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Happy Island Adds San Francisco Decorations

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has released a small bundle of attractions and decorations that seem to be themed after various San Francisco landmarks. Like most Crowdstar expansions, these items never actually mention the city, but as residents, we’re pretty confident that SF was the inspiration.

The new items are: Pier 35, Bay Clock Tower, Korean Flag, Rainbow Flag, Green Birch Tree, Amber Birch Tree, Harbor Seal, Bay Area Arch, and Bay Tower. Crowdstar seems to be fond of trickling out new items over a lengthy period of time, so it’s possible more San Francisco items are on the way.

These newest updates confirms our speculation that the “Crooked Street” decoration added last week is actually modeled after San Francisco’s Lombard Street.

Happy Pets Now Selling Random Cat Designs

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar seems to have devised the ultimate solution for players that want a unique cat design. A new Random Cat option has been added to the Happy Pets store!

When players click on the Random Cat store icon, the game automatically generates a unique, multi-colored cat. Players can then adopt the cat for $15 if they like the design. If players don’t like the kitten that was created, they can back out and click the random option again to see an entirely new kitten.

Some of the new random kitties can be pretty ugly – a random mish-mash of clashing colors and designs. But it didn’t take us very many tries for the random generator to create a very cute-looking purple kitten with yellow paws. Players can create kitten designs randomly as many times as they like until they uncover the perfect combination.

Happy Aquarium Releases Limited Edition Whale Shark

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced a new limited edition creature today: a Whale Shark! The developer is calling it the biggest shark released in Happy Aquarium.

It can be purchased for 50 FB$ ($5.00), or 60 Pearls. It is only available in very limited quantities, however. 4500 copies were made available earlier today, but that number has already dwindled to about 3600. So any player that wants one better scrape together the required currency while they still can.

Happy Island Adds More Medieval Items

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added another batch of Medieval fantasy themed decorations and attractions, today. Players can now purchase a cheekily-named “The Juan Ring,” among others.

Although Crowdstar continues to refer to this expansion as Medieval themed, this newest batch of goodies confirms our suspicions that it is actually a thinly-veiled Lord of the Rings-inspired item pack.

Also mixed in with these new fantasy items is a Crooked Street decoration. It reminds us more of Lombard Street than anything found in the works of Tolkien, though.

Happy Island Adds Medieval Fantasy Props

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has added a variety of props that the company described as being Medieval themed, but in our opinion Fantasy would be a much better descriptor. We aren’t convinced that walking trees and hobbit homes existed in Medieval times!

In any case, the new Lord of the Rings inspired items and attractions are: Leaf Dome, Hillside Cottage, Black Pillar, White Castle, Forest Walker, The Forest Gate, Castle Wall I, Castle Wall II, Castle Moat I, and Castle Moat II. All the new attractions are limited editions, and will be permanently unavailable after their supply dwindles to 0. The decorations are permanent additions to the Happy Island shop and will not expire.

Happy Pets Releases Pet Replicator

Cloning technology might not be practical in real life, but that hasn’t stopped Crowdstar from rolling out the feature in Happy Pets. It makes sense, considering that this is a game that allows people to keep bears, dinosaurs, unicorns, and other fantastical creatures.

The feature is pretty simple. Players can purchase a Pet Replicator for $12, and use it on any pet they own. The player will then receive an exact copy of that pet in their Gift Box. The price might be a little high, but Happy Pets is full of rare, very limited pets. This replicator is the only way to receive a copy of a pet that is no longer for sale.

Happy Aquarium Adds Magical Decorations

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar has released a small collection of magic themed props. Players can now purchase Randolph the Wizard, a Book of Spells, a Disappearing Cat, a Magical Wizard Fish, a fairy tank mate, and more.

It wouldn’t be a true Crowdstar update if it didn’t also include a few random odds and ends, though. New unthemed additions to the Happy Aquarium store include a Three-Eyed Fish, a Heart Shaped Blowfish, and animated twinkling stars.

Happy Aquarium Introduces Pearl Lotto

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced a new Pearl Lotto promotion this week, designed to get players to return to the game each day, and to provide players with a little gambling excitement as they tend to their virtual fish tanks.

Every five days, a lotto drawing takes place. If the numbers on a player’s ticket match the winning numbers, they win 1000 pearls! It’s as simple as that. Players can fill out one free ticket per day. Additional tickets can be purchased for $0.50 each.

We aren’t math whizzes, but with 50 numbers to choose from and a winning combination of just five numbers, it seems a little easier to win this lotto than one in the real world. But there are still millions of possible winning combinations, so players shouldn’t get their hopes up too high.

Happy Pets Adds Seven More Rooms

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar doesn’t mess around when it comes to giving players more space. They don’t dole our rooms and yards one at a time, and make players jump through tons of hoops to unlock access. Oh no. They just dump loads of space on players all at once.

This philosophy was on full display today, when four more indoor rooms and three more outdoor yards were released in Happy Pets. This brings the total number of indoor and outdoor spaces to an impressive 23, if you count the attic and nursery.

The new yards unlock at level 65, 75, and 85. The new rooms unlock at level 80, 90, 100, and 110. Players can also pay some Facebook Credits to unlock access early.

Happy Pets Introduces Pet Bears

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced an entirely new pet variety today: bear cubs! Perhaps not the most realistic pet to be added, but there is no denying that these bears are considerably cuter and more cuddly than the real thing would be.

So far just four bear cub varieties are available: Polar Bear, Brown Bear, Black Bear, and Psychedelic Bear. The three standard breeds are for sale for $4.80, while the more outlandish Psychedelic Bear is for sale for $6. If these new bears follow the pattern of other Happy Pets animals, we’ll be seeing many more bear variations, including unique color schemes and sizes, over the coming weeks and months.