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Exclusive: Happy Island Upgraded Building Gallery

I’ve been digging Happy Island quite a bit the past few weeks. The game is laid back, has a nice graphical style, relaxing music, and has no failure state. Every time you check in, your island is guaranteed to be a little bit farther along than it was the time before.

But, one aspect of the game that I don’t enjoy is that you never know what your shops and attractions will upgrade into. Every building can be upgraded twice, but there is no way to know whether the time and money investment will turn an attraction into something cool, or something lame. But… never fear. Social Game Central is here to help.

We have snapped pics of what the first ten buildings look like in their final, upgraded form. If anyone has any fully-upgraded buildings besides these 10, snap a pic and leave it in the comments. We’ll add it to this post.

The Happy Island Petunia Pavilion upgrades into the Blossom Boutique:

The Happy Island Sea Shell Stand Upgrades into Poseidon’s Grotto:

The Happy Island Rickety Dock Upgrades into the Marina:

The Happy Island Luau upgrades into the Cultural Center:

The Happy Island Greek Theater upgrades into the Colosseum:

The Happy Island Bazaar upgrades into the Emporium:

The Happy Island Airport upgrades into the Tiki International Airport:

The Happy Island Nero’s Inn upgrades into Nero’s Palace and Casino:

The Happy Island Fruit Stand upgrades into the Souvenir Stand:

The Happy Island Beach Bungalow upgrades into the Tiki Tower Regency:

More Happy Island building upgrade info coming soon!

Exclusive: A Look at Ponzi Inc’s Endgame

WARNING: There be spoilers, below. If you’re currently enjoying Ponzi Inc., and don’t want to be spoiled about jobs, buildings and other end-game features, stop reading now.

I’m a big Ponzi Inc. fan. The game may be linear to the point that it is hardly a “game” at all, and yet I keep coming back. Mostly for the humor, I think. The game truly does do a great job of capturing the absurdities of office life (an employee that annoyingly uses the phrase “net-net” way too much), and just normal, every-day absurdities (inventing a de-toaster “because toast shouldn’t be a permanent decision”).

But, due to it’s linear nature, Ponzi Inc. is unique among Facebook games in that it has an actual ending. I’m sure developer Challenge Games is busy cooking up more for Ponzi players to do, but the bottom line is that if you’ve been playing the game since launch, by now you’ve most likely seen it all.

So, come with me, as I give you a tour through the end-game of Facebook’s Ponzi Inc. (all images can be clicked to view the full-size version):

The first thing you’l notice is that once you’re promoted to level 31, there are no more new jobs unlocked. It’s a little weird to see a big empty space, instead of “Two new jobs have been unlocked!”

So what are Ponzi Inc’s final two jobs? They are amusingly (and I’m sure, intentionally) at odds with one another. You will receive divine inspiration (courtesy of the stained-glass window installed in the bathroom), and you’ll also consult an advanced AI (courtesy of your insanely advanced toilet installed in same said bathroom):

As for your office itself? Let’s just say Ponzi Inc. takes the term “Satellite Office” to whole new heights:

You might be thinking to yourself “Self, what could possibly top my own satellite office? The answer should be obvious… a GOLDEN Satellite Office:

When I finally bought that golden monstrosity for a ludicrous $10 million, I figured that would be it. But no, oh no. Ponzi Inc. wasn’t done yet. This third Satellite Office might cost $20 million and resemble something a sith lord might cruise around in more than an office space… but don’t pay any attention to that. The premium version is also the best-yet, I gotta say:

So… there you have it. The nature of social Facebook gaming means that this little Ponzi Inc. ending guide will be laughably outdated in meer days, but… no worry. Once Challenge Games releases new Ponzi Inc tasks, office spaces, and rooms, I’ll be here to spoil it for all of you once again :)

Happy Island Introduces Multiple Islands

Pretty major news for the ever-growing population of Happy Island players. Developer Crowdstar announced yesterday that players can now manage up to FOUR different islands, instead of just one. This is a pretty major addition to Happy Island – the young game is essentially four times larger than it was, before this update.

My hunch is that Crowdstar introduced this change for performance reasons. My island was getting fairly crowded, and the game was beginning to run a little slowly as a result. But it also introduces a bunch of creative freedom. Players could now have one shopping island, one food island, one tiki island, etc.

This expansion makes less logical sense than it does in aquarium games – after all, it makes sense to buy multiple aquariums, but multiple islands is a different manner – but I’m not complaining. Although Happy Island is a low-stress game (no penalties for not checking in, etc.) it does become a little hard to level-up once your level gets into the teens. All the additional real estate should help significantly. Details:

- Happy Island 2 unlocks at level 15
- Happy Island 3 unlocks at level 25
- Happy Island 4 unlocks at level 35
- Players navigate between islands on the top-right of their screen (see img below)