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First Look: Miscrits: World of Adventure

Miscrits: World of Adventure from Broken Bulb Studios is an exceptionally ambitious game. All of Broken Bulb’s titles have been quality (we’re especially big fans of My Town), but with Miscrits, the company seems determined to prove that social games are capable of richer experiences than they are currently delivering.

At its core, Miscrits is essentially a Pokemon clone. But I’m not using that label in an unkind way. The Pokemon formula seems tailor-made for the social game treatment, and if Broken Bulb didn’t tackle it, someone else was bound to.

Like Pokemon, Miscrits is an RPG (role-playing game). Players explore the wilderness, searching for creatures, called Miscrits, to capture and add to their collection. Players don’t actually do the fighting. Instead, a player chooses four of their captured Miscrits to act as their active team, and it is these Miscrits that are sent into battle.

Each Miscrit has a variety of statistics (health points, attack power, speed, etc.) that determines how effective they are in battle. As players win battles they earn experience points, which eventually allow them to level-up. Each time a player levels up they earn five Training Points, which can be spent to make their Miscrits more powerful. Eventually, a Miscrit can actually “evolve” into a brand-new form.

Like Pokemon, a Miscrit’s most important stat is its element. Each Miscrit belongs to an elemental family (fire, water, nature, etc.), and in battle some elements may be strong or weak against others. So it is important to adventure with a balanced team of Miscrits. A fire Miscrit is very weak against water enemies, but strong against nature, for example.

Miscrits is still very new, with lots of features still listed as “coming soon.” But even in this early state, it is still a very compelling product. The game looks great, with all of the 20+ Miscrits featuring high-quality, detailed artwork. The soundtrack is also lengthy and very catchy.

Like in Pokemon, a large part of Miscrit’s draw is attempting to collect all the available creatures. Some are more rare than others, and it is likely that some can’t be captured by normal means. I currently have seven unique Miscrits in my collection, and I’m already thinking about when I’ll be able to head back out and add some more.

Office Wars Introduces Governator Boss Fight

Office combat title Office Wars from Broken Bulb Studios introduced a new boss fight today: The Governator. Despite the name, this gigantic suited office employee doesn’t look too much like California’s esteemed Governor.

The Governator is only available to players level 20 or higher. If he is anything like the first boss, The GM Next Door, he may provide a very stiff challenge to players that aren’t adequately prepared. Players can find Office Wars bosses in the ‘Fights’ menu.

If you have squared off against this giant boss, leave a comment and let us know how it went!

Office Wars Adds Hairdos & Accessories

Office Wars from Broken Bulb Studios gave players a couple more ways to customize their employees, today. Players can now purchase accessories and hairdos for their office army.

Accessories can be purchased with Brownie Points, or with the new token currency. Tokens can be sent to fellow Office Wars players as free gifts. Like the other Office Wars equipment categories, the list of accessories is extensive, and already includes plenty of pop culture references. We even spotted a Quailman Belt.

Hairdos are free of charge, but are also cosmetic only. They just serve to give your employees a new look, and don’t actually effect their statistics.

My Town July 29 Update

It’s Thursday, which means new items have been added to Broken Bulb’s city building title My Town! Both of today’s additions are very kid friendly.

Players can now purchase a Daycare and a Playground Park. The Daycare features a tinker toy roof, and the playground has slides, a merry-go-round, swings, and most of the other features any good kid’s park should include.

My Town July 26 Update

My Town developer Broken Bulb added a couple of new items on Monday, right on schedule. Players can now purchase a Townhouse, and a Nuclear Power Plant. Does anyone else automatically think of Homer Simpson whenever they read those three words, or is it just us?

Broken Bulb also had some bad news, however. The company has announced that it is going to begin retiring certain My Town decorations. Players only have today and tomorrow to purchase the Space Needle, United Nations Building, Stonehenge, and Kong Tower. After Wednesday, they will be removed from the store.

Although virtually every social game developer does it, we’ve never been big fans of limited time or limited quantity offers here at SGC. In the real world, retailers have real reasons to put objects on sale, or only sell things for a few weeks. They have a finite amount of shelf space – every object needs to be physically displayed, physically stored in a wearhouse, etc. But social games have unlimited shelf space. All item scarcity is artificial – it is only there to make the virtual good seem more attractive and desirable.

Broken Bulb was one of the last to not follow this practice, prior to now.

My Town Adds Super Eco Tower

My Town developer Broken Bulb Studios only released a single building with their regular Monday update this week, but it is a doozy: the Super Eco Tower! The tower is pictured below, but the snapshot doesn’t do it justice. This thing is huge. HUGE. It probably takes up about one fourth of the amount of land players begin the game with, and is extremely tall to boot.

Players level 100 or higher can purchase the tower with coins. Lower-level players can purchase the tower for 100 Town Cash, the game’s premium currency.

My Town July 15 Update

The Circus has come to My Town! Developer Broken Bulb released an intricate Circus decoration in today’s update. Like the Amusement Park added a while back, the Circus is jam packed full of little details. We spot a stilt walker, a lion tamer, elephants, a man being shot out of a cannon, a juggler, and plenty more.

Broken Bulb also announced they updated the game’s free gifts screen with some new goodies. We don’t have a full list of what gifts are new, but we think the Grey Alien, Sledgehammer Game, and Duck Shoot game are among the new additions. If anyone has the full scoop on the new gifts leave a comment and let us know.

My Town July 8th Update

My Town developer Broken Bulb released two more buildings today: Ye Olde Inn and an Animal Shelter.

Ye Olde Inn has been deliberately styled to match the previous Hobbit-style homes and other medieval buildings.

The animal shelter is a standard modern building. It only has half a roof, presumably to allow players to see some of the animals that are inside. But doesn’t this mean they are no longer sheltered? What happens when it rains? Or the town volcano erupts?

Broken Bulb Launches Office Wars!

Broken Bulb Studios, the independent developer behind the original Facebook city sim My Town, have flipped the switch on their third title: Office Wars!

As its name implies, Office Wars is an evolution of another Broken Bulb title, Ninja Warz. Only instead of growing an army of ninjas and arming them with samurai swords and shurikens, players are growing an army of office drones and arming them with coffee mugs, pencils, and (later on) Jackhammers. We aren’t sure which concept is more terrifying.

Half of the fun of Office Wars is that it is stuffed full of pop culture references. The neighbor help minigame involves smashing a printer with a baseball bat in a remote field (ala Office Space). One of the earlier weapons is a red stapler, also a reference to Office Space. Some of the references are more subtle. One weapon is a Sabre water bottle – a sly reference to TV show The Office. Finally, some references are more for video game nerds than office culture aficionados – we spotted a Companion Cube from Valve’s hit game Portal.

The gameplay itself is fairly simple. Players purchase employees, and arm them with weapons and armor either purchased, or found on the battlefield. Then players battle it out against another player’s office army. The battles themselves are fully-animated, and automated. Whoever has the superior stats for their fighters comes out on top.

Players earn XP for winning fights and eventually level-up. As players level up and earn achievements, they earn the unfortunately-named BP Points (Brownie Points). This premium currency can be spent to power-up your employee’s stats, or purchase other premium goodies.

Office Wars isn’t too different from Ninja Warz, but overall it is a nice evolution of the formula. It has more humor, a more relatable setting, and little details like the ability to train up individual stats give the entire experience more depth.

Try out Office Wars now!

My Town July 4th Update

Most of the country had this weekend (plus Monday!) off for the July 4th holiday, but there are no vacations in the world of social games. My Town developer Broken Bulb studios released a special update on the 4th itself, and also added a few items on Monday, its normal update time.

The new items are: Liberty Bell, Space Center, Boutique, and Gateway Arch. The Liberty Bell and Space Center are limited time offers, which we believe is a first for My Town. So players that want either will need to act fast!