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Happy Island Adds New Archipelago Islets

Happy Island developer Crowdstar introduced the game’s archipelago view several months ago, giving the game a whole new sense of scale, and giving players a great new way to customize their islands. Since then, updates to this archipelago mode have been sparse – Crowdstar has opted to focus most of its attention on the traditional island view instead.

Players wishing for more archipelago options are in luck, however. Two new islets are now available in the archipelago store. Players can now purchase Teardrop Isle for $5, and Neverland Isle for 6,000,000 coins. Teardrop Isle allows players to place five more attractions on their islands when purchased, and Neverland Isle allows for ten more.

The addition of Neverland Isle confirms our speculation from yesterday that the new decorations followed a loose Peter Pan theme.

Happy Pets Releases Good & Evil Pet Collection

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar released another collection of premium pets today. These six new companions follow a Good & Evil theme, with no room in between! All the new pets are either quite angelic, or downright demonic. At least in how they are styled.

The six new pets are: Sparkling Guardian Dog, Hell Hound, Sparkling Angel Cat, Raven Unicorn, Sparkling Guardian Unicorn, and Hellcat. The three “good” pets are all white and sport halos, while the three “evil” pets are red and black, with horns and red eyes.

The dogs are for sale for $6, the cats $7, and the unicorns are $8.

Happy Island Adds Princess Teepee & More

Happy Island developer Crowdstar continued adding to the game’s steady stream of decorations and attractions today by releasing another small batch of goodies, today. In all, five new items are available for budding resort managers to take advantage of.

The new items are: Boys’ Lost Fort, Princess Teepee, Blue Oak Tree, Nile River, and an Alligator. Boys’ Lost Fort (their punctuation, not ours) is a limited edition, for sale for $4.50 with about 500 copies left. The other four items are all permanent additions to the Happy Island store.

Update: It crossed our mind after initially publishing this story that the fort and the giant alligator are likely references to Peter Pan. We didn’t initially notice – usually Crowdstar’s movie references are considerably less subtle!

Happy Aquarium Adds New Coral Gifts

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar added three new corals to the game’s free gifts tab, today. Players can now gift one another Pink Spike Coral, Purple Spike Coral, and Spiral Coral.

As usual, the only way to get one of these new corals is to receive one from a friend – they are not for sale in the Happy Aquarium store. Gamers can send their fellow Happy Aquarium playing friends one free gift per day.

Happy Aquarium Continues Wedding Expansion

What started as a small batch of decorations in Happy Aquarium has slowly & steadily turned into a pretty sizable expansion. Crowdstar has continued releasing wedding themed goodies at a regular pace the last several days.

New items include: Wedding Ring, Wedding Gazebo, Love Songbirds, and a Flower Girl tank mate. All four are limited editions, and are being sold in limited quantities for FB$ and Pearls. The Wedding Ring comes inside of a clamshell, giving it a nice underwater touch.

Happy Pets Releases Shrink & Grow Elixers

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar has been selling very large and very small premium pets for a while now, but now players can shrink or grow their existing pets! New Growth Elixir and Shrink Elixir are for sale now in the Happy Pets shop.

Each Growth Elixir grows a pet by 20%, with a limit of twice the pet’s normal size. Each shrink elixir shrinks a pet by 10%, with a limit of half its normal size.

The Elixirs are a little pricy, however. The Growth Elixir is for sale for $4.80, and the Shrink Elixir is for sale for $5.00. We wonder why Crowdstar isn’t selling them for the same price?

Happy Island Releases More Island Letters

Happy Island developer Crowdstar refreshed the game’s free gifts tab today, with a new collection of decorative island letters. The letters are very large, in the style of the famous “Hollywood” sign, although each letter of course has its own island.

The newly available letters are: D, N, L, S, I, Y, P, A, and H. The only way to get one is to receive it as a gift from a fellow Happy Island friend – they can’t be purchased.

On an unrelated note, Crowdstar has also released a new attraction. The Villa Arcaia Winery is for sale for $3.50, with about 650 copies left.

Happy Island Adds Golden Rotunda and More

Happy Island developer Crowdstar seems to have a thing for solid gold decorations and attractions. The company released the latest in a long line of solid gold items today – this time a Golden Rotunda. It is for sale for $5, and is a limited edition with about 700 remaining.

The rotunda is a golden version of the normal Cozy Cabana, but honestly, wouldn’t the normal version be more practical? Then again, anyone buying something made out of solid gold probably isn’t too concerned with practicality. The purchase is probably bound to be more along the lines of Mr. Burns’ Ivory Back Scratcher.

Anyway, the company also released four new decorations: King’s Pagoda, Red Sugar Maple, Green Sugar Maple, and Basket Tree. All four are pictured below.

Happy Pets Introduces Piggy Bank Upgrades

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar gave players a new way to up their daily piggy bank bonus, today. Players can now spend a little bit of real world money ($5.60 for the first improvement) to upgrade their piggy bank. The upgrades are:

1st Upgrade: Doubles the coin reward.
2nd Upgrade: 1st Upgrade + Better Odds
3rd Upgrade: 2nd Upgrade + adds a chance to win the 3-day XP idol with every spin.

Not the best value in our opinion – we think players determined to spend some cash in Happy Pets should at least get a premium rare pet for their money.

Happy Pets Releases Mini Parrot Line

Most Happy Pet updates come in two varieties these days: pets styled and named after celebrities or famous fictional characters, or pets in very large or very small sizes. Today’s mini parrots update falls into the latter category.

Developer Crowdstar introduced seven mini parrots in total. They are all limited additions, with 450 – 1150 copies left. Besides their small size, these seven parrots are also unique for their color schemes. The seven varieties are: Blue Macaw, Amazon, Purple Amazon, African Grey, Orange Amazon, Eclectus, and Light Green.

All seven are being sold for $6.80.