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Happy Island Introduces Multiple Islands

Pretty major news for the ever-growing population of Happy Island players. Developer Crowdstar announced yesterday that players can now manage up to FOUR different islands, instead of just one. This is a pretty major addition to Happy Island – the young game is essentially four times larger than it was, before this update.

My hunch is that Crowdstar introduced this change for performance reasons. My island was getting fairly crowded, and the game was beginning to run a little slowly as a result. But it also introduces a bunch of creative freedom. Players could now have one shopping island, one food island, one tiki island, etc.

This expansion makes less logical sense than it does in aquarium games – after all, it makes sense to buy multiple aquariums, but multiple islands is a different manner – but I’m not complaining. Although Happy Island is a low-stress game (no penalties for not checking in, etc.) it does become a little hard to level-up once your level gets into the teens. All the additional real estate should help significantly. Details:

- Happy Island 2 unlocks at level 15
- Happy Island 3 unlocks at level 25
- Happy Island 4 unlocks at level 35
- Players navigate between islands on the top-right of their screen (see img below)

Happy Pets Adds Nine New Gifts

All you Happy Pet owners (see what I did there?), I hope you’re feeling generous. Crowdstar continued its week of Happy Pet updates, this time with a collection of nine new gifts. The team has been busy, this week. First game engine updates (pick up and move your pet), and then two separate rounds of item additions, and now this. A complete list of the new gifts:

Teddy Bear
Gold Candleabra
Short Roman Column
Tall Roman Column
Rubber Ducky
Gold Antique Mirror
Small Barrel Cactus
Toy Plane
French Urn

A pessimist might say that this is a very random list of new gifts. But I say Crowdstar just wanted to ensure there was something for everyone. Check out the new gifts, below (click for full-size):

Happy Pets Adds New Furnishings

Crowdstar has added an eclectic mix of new furnishings to their hit pet-raising title Happy Pets. Something tells me it is the pet owners that will be excited about a green phone or a zebra couch, and not the pets themselves, however. In any case, a partial gallery of the new additions is below.

Sorry about their small size – these came straight from Crowdstar. Crowdstar, if you’re out there, please consider publishing larger glamour shots in the future :)

Stainless Steel Stove:

Green Wall Phone:

Jade Plant:

Zebra Couch:

Log Cabin Table:

Coat Rack:

Country Dining Chair:

Log Cabin Bench:

Happy Aquarium Ups Aquarium Limit

Happy Aquarium earlier today doubled the number of tanks players can have, from four to eight. Good news for all you hardcore fish fiends out there. (Alternates to “fish fiends” I considered included fish mongers, fishwives, and fish lovers).

If memory serves, eight is also the maximum number of tanks you’re allowed to have in Fishville, a competing Facebook aquarium game. Coincidence? Probably. But it’s much more fun to think about these aquarium games as being locked in epic battle. Every blow the games swap benefits us, the players.

I’m just a casual Happy Aquarium fan (I dig the little fish training minigame), but hey, DOUBLE the tank space sounds like a pretty sweet deal, to me.

Happy Pets Adds New Bowls & Beds

Crowdstar’s Happy Pets added new “ultra-comfy” beds and “classy” bowls, earlier today. Most of the items are for sale for $FB, but a couple are available for in-game coins. The items are a considerable class above what has been available up to this point. Much more stylish, and following specific themes. Example:

A partial gallery is available after the jump. I couldn’t take snapshots of all the items, because I wasn’t a high enough level to view them. Happy Pets players should Check out the additions for themselves.

One note: I took snapshots of the “cat” versions of these items, but “dog” variations also exist. Never fear, dog lovers. Crowdstar has got your back.
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Boss Your Pets Around in Happy Pets

Not the most exciting news, but no improvement to a social game is too small for us here at SocialGameCentral. Today, Happy Pets added the ability to pick up your pets and move them around the room. Complete with amusingly cute animations and expressions.

For those keeping track, Zynga’s Petville also allows players to relocate pets with amusing results. Playfish’s Pet Society does not have this function. Let the social pet game wars commence! Competition leads to more full-featured games.

Happy Aquarium Adds Seven New Giftables

I for one welcome the competition in the Social Aquarium Game category. It makes both companies work that much harder to earn our attention. Fishville is now sitting at 6.9 million daily players, and Happy Aquarium is at 6.4 million. Things are heating up! You can be sure both Crowdstar and Zynga will be rolling out updates fast & furious in order to gain new players. And SocialGameCentral will be here to run it down for you.

Case in point: Crowdstar added seven new giftables to Happy Aquarium late last week. Lace White Coral, Red Anemone, Orange Chimney Coral, Pink Tipped Anemone, Acropora Green Coral, and more.

Hit the jump for a full gallery of all seven.

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