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Happy Island Adds Island Bank Premium Building

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has made their island sim, which was already pretty painless, even more easy to play via the new Offshore Island Bank.

The bank is a premium item, costing 99 FB$ ($9.90). But, it allows players to collect all the money bags on one island with a single click. The drawback (besides its price tag), is that only 75% of the money is collected – the other 25% is eaten up by a “banker’s fee.”

Players are free to spend their money how they like, but in our opinion this is a much weaker offering that most of Crowdstar’s premium Happy Island offers. Players can click once and only collect 75%, or click each attraction and collect 100%? Plus, it costs $10 in real money? And it only works on a single island, when most players have many? No thanks. To justify the $10 price tag, this bank should come with no collection penalty.

It should be noted that this 25% fee can be reduced by upgrading the bank. But without purchasing one (and we certainly aren’t going to), there is no way to know what that upgrading entails. If anyone has the scoop, leave a comment and fill us in.

Happy Island Adds Three More Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has three more attractions for island planners to pick up – two standard, and one premium.

The premium Russian-style Onion Domes attraction is for sale for 48 FB$ ($4.80), and is available in very limited quantities. Just 1500 are left.

The new Island Radio attraction is one of the cheapest in the game, with a price tag of just 3,500 coins. Finally, a Pumpin’ Iron workout station attraction is for sale for 30,000 coins.

Tiki Resort Adds Movie Items

Tiki Resort developer Playdom added a couple of movie themed items, this week. The additions are in keeping with the game’s tourist theme since, as Playdom notes, “There’s nothing tourists like more than being extras in the next big blockbuster movie.”

The new Movie Sound Stage attraction is only for sale for FB$, and like most premium Tiki Resort attractions, there are a limited number of them available. When we first noticed the attraction yesterday, there were 15,000 left.

A new Movie Water Tower decoration is also available. It is for sale for shells, but it costs a whopping 900,000 of them! Hopefully all you resort owners out there have been saving up!

Happy Island Adds New Mystery Gifts

Happy Island players have four new mysterious gifts to send to one another! Each orange and green mystery gift seems to follow a different theme, so although you might not know exactly what you are sending your friend, the gift isn’t 100% unknown.

The new gifts are: Green Thumb Mystery Gift, Cultural Charity Mystery Gift, Path of Philanthropy Mystery Gift, and a plain/generic Mystery gift. The green thumb gift is likely a plant or other type of flora. The cultural gift is probably a statue, column, or one of the other new cultural decorations. The philanthropy gift is probably money, XP, or other numerical prizes.

If you got one of these new mystery gifts, leave a comment and let us know what was inside!

Happy Island Releases Oil Spill Charity Decoration

Like its cousin Happy Pets, Crowdstar has also given Happy Island players a way to get an exclusive item, while doing some good for the ailing gulf coast region. Players can purchase a Bottlenose Dolphin Pod for 99 FB$ ($9.90), with 100% of the net proceeds donated to the National Wildlife Federation.

The dolphin pod is actually an archipelago decoration, and should do a lot to spice up a players’ island chain.

Crowdstar has not defined what is considered “net proceeds” so it is tough to know the total amount of money from each purchase that will go to charity. Facebook itself takes a 30% cut of all items sold with FB$, and our best guess is that this is what Crowdstar is referring to. With any luck (and maybe a little public pressure), Facebook will agree to donate their portion of the proceeds from these for-charity virtual items, as well.

Happy Island Adds Cultural Decorations

Happy Island developer Crowdstar apparently decided this week that players needed to add a little class to their tourist destinations. A variety of cultural decorations have been added to the Happy Island store, along with one new attraction.

The new decorations are: Paleolithic Henge (don’t call it Stonehenge), Discus Thrower, The Thinker, and… a “Parrot Perch” pirate statue. No, the pirate statue doesn’t make sense to us either. All four are for sale for coins.

The new attraction is Mauryan Stupa. It is a limited edition, with only 6500 copies left, and is being sold for 55 FB$ ($5.50). It holds a maximum of 1900 coins.

Happy Island Adds Five Attractions

Just a few short months ago it was a rare thing for Happy Island to add new attractions. They were released infrequently, and when a new addition was made, it was nearly always just a single new item. Those days seem to be long gone, however.

Happy Island developer Crowdstar released five more new attractions, this week. Players can now purchase a Mediterranean Hostel, Marine Park, Thrift Store, Can-Can Theater, and Neighborhood Pitch. The hostel and thrift store can be purchased for coins, while the other three are for sale for FB$.

What do you think they upgrade into? Leave a comment and let us know!

Happy Island Adds Country Flags & World Cup

Happy Island developer Crowdstar is giving players the opportunity to get into the international spirit, with the release of a variety of international flags. A World Cup trophy has also been released.

The available flags are: Brazil, Australia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Serbia, Portugal, The Netherlands, Japan, Greece, Denmark, and New Zealand.

The World Cup is for sale for coins, and all the country flags are available for 15 FB$ ($1.50).

Happy Island Adds Benches, Surfboards, & More

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added a variety of new decorations to their tropical resort sim this week. Along with some surfboards and temple arches, a variety of benches matching previous item expansion themes have also been released.

The new decorations are: Ancient Temple Arch, Modern Temple Arch, Diamond Surfboard, Red Surfboard, King’s Board, Flaming Surfboard, Sunset Surfboard, Vintage Surfboard, Red Bench, Ruins Bench, Bench al Arab, Mermaid’s Rest, Tiki Bench, Greek Bench, Bench, and a Red Umbrella.

Best of all, every single one of these items are available for coins! No FB$ needed.

Tiki Resort Improves Neighbor Bar

Although there are a few exceptions, most updates here at SGC fall into two major categories: new objects/decorations, and improvements to a game’s interface or design. The posts written about new item expansions are always more fun to write (and to read we’re assuming), but it is the other changes, the “boring” tweaks developers make to their games, that end up having the bigger impact over the long term. These tweaks make games easier to understand and more fun to play.

The new Tiki Resort neighbor bar is a great example. Playdom tweaked the neighbor bar today, so that it now shows players the status of their neighbor’s treasure chests. A green check-mark means the chest has been collected. A red exclamation point means the chest is up for grabs. Pretty slick, right? No more visiting each neighbor to figure out if there is a treasure chest you can collect from, or not.