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Cafe World One Year Anniversary Event Kicks Off

Cafe World developer Zynga launched their restaurant game almost exactly one year ago. To celebrate the milestone, the company is promising a “big event full of great deals, new contests, and our most exciting Catering order ever!”

For now, the festivities are just getting under way. To kick off the celebration, Zynga is giving all player’s 1 free Cafe Cash – the game’s premium currency. To collect a freebie, all a player needs to do is click this link. No strings attached.

Thanks, Zynga!

Cafe World Introduces Grand Master Chef Statue

Cafe World developer Zynga has introduced a new premium statue: the Grand Master Chef! Once placed in a player’s restaurant, this statue allows players to master dishes three times faster for one week – an ideal bonus for those players trying to fully complete their recipe book.

There are two ways to obtain a Grand Master Chef. It can be purchased straight-up for 25 Cafe Cash, or can be constructed for free with the help of friends. To complete construction, players will need 8 each of: Magic Herbs, Secret Spices, Ancient Recipes, and Secret Scrolls. Players can get these items from their friends for free by making a Facebook wall post requesting them.

After the statue’s week long bonus is finished, players can pay 8 Cafe Cash to recharge it and get another week of 3X recipe mastery.

Cafe World Releases Japanese Decor

Cafe World developer Zynga drew inspiration from the Far East for this week’s item expansion. A variety of Japanese themed items are now for sale in Cafe World’s indoor and outdoor stores.

New items include: Japanese Table & Chair, Ocean Painting, Slide Wall Door, Karaoke Stage, Bamboo Fountain, Taiko Drum, Sumo Wrestler, and a Ninja. Perhaps not the most nuanced representation of Japanese culture around, but certainly an entertaining collection nonetheless.

The outdoor store only received a few small additions. Players can now purchase a Zen Garden and a Koi Pond for their cafe yards.

Cafe World Birthday Party Catering Event Begins

Cafe World developer Zynga has revealed the game’s first catering mission. Players have been asked to cater the birthday party of Amelia’s (the game’s pink-haired promotor) niece. Players that complete the mission quickly enough will earn an exclusive new recipe.

Catering missions appear to be somewhat similar to FarmVille Co-Op Farming mission. Players are tasked with cooking a large amount of food within a specific time limit, and can get help from their friends to ensure they finish in time. For the birthday party, players need to provide the niece’s favorite foods: Triple Berry Cheesecake, Clubhouse Sandwiches, and Bacon Cheeseburgers.

Depending on how fast a player is, they will receive 1, 2, or 3 stars for their order. More stars means more bonus Cafe Points and coins. Players that recieve at least 2 stars will also unlock the next catering order. Finally, players that earn all three stars earn a special bonus: an exclusive Birthday Cupcake recipe! The cupcakes cook in just 1 minute.

Cafe World Releases Wild West Decorations

Cafe World developer Zynga has released another collection of Wild West decorations, giving players even more options for converting their restaurant into a honky tonk saloon.

New decorations include: saloon door, saloon bar, wanted posters, and saloon wallpaper. A collection of animated patrons and staff members have also been released, including a can-can dancer, poker players, and a gunslinger.

The outdoor store also received some love. Players can purchase a saloon roof, horses, pale dirt, train tracks, and more Old West items for the exterior of their restaurant.

Cafe World Releases 80s Decor

Cafe World developer Zynga released a collection of “Totally Awesome” 1980s decorations, this week. Has it been long enough for garish neon colors and gigantic boom boxes to be cool again? Zynga is betting so.

New decorations include: Pink Neon Windows, Keytar wall hanging, Squiggles Floor tile, Giant Stereo Speaker, Aerobic Instructor, Neon Flamingos, and plenty more. Our inner nerd appreciates the collection of pixelated food, as well. Players can pick up a pixel pear, strawberry, burger, cherry, and more.

Which of these tubular additions is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know.

Cafe World Adds New Spices

Cafe World developer Zynga has finally given chefs a few new spices to work with! The Spice Rack feature launched several months ago to much fanfare, but since then it has largely been untouched. Zynga fixed that today, giving players three brand new spices.

Mastery Mint gives players+1 additional mastery when cooking a dish. 12 Hour Thyme reduces a dish’s cooking time by (you guessed it) 12 hours. Lastly, there is a mysterious Magic Spice. Zynga isn’t spilling the beans on what its effect is. If anyone has the scoop, leave a comment below and let us know!

Cafe World Adds 50s Diner Outdoor Decor

Cafe World developer Zynga is helping players put their new outdoor space to good use this week, adding a collection of 1950s diner decor. The retro items allow players to make a classic-style drive-in, among other wholesome scenes.

New decorations include: Drive-In Bay, Drive-In Sign, Ice Cream Shoppe, Rocket Red Car, Roller Waitress, Diner Sign, Neon Diner Roof, and plenty more.

There is also a new Outdoor Decor Mystery Crate, allowing players to pick up one of the new premium items a little bit cheaper, as long as they don’t mind not knowing which exact one they will get.

Cafe World Adds Large Outdoor Decorations

Cafe World developer Zynga gave players the ability to decorate the outside of their restaurants a while back. The feature is fairly robust – players can swap out their roof, outer walls, landscaping, doors and windows, and plenty more. Today Zynga gave players even more outdoor decorating options, with the release of larger, multi-tile decorations.

These decorations work essentially the same way as the previous single-tile decorations. They’re just… larger! Outdoor decorations don’t stack, so players will need to clear some yard space to make room for some of these new additions.

New outdoor decorations include a gazebo, a duck pond, a water fountain, a foot bridge, and more.

Perhaps these new, larger outdoor decorations are a sign that Zynga is contemplating giving players even more outdoor space to work with?

Cafe World Introduces Cake Designer

Cafe World developer Zynga gave players a nifty tool for celebrating birthdays, today: a cake designer! Players can access the new tool on the right side of the Cafe World game screen.

Players design their cake by choosing from a variety of options across four different categories: Frostings, Decorations, Flair, and Themes & Messages. For players that can’t make up their mind or need a little extra inspiration, there is a “Randomize” button as well.

Using these simple selectors it is easy to create cakes celebrating birthdays, graduations, weddings, or plenty of other occasions. And there are enough options that every cake should look a little different.

After you have finished your cake design, you can then choose which Facebook friends to share it with. One nice touch is that the game automatically shows you which of your friends have upcoming birthdays.