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Ponzi Inc. Makes Upgrades

Ponzi Inc. developer Challenge Games continues to make small, incremental upgrades to their satirical business sim on a regular basis. Today, the company announced that bugs had been squashed, the perks screen enhanced, and new activities added when visiting your friends’ businesses. Their complete note about the upgrades:


The Honch said “Bleh!” and we interpreted that to mean make some improvements to the game, that or he was complaining about his Puffer Fish sandwich. Today’s update contains some updates to the existing game along with some new content. Read more about the update below:

(New Perks Screen)
- The Perks panel has been redesigned to make it easier to browse, read and use. Icons are bigger, buttons are easier to read, and you can now filter perks.
- Some of the changes include filtering on what’s New and what you can play against friends.
- The Perks screen also has an improved inventory counter (Red circle) to make it easier to tell how many you have.

(Updated Main Screen)
- We’ve made a change to the main screen to move the list of active Perks to the right side of the screen and below Running Jobs.

(New Content)
- When you visit a friend now you might be prompted to help bust some ghosts, or chase away the spies. Visit your friend’s company and help them out!

(Fixed Issues)
- Corrected an issue where players were unable to see friends’ image in bottom bar
- Resolved a problem with the Head Hunter perk

Thanks for playing and the Honch suggests you get back to playing and using those Perks on your friends!


The Ponzi IT and rodent control department

Ponzi Inc Adds St. Patrick’s Day Perk

Satirical corporate RPG Ponzi Inc. from Challenge Games added a special “Ponzichaun” St. Patrick’s day perk, earlier today. The Ponzi Leprechaun boosts morale by 100 for two full days.

The perk costs 2 Challenge coins, or about 50 cents. This prices it right in line with the game’s other premium perks, in terms of the business boost it provides. But none of THOSE perks offer “The festive capering of this surly ‘lil scamp.” Sounds like a great way for Facebook gamers currently climbing Ponzi’s corporate ladder to get into the holiday spirit to me.

Ponzi, Inc. Adds Valentines Perk

Even the cutthroat business world isn’t immune to the charms of Valentine’s Day. Well… sort of. Ponzi, Inc. from Challenge Games announced today that they have gotten into the spirit of the holiday, in their own special way. A new Valentine’s Day Perk has been added to the game’s perk menu. I hope you didn’t think you had seen the last of of that big stomping dinosaur!

The perk, “Dino Date,” has players treating the lovable “Ponzisaurus” to a romantic evening with his sweetie pie Nessy. The perk awards +100 morale, lasts for two days, and costs two Challenge Coins. Even dinosaurs need love.

Warstorm Launches Mercenaries Expansion Pack

Facebook collectible card game Warstorm released its first expansion, entitled Mercenaries, earlier this morning. The new cards are only sold in booster-pack form, with packs sold for 5 Challenge Coins (about $1.25).

As a result of the game’s CCG format & somewhat strict monetization strategy, I don’t have any additional information to pass along on the new cards, their mechanics, stats, or artwork. I did snap this screenshot of the shopping screen however:

Now, I like Warstorm. I’m on record stating as such. But developer Challenge Games is facing a little mini-revolt on their fan page thanks to their pricing structure for these expansion packs, and I can’t say I blame the complainers. You always need to take these complaints with a certain grain of salt. Any time you charge any amount of money for anything online… there will be some complainers.

But, I do find it a little strange that Warstorm does not award 1 spacebuck (Challenge Coin) per level up, like many of the biggest games do. It already costs about $20 to buy all the add-on single player campaigns… why not throw us a little bone every time we level, to keep us coming back?

Exclusive: A Look at Ponzi Inc’s Endgame

WARNING: There be spoilers, below. If you’re currently enjoying Ponzi Inc., and don’t want to be spoiled about jobs, buildings and other end-game features, stop reading now.

I’m a big Ponzi Inc. fan. The game may be linear to the point that it is hardly a “game” at all, and yet I keep coming back. Mostly for the humor, I think. The game truly does do a great job of capturing the absurdities of office life (an employee that annoyingly uses the phrase “net-net” way too much), and just normal, every-day absurdities (inventing a de-toaster “because toast shouldn’t be a permanent decision”).

But, due to it’s linear nature, Ponzi Inc. is unique among Facebook games in that it has an actual ending. I’m sure developer Challenge Games is busy cooking up more for Ponzi players to do, but the bottom line is that if you’ve been playing the game since launch, by now you’ve most likely seen it all.

So, come with me, as I give you a tour through the end-game of Facebook’s Ponzi Inc. (all images can be clicked to view the full-size version):

The first thing you’l notice is that once you’re promoted to level 31, there are no more new jobs unlocked. It’s a little weird to see a big empty space, instead of “Two new jobs have been unlocked!”

So what are Ponzi Inc’s final two jobs? They are amusingly (and I’m sure, intentionally) at odds with one another. You will receive divine inspiration (courtesy of the stained-glass window installed in the bathroom), and you’ll also consult an advanced AI (courtesy of your insanely advanced toilet installed in same said bathroom):

As for your office itself? Let’s just say Ponzi Inc. takes the term “Satellite Office” to whole new heights:

You might be thinking to yourself “Self, what could possibly top my own satellite office? The answer should be obvious… a GOLDEN Satellite Office:

When I finally bought that golden monstrosity for a ludicrous $10 million, I figured that would be it. But no, oh no. Ponzi Inc. wasn’t done yet. This third Satellite Office might cost $20 million and resemble something a sith lord might cruise around in more than an office space… but don’t pay any attention to that. The premium version is also the best-yet, I gotta say:

So… there you have it. The nature of social Facebook gaming means that this little Ponzi Inc. ending guide will be laughably outdated in meer days, but… no worry. Once Challenge Games releases new Ponzi Inc tasks, office spaces, and rooms, I’ll be here to spoil it for all of you once again :)

Up & Coming: Warstorm

Warstorm from Challenge Games (Ponzi Inc., Gridiron Live Football) is considerably more complex than most Facebook games. Fans of Farmville or Mafia Wars beware – Warstorm more closely resembles collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering (or Pokemon if you’re a younger reader) than the more easygoing games many Facebook gamers are probably familiar with.

Gamers initially have access to just a handful of cards, but as training battles are won and silver coins earned, more and more cards are added to the available pool. From that pool of cards, gamers build their deck. The options for deck building are varied, but are in the mold of other similar card games. A fast, heavy-hitting, but weak deck, a slow, defensive deck, a deck focused on magic attacks or other trickery… lots of different builds are available.

The game comes with a selection of free single player missions, and head-to-head multiplayer (complete with matchmaking). More single-player missions are available for purchase (with real money).

The game has a small but rapidly growing player base. A month ago (Dec 12th) the game had 4,700 daily players. Today, there are 38,000 daily players & growing.

Look for more Warstorm coverage soon!

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