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First Look: Zombie Mosh

Zombie Mosh from Menue is the best zombie nightclub social game we have played yet.

OK, seriously though, Zombie Mosh is an amusing take on a couple well-established social game genres. The most obvious influence is Nightclub City and other build-a-business titles. More surprising is that Zombie Mosh has also managed to work in a farming/harvesting mechanic in a logical way. This allows the game to stand out from a gameplay perspective. It obviously has no problem standing out thematically.

The goal of Zombie Mosh is to build “the ultimate undead hangout.” Players have an energy bar that they spend on various actions (more on these in a moment) that refills over time. Completing tasks earns coins, which can be spent on club customizations. A premium currency can be purchased with real cash to purchase exclusive goodies.

As a player builds up their club, it will attract the attention of zombie club-goers. Players earn the bulk of their XP and coins by moshing with these fellow zombies. But each zombie can only be moshed with a certain number of times. After they have reached their mosh limit, they disappear. How to replenish these dwindling zombie ranks, and make the club hoppin once again?

This is where the humans, and Zombie Mosh’s principal innovation, come in. On a regular basis, living humans will make their way into the club. Players can take these humans, bury them in graves they have purchased, and turn them into more zombies to mosh with! It sounds morbid, but it is handled in an amusing and cartoony way.

What type of zombie a human turns into is determined by what type of grave they are buried in. Some graves require just 5 minutes to transform a human, resulting in a zombie that can only be moshed with once. A 15 minute grave is also available early on, resulting in more valuable zombies. Basically, a player is “planting” human graves around their club, and can “harvest” them to create more XP-giving zombies.

In the end, you end up with a pretty crazy scene. An undead band rocking out on stage, entertaining a crowd of both humans and zombies. A variety of graves are strewn around the club, intermixed with the player-purchased decorations. Pretty zany.

Zombie Mosh obviously will only appeal to a certain demographic, but this will likely work to the game’s advantage. Lots of young men might be too cool to play Pet Society, but a zombie game built around a harvesting mechanic? Right up their alley.

First Look: Spa Retreat

Spa Retreat from social game newcomer Summerlight Studios is the latest in a growing collection of realtime commerce games. It reminds us most of Lolapps’ Critter Island, or perhaps Crowdstar’s Happy Island.

Players are tasked with developing their own private spa by purchasing buildings and decorations. Customers are attracted to the spa automatically, and will enter any spa attractions a player has placed, generating coins, popularity points, experience points, and other bonuses.

The most obvious way Spa Retreat differentiates itself from its competitors is with its spa setting. The attractions players place are things like Pilates Studios, Milk Baths, Chemical Peels, and Thai Massage parlors. Not restaurants or roller coasters.

From a gameplay perspective, Spa Retreat feels more familiar. Players collect bonuses from their attractions, spending energy points in the process. Energy refills over time. Coins must be spent to resupply each attraction after it has serviced a specific number of customers.

The game does have a light risk/reward system. The more spa-goers that enter an attraction at once, the bigger the bonus. With a set amount of energy to spend, clicking on an attraction at just the right moment to earn the biggest EXP bonus becomes more important.

In its current state, Spa Retreat doesn’t do much to impress, although it also doesn’t break any cardinal social game rules. The game plays it safe. Perhaps too safe. Right now, feels very similar to existing titles. The game’s foundation is quite solid – just as good as any of the big hits in the genre. If Summerlight Studios can find a way to separate Spa Retreat from the pack beyond the game’s setting, we think Spa Retreat’s outlook is quite sunny.

Happy Island Adds Asian Items

Happy Island developer Crowdstar is giving players the opportunity to decorate their island resorts with more Oriental flair this week, with the addition of new Asian themed attractions and decorations.

So far, there are just three new items: Emily’s Arcade, Building H.I., and Joseon Watchtower. If this Asian expansion follows recent Happy Island trends, more themed decorations and attractions will be gradually added over the next several days.

Happy Island Celebrates Pirate Week

It’s pirate week in Crowdstar’s Happy Island. This means players can now purchase a variety of swashbuckling attractions and decorations, with more being added at a regular clip.

The new attractions added so far are: Swashbuckler Shanty, Raider’s Rack, Penzance Place, and Me Treasure. All four are permanent additions to the Happy Island shop.

The two new decorations are the Royal Interceptor, and 1i Will’s Ship. Oddly, due to how Happy Island’s decoration system works, both ships must be placed on land, and can’t be placed on water.

Happy Island Adds Futuristic & Steampunk Items

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has updated the game’s shops with items both old and new. New steampunk and futuristic themed items and attractions are now for sale.

The new items are: Bio Sphere, Steamsmith, Empire River, Steam Engine, Steampunk Falls, Steampunk Turn, Island Mech, and Tiki Prime. The items are available for a mixture of coins and FB cash.

The giant mech statue might seem like something out of a futuristic sci-fi show, but it actually really exists. In Japan, a 59 foot tall mecha suit was constructed to celebrate the the 30th anniversary of the Gundam franchise.

Happy Island Adds Fashion Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar seems to know that no island resort is complete without plenty of good shopping. A variety of new fashion themed shop attractions have been added to the Happy Island store. Players can now purchase Kyle’s Jewelers, Masha’s Makeovers, Holly’s Store, Club Greg 54, and Spicy Pink Bags. Besides Spicy Pink Bags, all are limited editions and will eventually sell out.

A Cocoa Experts chocolate factory was also released, with matching chocolate decorations. Resort planners with a sweet tooth can supplement the attraction with the Choco Shrooms, Cocoa Shrooms, Choco Falls, and Choco Lake decorations.

Happy Island Adds More 1930s Items

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has been slowly and steadily adding to the game’s 1930s gangster expansion. Players now have a large collection of goombah goodies with which to decorate their island resorts.

New items include: Meatball Diner, Studio Swagger, E.S. Office, Private Detective, Genco Pawn Shop, Brick Flats, Garbage Truck, Tombstone, Canole, Coppah Car, and Gangstah Car.

Most of the items are permanent additions to the Happy Island Store, but three of the attractions (pictured below) are limited editions.

Market Street Updates Shelves

Market Street developer Playdom has made a small but potentially very important change to the way the game’s merchandise shelves work. The move is sure to please the game’s 8 million (and counting!) players.

Small shelves now hold twice as much inventory. One row of items on the lower level of the shelf, and one on the upper. This gives players the opportunity to double their income! Full details on this change can be found on the Market Street Knowledge Base.

Tiki Resort Introduces Two New Wonders

Tiki Resort developer Playdom has introduced two new wonders: Deep Sea Wonder, and Salsa Wonder. Like all Tiki Resort Wonders, both are very large and elaborate, but have large price tags to match.

The Salsa Wonder costs 1.5 million coins, or 250 FB Credits. It dresses all resort tourists in salsa dancing outfits. The Deep Sea Wonder costs 1.35 million coins, or 79 FB Credits. It dresses all characters in adventure outfits.

Nightclub City Adds New Music

Nightclub City developer Booyah has increasingly been putting the game’s music front and center. Just as nightclubs in real life are frequently the first to popularize new tunes, Booyah is now releasing new Nightclub City music tracks several times a week.

The game’s most recent update has a little something for every virtual club owner, with new hip-hop, pop, and electro tracks from Jenny Wilson, Tank Tyler, and Acid Girls:

Jenny Wilson –
Tank Tyler –
Acid Girls –