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Happy Island Adds More Medieval Items

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added another batch of Medieval fantasy themed decorations and attractions, today. Players can now purchase a cheekily-named “The Juan Ring,” among others.

Although Crowdstar continues to refer to this expansion as Medieval themed, this newest batch of goodies confirms our suspicions that it is actually a thinly-veiled Lord of the Rings-inspired item pack.

Also mixed in with these new fantasy items is a Crooked Street decoration. It reminds us more of Lombard Street than anything found in the works of Tolkien, though.

Happy Island Adds Medieval Fantasy Props

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has added a variety of props that the company described as being Medieval themed, but in our opinion Fantasy would be a much better descriptor. We aren’t convinced that walking trees and hobbit homes existed in Medieval times!

In any case, the new Lord of the Rings inspired items and attractions are: Leaf Dome, Hillside Cottage, Black Pillar, White Castle, Forest Walker, The Forest Gate, Castle Wall I, Castle Wall II, Castle Moat I, and Castle Moat II. All the new attractions are limited editions, and will be permanently unavailable after their supply dwindles to 0. The decorations are permanent additions to the Happy Island shop and will not expire.

Happy Island Adds Road Decorations & More

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has been busy the past few days, releasing more items to the game’s Australia and Despicable Me item sets, as well as adding some long-overdue road decorations.

New First Floor and Southern Safari attractions round out the game’s Australia expansion. Both are available for coins, although the First Floor attraction is a limited edition, with about 240,000 copies left. A Despicable Me minion, referred to as Onion Rocketeer in-game, has also been released.

Finally, players can now build roads on their islands, with a collection of new street tiles. Oddly, only the straight street and right turn street tiles can be purchased with coins. The left turn street and corner street must be purchased for $0.30.

Happy Island Releases Despicable Me Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar continued its long tradition of releasing items aping movies and other elements of pop culture today, with the release of two Despicable Me inspired attractions. Players can now purchase a L33t Lab, or a Crazy Shack. Both are for sale for $5, with about 1800 copies left. The attractions are based off the homes of Despicable Me’s hero and villain Gru and Vector, respectively.

Crowdstar was also apparetly not quite done with its Australian item set, adding a few more down under decorations. Players can now purchase a Ghost Gum Tree, a Koala, and Markren Fountain.

Happy Island Expands Australia & Candy Item Sets

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has been slowly & steadily adding to two unrelated sets of items this week: a down-under Australia collection, and a Candy Land collection.

Australian items include: Music Key Hall, Downunder Den, Coat Hanger Bridge, Kangaroo, Tiwi Post, Bush Warrior, and Red Mimah. The items seem to be a good mix of the aboriginal and the more modern.

Most of the candy themed decorations are holdovers from last week, but a few new ones have entered the mix. Players can now purchase a limited edition Gingerbread House, a Candy Hut, a Berry Sweet Stand, and a Lollypop Swirl.

Tiki Resort Adds Wonder Points & Tourist Outfits

Tiki Resort developer Playdom tweaked the game’s Wonders system today, giving them more purpose, and making them a little easier to obtain.

Players can now click on a Wonder to produce its “Wonder Effect” which dresses all the tourists on that island in an elaborate themed costume. The Wonder Effect also provides players with Wonder Points, which can be saved up to purchase more Wonders.

There are currently five Wonders in the game: Salsa Wonder, Deep Sea Wonder, Pineapple Wonder, Drink Wonder, and Lei Wonder. All five can be purchased with FB$, or via a more complex (but free!) method.

Happy Island Introduces Mysterious Lantern

Happy Island developer Crowdstar knows that Facebook gamers love a good mystery. Today, a mysterious locked lantern has begun popping up on players’ islands. Only players that break the lantern’s five locks can gain access to what is inside.

To break the five locks, players can enlist the help of their friends – every Happy Island neighbor that responds to a player’s request for help can break one lock. Players can also bypass this process by paying $12 outright.

So… what’s inside? Unfortunately, we don’t have the scoop on this lantern’s mystery contents… yet. If you’re reading this and have received your Happy Island lantern prize, leave a comment and let us know.

Happy Island Adds Candy & Nile Decorations

Happy Island developer Crowdstar updated the game’s decoration page with several new additions, today. First up, more Nile-themed decorations were released, including Weeping Willow and Papyrus trees. More river tiles were also introduced, allowing players to customize the twists and turns their river takes.

A new candy theme was also introduced, with the addition of giant candy corn, cupcakes, and eclairs.

Finally, two limited edition “Magical Mayhem” decorations are for sale: a Fantasia-inspired Magician’s Broom, and a stone Magic Eagle. Both are available in limited quantities.

Happy Island Adds New Archipelago Islets

Happy Island developer Crowdstar introduced the game’s archipelago view several months ago, giving the game a whole new sense of scale, and giving players a great new way to customize their islands. Since then, updates to this archipelago mode have been sparse – Crowdstar has opted to focus most of its attention on the traditional island view instead.

Players wishing for more archipelago options are in luck, however. Two new islets are now available in the archipelago store. Players can now purchase Teardrop Isle for $5, and Neverland Isle for 6,000,000 coins. Teardrop Isle allows players to place five more attractions on their islands when purchased, and Neverland Isle allows for ten more.

The addition of Neverland Isle confirms our speculation from yesterday that the new decorations followed a loose Peter Pan theme.

Happy Island Adds Princess Teepee & More

Happy Island developer Crowdstar continued adding to the game’s steady stream of decorations and attractions today by releasing another small batch of goodies, today. In all, five new items are available for budding resort managers to take advantage of.

The new items are: Boys’ Lost Fort, Princess Teepee, Blue Oak Tree, Nile River, and an Alligator. Boys’ Lost Fort (their punctuation, not ours) is a limited edition, for sale for $4.50 with about 500 copies left. The other four items are all permanent additions to the Happy Island store.

Update: It crossed our mind after initially publishing this story that the fort and the giant alligator are likely references to Peter Pan. We didn’t initially notice – usually Crowdstar’s movie references are considerably less subtle!