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New Castle Age Hero: Azalia

Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age added yet another new hero this week: Azalia! Her stats:

18 Attack
16 Defense
Abilities: +X Attack to the second position of your War Council
Azalia, who is often known for her nobleness, is well respected by all mages from around the land. Her skill and knowledge of the arcane is often associated with mages who have reached the pinnacles of magic.

As with all monthly Castle Age generals, Azalia is also debuting with new equipment:

Prismatic Staff
17 Attack
14 Defense

Archmage Robes
14 Attack
12 Defense

Magicite Earrings
12 Attack
10 Defense

Castle Age Introduces Gehenna, The Fire Elemental

Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age introduced a brand new boss today: Gehenna, The Fire Elemental. Players can now send one another the new gift needed to summon him.

The fight introduces a new “Rage Meter” mechanic. The rage bar fills the more a player attacks, and boosts a player’s total damage as it increases.

Gehenna also drops a variety of new legendary loot, including Tyrant Crown, Rune of Flame, and Flame Invoker.

Castle Age Introduces Guilds

Facebook Fantasy RPG Castle Age has introduced a new way for players to band together and communicate with one another, while in-game: guilds!

To form a guild, a player must be level 50 or higher, and pay a cool 1 billion gold fee. Players can then select what icon they want to represent their guild, and invite their friends. Right now, guilds can hold a maximum of 100 Castle Age players, but it is likely that ways to increase that limit will be introduced in the future.

Castle Age Giving Away Free Favor Points

Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age announced a free fan appreciation event this week, with free Favor Points (the game’s premium currency) up for grabs.

The promotion is pretty simple. On the game’s free gifts tab, there is a new Favor Mystery Gift that players can send to their Castle Age neighbors. Once received, the gift will award the recipient a random number of Favor Points, from 20 a max of 1000. This Favor Mystery gift can only be redeemed one time per player, to prevent stockpiling free Favor Points.

What did you spend your free Favor Points on? Leave a comment and let us know!

Castle Age Releases Oblivion Chests

Facebook Fantasy RPG Castle Age released a new Oblivion Chest, today. The chest is only available for purchase to players level 100 or higher, and can only be purchased with the premium Favor Point currency.

Like all chests, the loot a player receives is random. Chest prizes are categorized as Epic, Rare, Uncommon, or Common, with the odds of receiving an item dropping as its rarity increases.

Players have the opportunity to win new, exclusive generals from this chest, including Kobo.

New Castle Age Hero: Suri

Facebook fantasy RPG Castle Age added another new premium hero to its ranks today. Players can now purchase Elven Princess Suri! This new general’s stats:

Atk: 18
Def: 16
Ability: increase Defends of players for every heroes owned

Suri’s origins are a mystery. Suri was left as a baby upon the footsteps of the Silver Light Kingdom where she was raised as one of Elizabeth Lione’s own. Elizabeth noticed Suris aura and power were very similar to that of the Demigod, Ambrosia.

As usual, three equipment equipment items specific to this general have also made their debut. They are:

Windthorn Wand: 16/14 +2 Attack to Suri
Guilded Tiara 10/10 +2 Def to Suri
Sunstone Crest 11/10 +2 Stamina

Castle Age Releases The Ivory City

Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age has introduced a new high-level quest area: The Ivory City. We aren’t a high enough level to access the content ourselves, but the announcement had this to say:

“After defeating Azriel, your only goal is to find Mephistopheles and end his reign of terror. You must travel to the heart of heaven to the Ivory City. Will you be strong enough to defeat the mighty Mephistopheles?”

Sounds pretty epic! High-level Castle Age players are currently questing through Heaven itself, so it is hard to imagine where the game could go from here. Then again, we said the same thing when players were questing through The Underworld. The development team undoubtedly has something up its sleeve.

New Castle Age Hero: Adriana

Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age released a new hero this week – Adriana: The Ageless Vampire. Adriana is only available to players level 130 and higher. Her stats:

Adriana comes from a lineage of pureblood vampires. The affairs of mankind often do pique her interest but the increasing amount of wars has drawn her and her clan of vampires into conflict.

16 Attack
18 Defense
Abilities: Minus Defense to opponent War Council

14 Attack
16 Defense
+2 Attack to Adriana (not stackable)

Death Ward
12 Attack
14 Defense
+2 Attack to Adriana (not stackable)

Skullstone Relic
10 Attack
11 Defense
+2% crit when Adriana is equipped (not stackable)

Castle Age Adds New Hero: Kataan

Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age added another high-level hero today: The fearless hunter, Kataan! Kataan is only available to players level 120 and higher. His vitals:

The fearless hunter, Kataan
Abilities: Extra Attack and Defense on level up
Although the pair of Disembowler blades that Kataan wields are quite impressive, they pale in comparison to his mighty strength and his unrivaled skill in hand-to-hand combat.

And the stats for Kataan’s equipment:

The Disembowler
17 Attack
12 Defense
+2 attack to Kataan (not stackable)
The Disembowler is a savage looking weapon that is meant to fatally wound any enemy unlucky enough to cross its path.

Tribal Crest
11 Attack
9 Defense
+1% crit when Kataan is equipped(not stackable)
The Tribal Crest a gift given to a young hunter when one passes their rite of passage. It is said to possess mystical energies that empowers it users with heightened speed and strength.

Hunters Raiments
14 Attack
11 Defense
+2 defense to Kataan (not stackable)
A Hunters raiments is designed for maximum efficiency and protection. The armor is light enough to allow its wearer full mobility in battle while protecting against light and medium attacks.

New Castle Age Hero: Barbarus

Facebook fantasy RPG Castle Age released a new premium hero this week: the war-faring chieftain, Barbarus. He is for sale for 30 Favor Points, and has the following stats / abilities:

The chief of a war-seeking tribe of warriors, Barbarus leads by example. His skill in combat is undeniable and many claim he has the strength of three men.

18 Attack
15 Defense
Abilities: Increase Power Attacks up to 3x