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Happy Island Releases Five Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has picked up its pace, releasing five new attraction plus a handful of new decorations, all within the past two days. The new attractions:

Karaoke Booth – costs 79 FB$ – Stores 2150 coins
Greek Restaurant – costs 271,000 coins – Stores 2900 coins
Coconut Bowl – costs 126,500 coins – Stores 2400 coins
Gold Mine – 142,000 coins – Stores 2500 coins
Short Track – 59 FB$ – Stores 1800 coins

17 new decorations have also been added to the Happy Island shop, including more chess pieces, a variety of country flags, another item in the LOST parody “found” item set, and lots of mining props. We have images of all these new additions below.

Happy Island Introduces Mini ‘Islets’

Happy Island developer Crowdstar made the game’s archipelago view more interesting & rewarded players wishing for more space today, with the addition of a series of new miniature ‘Islets.’

The four new mini islands are: Polar Ice Cap, Desert Oasis, Poseidon’s Retreat, and Aegean Cliffs. They are quite expensive (the cheapest is 1,000,000 coins), but they provide the fantastic bonus of allowing players more room to construct attractions. These islets allow players to construct 5 – 15 more attractions, according to their price.

These islets are sold from the brand-new Archipelago Store. It is located in the same place as the standard Happy Island store (the lower lefthand corner), but it has a different icon, and specific archipelago items for sale. Besides the standard islands and these new islets, there is also a ‘Decorations’ tab, although it is currently greyed out. It looks like players will soon be able to decorate and customize their entire chain of islands in the same way they can currently decorate each land mass!

In fact, some of this functionality is already in place. By clicking on an island from the archipelago view, players can now see stats about it, and can actually MOVE it to a new location. Neat!

Happy Island Adds Beach Gifts

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added a few new gifts to the game’s gift tab, earlier today. Players can now send one another a Yellow Spiral Umbrella, a Robber Ducky, a Pink Umbrella, and a Beach Ball.

Not the most exciting update in the world, but we like it because it actually fits with the game’s island theme. Many players have (rightly) pointed out that Happy Island has a tendency to veer off track, with attractions like a Space Rocket Launch, and decorations like chess pieces. These four additions bring the game back to its roots, and should help spice up everyone’s island beachfront.

Tiki Resort Adds Limited Edition Fortune Teller

A new Limited Edition Tiki Resort attraction was released yesterday, replacing the Bouncy House that was added last week. The new Fortuneteller attraction is for sale for 29 FB$ ($2.90), with just over 2000 copies left.

One interesting side effect of so many social games switching from limited time items to limited quantity items is that bloggers like us can actually gain a little insight into how much money social game developers are making. For example, when we wrote about last week’s Bouncy House, there were 520 left. The attraction eventually sold out at a price of $2.90. This works out to about $1,500 in sales. Of course, Facebook takes a hefty percentage of this, and we don’t know how many copies of the Bouncy House were initially available. But we still find the data interesting!

First Look: Nightclub City

By Cody Musser

Nightclub City is one of the newest Facebook games making its mark on the Facebook crowd with bass-thumping authority. The game is quickly racking its way up to 400,000 monthly users and it’s only been around for about half that time. So, what about it is so captivating that it’s making such headway? Perhaps everyone has figured out that it’s just that much more fun to run a Facebook club than to be in an actual one.

Nightclub City is a sim-type game in which players build their nightclub starting almost entirely from scratch. You’ll get some dance floor, a DJ booth, and a bar, but the rest is up to you. Your avatar is spinning the records in the club, and you’ll get a chance to make a genuinely charming likeness. Even the majority of your club visitors that roll in off the street look pretty cool and the fun style helps to keep the game interesting.

Your record-spinning skills will you have playing sets of pop, techno, or hip-hop music that you can change at will. They’re not bad jams, but after a while you’ll definitely be looking to switch or give the game a muting, at least offering your ears a little break. You’ll hire your Facebook friends as workers in your bar, either as bartenders or bouncers. The bar is where you’ll earn most of your money, via drinks and tips, until you can start building booths for the high rollers. Bouncers will patrol an area and toss out any rabble-rousers starting fights, or you can suggest they do it manually. It’s probably a good idea to toss out the guy puking in the corner, and your club’s crowd will surely be happier for it.

The money you earn is actually the basis for your leveling up, with pre-determined amounts of total earnings achieving your next gained level, regardless of whether or not you spend it. This isn’t anything special, but it seemed a unique way to sidestep a separate experience system. The cash will buy upgrades for your club that include better bars, more thumping sound-systems, seating, decorations, and all sorts of other ways to spruce up your party space. Better sound-systems will net you longer sets, so you don’t have to keep checking back in (well you shouldn’t have to, the game seemed to pause frequently on us – asking if we were still around instead of letting your club continue to work on its own), while nicer bars will get your more money per drink.

These things and other cosmetic decorations will boost the luxury level of your club, gaining bigger crowds and more notoriety on the club scene. At higher levels the luxury and popularity of your club will keep it filled, even considering it grows in size periodically as you level. Keeping your popularity high can be done by occasionally booking celebrities to stop in and wow your guests with some star factor. There are almost 50 celebrities in the game, and they’re all spoofs of real world stars – Bruce Leet, 55 Cent, Beyonce Knolls and lots of other greats round out the list.

Aside from the pauses, Nightclub City has been a great little club-sim so far. Climbing up from the early levels to where your club is starting to look extravagant and celebs are always popping in doesn’t take too long and it’s plenty rewarding. You can look at your friends clubs to see how their crowd is coming and how creative they’ve been with decorating. The developers need to make some additions to the overall features of the game and include a bit more interaction with your Facebook friends; at present the game seems a bit single-player for a social gaming experience.

(Author’s Note: At the time of writing Nightclub City has yet to implement any currency beyond in-game currency. Some comments on their Page indicated a FB currency had been implemented before, but no system could be presently found in Nightclub City at this time by us, at the level we achieved while playing. Surely, expect this to change as the game grows.)

Tiki Resort Allows Second Island Snow Melt

Tiki Resort developer Playdom is finally allowing players to melt all the snow found on Baja Island, the second island players gain access to. The change does more than just give the island a change in scenary – it also gives players much more decorating space!

The expansion comes at a price, however. To trigger the snow melt, players have to purchase a special Sun Charm, for sale for 500,000 coins. As with all charms, it must then be dropped in the island volcano. As an added bonus, purchasing the Sun Charm also gives players an exclusive Sun Goddess decoration.

You can see a video of this charm in action on Tiki Resort’s official fan page.

Tiki Resort Adds Tiki de Mayo Charm

Tiki Resort developer Playdom decided to celebate Cinco de Mayo the best way they know how: a new exclusive Charm! Players can now purchase the Tiki de Mayo charm for 9 FB$ ($0.90), or gift one for free from the game’s gift tab.

The charm makes all island tourists “super excited,” most likely because it puts an icy drink in their hand. Players can then click these drinks to earn double shells. It’s a win / win!

The Tiki de Mayo charm doesn’t have a posted expiration date, but given its very specific theme, it likely won’t be around for too long. We suggest players send a few to their Tiki Resort neighbors while they are still able.

Happy Island Mysterious Merchant Ship Spotted

Some lucky Happy Island players may have noticed a mysterious wooden ship with red sails cruising around their archipelago. It isn’t pirates – it is actually a merchant ship, offering up special deals and exclusive offers!

When we found the merchant ship it was offering up six exclusive deals. Hands-down the most exciting offer the bunch are two attractions being sold for coins that are normally only available for FB$! Players that find the merchant ship can buy the Pirate’s Den for 247,500 coins instead of $3.90, and can buy Java Revolution for 314,000 coins, instead of $2.90. Nice!

Also for sale are limited edition or other obscure items that players essentially can’t get their hands on anymore: Purple Daisies, Shangrila Road, Willy S. Balding, and a Mermaid (in a bathtub).

The game warns players that the deals will only be available until the ship sets sail, and it isn’t kidding. Our merchant ship disappeared after just a couple minutes! So keep your fingers crossed that you have enough coins on hand to buy any discounted premium items, when you spot this mysterious vessel.

Happy Island Adds Steakhouse & Bush Camp

Happy Island developer Crowdstar kept the updates coming today, adding a trio of new attractions, a handful of new decorations, and a premium mystery pinata.

The new attractions are: Bush Camp, Fish Tank, and Bill’s Steakhouse. The Bush Camp and Bill’s Steakhouse are both for sale for coins, and store 2700 and 2250 coins, respectively. The Fish Tank is for sale for 55 FB$ ($5.50), and stores 1750 coins.

The new attractions are: Expedition Jeep, Savannah Grass, Acacia Tree, and Redwood Boardwalk. Most of these items seem to match the new decorations (especially the Bush Camp) quite well. Perhaps Crowdstar intended for players to notice the synergy, as well?

Finally, a special Cinco de Mayo Pinata is also available for a limited time. The Pinata is for sale for 24 FB$ ($2.40), but is guaranteed to contain an item that normally sells for for more in the Happy Island shop. There are 15 potential mystery items in total.

Tiki Resort Adds Limited Edition Bouncy House

Tiki Resort developer Playdom added a new Bouncy House premium attraction over the weekend. It is only available in a limited quantity (only 520 are left as of this article’s publication), and it is for sale for 29 FB$ ($2.90).

So what makes this attraction so special? Well besides the fact that it’s a bouncy house (cool!), it also makes all your tourists happy when you collect from it. Pretty slick, eh? Perhaps while all the Tiki Resort adults are at the tiki bar, the kids can be in this bouncy house…