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Fishville Adds New Mastery Fish

Fishville developer Zynga introduced Fish Mastery earlier this month, but only a handful of fish were included in the new feature. Today, that list has gotten a little longer, with the addition of Damsels and Hamlets to the mastery list. Players can now master a total of eight fish families.

Like the previous fish mastery families, there are a total of three mastery levels to complete. After each level, a new fish variety is unlocked. Besides keeping things fresh and exciting, these new unlockable fish generally have slightly boosted stats, allowing players to reach the next mastery level a little bit faster.

Perhaps in an effort to keep hardcore Fishville players busy, both new fish families have much steeper mastery requirements than the previous mastery fish. The Damselfish takes 24 hours to mature, and requires 450 mastery points to reach the next level. The Hamlet matures in 36 hours, and requires 530 mastery points.

Happy Aquarium Adds Robot & Fantasy Props

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar added a handful of new decorations to their fish-raising title this week. Never the type to have a proper theme for their updates, Crowdstar’s new items follow the very different motifs of Robots, and Fairytales. Several of these new decorations are premium items, with their higher price tag justified by the fact that they are fully animated.

New additions include: Blue Robot, Jiggy Robot, Robot Cyclops, Gingerbread House, Pixie Statue, Cityscape Wallpaper, and Woodland Scene wallpaper.

One side note – Crowdstar has a habit of adding items and decorations in their titles, and never actually announcing them. When looking at these new decorations in the Happy Aquarium store, we noticed a Mariachi Player, a Mexican flag, and a few other Mexican-themed items. It is very likely that these were added last week, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

Fishville Releases More Crystal Caverns Decorations

As we predicted, Fishville developer Zynga released another batch of Crystal Caverns items, earlier this week. The collection has grown quite quickly – there are now 32 themed items available, and that doesn’t even count the rewards from the Gemstone Pouch.

One annoyance is that the new items are intermixed with the old ones, so it is tough to see at a glance which ones have just been added. Zynga did the same thing with the previous Fanta Sea item set. Because we love you, we compared the Crystal Caverns shop against the first post we wrote, and have compiled a list of the new additions. All the new items are also pictured below.

The newest Crystal Caverns items are: Crystal Hermit Crab, Bubbling Lava Vent, Spanish Treasure, Red Shards, Amber Crystal, Azure Crystal, Mauve Crystal, Floor Crystal, Ceiling Flowstone, Grape Cluster, Crystal Skull Eyes, Pink Helictite, Stalactite Column, Stalactite Cluster, Fragile Stalagmite, Strong Stalagmite, Tall Stalagmite, Amethyst Orchid, and Azurite Mushroom. Whew! It’s possible we made a mistake and left out (or accidentally included) one or two items, but we think this is the complete list.

Fishville Fan Thanks: Ten Free Sand Dollars

To cap off a week of freebies, Fishville developer Zynga is giving fans the best gift of all: cold, hard cash. Every Fishville player can get ten free Sand Dollars, the game’s premium currency, just by clicking on this link. No catch!

10 Sand Dollars is approximately $2 worth, which might not seem like much, but it is a lot for a social game developer to give away in one chunk. It will probably add up to well over a million dollars in free cash!

10 SD$ is enough to buy most premium items in the Fishville store, although a few items have higher price tags. The new Crystal Caverns floor and background both together total up to 9 SD$, for example. So this is definitely one of the more generous giveaways we have seen Zynga participate in.

Fishville Fan Thanks: Shrimp, Kissing Fish, & Lobster

Fishville developer Zynga’s fan appreciation week giveaways continued in the second half of this week, with three more Fishville freebies up for grabs. Players have been given a free Lobster creature, two free Kissing Fish, and a free Shrimp. By our count, Zynga has given away a total of seven free items to fans this week, so it is possible that this is the end of the free item event. To collect these free gifts, simply click the links below.

Free Kissing Fish
Free Lobster
Free Shrimp

These free gift links will NOT be active forever – Zynga has stated that they will expire and no longer award the gifts, after a period of time. So Fishville players should get theirs while they still can.

Happy Aquarium Adds Lost Axolotl

No, the headline above is not a typo. Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar released a new lost / adoptable animal recently, and we’re not ashamed to admit we had to Google it to get the full scoop. Axolotls are probably more commonly known as Gilled Mexican Mole Salamanders, and are found in and around lakes in Central Mexico. The Axolotl appears to have been added as a kind of Cinco de Mayo-themed Happy Aquarium update. They are also very nearly extinct, making these virtual Axolotl adoptions all the more important…. right?

Anyway, as with all lost animals, if players find one in their tank, they can’t keep it for themselves. Instead, they are given the opporutnity to make a Facebook news feed post. The first few people that click on this feed post will then receive an Axolotl of their own. So if you want one, keep an eye on your Facebook feed!

Fishville Fan Thanks: Cloning & Crystals

Zynga’s fan appreciation week is nearly half over already. Have you been enjoying all the Fishville freebies that have been up for grabs? Tuesday’s gift was a Violet Crystal decoration, and Wednesday’s was one free Clone Fish ability. You can receive your crystal by clicking this link, and your clone fish ability by clicking this one.

The Violet Crystal is part of Fishville new Crystal Caverns item expansion, and should fit nicely inside aquariums decorated with the new items.

Players should also note that the clone tool can be used to make an exact copy of *any* fish – including premium fish purchased with Sand Dollars. Pretty good deal, right?

Fishville Releases Crystal Caverns Expansion

Fishville developer Zynga released the first wave of Crystal Caverns-themed decorations, earlier today. Like the previous Fanta Sea item set, this Crystal Caverns theme was picked by Fishville players. Players can now tun their aquariums into a glittering complex of stalactites and stalagmites.

The new items are: Crystal Seahorse, Creeper Cave, Bubbling Lava Tube, Orange Ore, Purple Ore, Blue Helictite, Calcite Crystals, Pointy Stalactite, Big, Stalagmite, Topaz Tiger Lily, and Red Crystal Shroom. This is likely just the initial batch of what will turn into a much bigger set of items over the next few weeks. The Fishville loading screen has several more crystal decorations pictured that aren’t yet available for purchase.

A new Gemstone Pouch has also been released. Like the Fanta Sea Mushroom Mound, this pouch holds gemstones that players can either receive from Fishville friends as gifts, or purchase for Sand Dollars. Once players collect enough gems, they can be redeemed for more Crystal Caverns goodies. Prizes are unlocked after redeeming 3, 6, 10, 16, 20, and 30 gemstones.

No expiration date on these items has yet been given, besides the Crystal Seahorse, which expires in just over five days.

Fishville Fan Thanks: Free King Crab

Zynga’s fan appreciation week rolled on today. For our money Fishville’s freebies are the best out of Zynga’s line-up. Yesterday players were given a free Minotaur decoration, and today Fishville players are being given a free King Crab Creature. To collect yours, simply click this link.

Since this crab is a creature and not a decoration, he will animate and move around your tank. Pretty cool!

What else should Zynga give away? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Fishville Introduces Fish Mastery

Fishville’s long-awaited Fish Mastery feature has finally been sent live! Some players have had access for weeks, since Fishville developer Zynga tests out new game features on a random small percentage of of their players. But now, the feature has officially been released for all Fishville fanatics!

Fish Mastery really isn’t too different from Farmville crop mastery, Mafia Wars mission mastery, or any other social game that allows players to “master” one specific task before moving on to the next. Basically, just raise lots and lots of one type of fish and you’ll eventually “master” it, unlocking a new breeds as more mastery levels are earned. Let’s break it down:

1) Raise Specific Breeds of Fish

Right now, the following fish breeds are available for fish mastery: Butterflyfish, Clownfish, Gobies, Boxfish, Damselfish (coming soon), and Hamlets (coming soon).

If you hatch and grow enough of one kind of fish, your mastery level will increase! This gives you access to more fish in that fish family. For example, you begin with access to just the Longnose Butterfly. But after raising some, you will unlock access to the Latticed Butterfly:

2) Move Up the Ranks

Each mastery rank takes more points to earn than the rank previous. For example, earning the first Butterflyfish rank takes just 70 points, but earning the rank after that requires a big jump – 400 points. Luckily, the new fish you unlock give you more mastery points, too.

For example, the first Butterfly fish you have access to, the Longnose, gives you 3 mastery points when sold. But the next one, the Latticed, gives you 5 mastery points when sold.

3) Have fun!

This feature might sound a little confusing, but it really isn’t. We’re just trying to explain it very thoroughly! Bottom line? You can access your Fish Mastery progress using the tab on the right side of the screen:

From there, you can see what fish you need to raise, how much mastery progress you’ve made for each fish breed, and what you have unlocked.