP and levels at a faster pace: V.I.P. fish. These exclusive fish don’t come cheap, however.

The Convict Surgeon is available for 25 Sand Dollars, and the Cole Tang for 15 Sand Dollars. Instead of buying the actual fish itself, players are instead buying access to the fish for one week (seven days). Once access has been purchased, the fish themselves can be purchased for a small amount of coins.

The trick to these fish is that the amount of XP they provide scales, according to the player’s level. A low-level player might earn just a couple hundred XP by buying and selling a VIP fish, while a high-level player could earn 1000+ XP.