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Zynga Texas Hold’em Poker Adds New Timer

Not the most exciting piece of news in the world, but no social game detail is too small for Social Game Central. OK… in truth this was just an excuse to say something about Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker and get the game into our database. The headline is fairly self-explanatory. The timer used to look one way, and now it looks a different way. Check it:

It’s an improvement… I think? I haven’t played Facebook poker in a while. I used to be very active, but then I lost all my chips on a bad all-in call (the dude got his inside straight on the river). Keep your browser pointed to SGJ for all the latest news, tips, and tricks for Texas Hold’em Poker and other Facebook gambling games.

Up & Coming: Warstorm

Warstorm from Challenge Games (Ponzi Inc., Gridiron Live Football) is considerably more complex than most Facebook games. Fans of Farmville or Mafia Wars beware – Warstorm more closely resembles collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering (or Pokemon if you’re a younger reader) than the more easygoing games many Facebook gamers are probably familiar with.

Gamers initially have access to just a handful of cards, but as training battles are won and silver coins earned, more and more cards are added to the available pool. From that pool of cards, gamers build their deck. The options for deck building are varied, but are in the mold of other similar card games. A fast, heavy-hitting, but weak deck, a slow, defensive deck, a deck focused on magic attacks or other trickery… lots of different builds are available.

The game comes with a selection of free single player missions, and head-to-head multiplayer (complete with matchmaking). More single-player missions are available for purchase (with real money).

The game has a small but rapidly growing player base. A month ago (Dec 12th) the game had 4,700 daily players. Today, there are 38,000 daily players & growing.

Look for more Warstorm coverage soon!

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