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Happy Aquarium Adds More Wedding Items

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar expanded its collection of wedding themed items today in a couple of unique ways.

First up, a limited edition Wedding Gift Idol is for sale for $14.90. The idol provides players with one free premium item per day, forever! The idol offer expires at the end of the day July 26th, or until the remaining 12,500 are sold – whichever comes first.

A Groom Fish and a Bride Fish have also been added. Both are dressed up in the proper wedding attire, and are also limited editions. The Groom Fish is for sale for $1.70, and the Bride Fish is for sale for $2.10. About 12,500 copies of each are left.

Happy Island Adds Parisian Stand & More

Happy Island developer Crowdstar released more attractions and decorations in their hit resort sim this week. Three new attractions and three new decorations have been added in total.

The new attractions are: Parisian Stand, Merry-Go-Round, and Orange Grove. The Parisian Stand is for sale for $3.50, and is a limited edition with about 800 copies left. The Merry-Go-Round is for sale for 500,000 coins, and the Orange Grove is for sale for $1.00.

The three new decorations are: Olive Tree, Cable Car, and Orange Tree. The Olive Tree seems designed to match all the Greco buildings that have been released, and the Orange Tree seems designed to be a companion to the Orange Grove attraction.

Happy Island Releases Picnic Decorations

To help Happy Island players further capture the spirit of summer on their tourist islands, Crowdstar has released a variety of picnic themed decorations. The new picnic tables are available in a variety of styles, to ensure they match everyone’s islands, regardless of their theme.

The new items are: Shangri-La Picnic, Tiki Picnic Table, Greco Picnic Table, BBQ Pit, plain Picnic Table, and Picnic + Umbrella. All the new tables are for sale for 110,000 coins, and the BBQ pit is for sale for 10 FB$ ($1.00).

One suggestion is to place these tables near food stand and food truck decorations!

Happy Aquarium Adds Wedding Props

In a smart bit of knowing their audience, Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced a small collection of wedding themed props, today. Unfortunately all the additions are only available for premium currency. Perhaps Crowdstar is counting on gamers not letting a few dollars get in the way of true fish love?

Anyway, the new items are: Wedding Cake, Wedding Gazebo, and Wedding Arch. The cake and the gazebo are $1, and the arch is $0.80.

The items aren’t limited editions or limited time offers – they are permanent additions to the game’s decor store.

Happy Pets Introduces Twilight Pets

In a move that’s sure to drive girls both young and (let’s be honest) old wild, Crowdstar has introduced a set of four premium Twilight inspired pets. All four are for sale for 88 FB$ ($8.80), and are available in limited quantities. There are about 1500 left, as of now.

The two cats are Sparkling Edward and Sparkling Victoria. As their names imply, they sparkle, just like the vampires from the books. The two dogs are Huge Sam and Huge Edward. And just as their names imply, they are very oversized. We aren’t sure how their size relates to the stories, however.

In our opinion, this is a disappointing update. Sometimes, Happy Pets’ movie animals make sense. When Crowdstar released a huge black and green cat named Catzilla… we got it. But releasing a big brown dog and calling him Jacob? Just seems lazy, to us.

Happy Island Introduces ‘First Windbreaker’ Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar is developing quite a reputation for movie parody item sets. The newest example is their new “First Windbreaker” collection of elemental temples. The four buildings are a reference to the new summer movie The Last Airbender, and the cartoon of the same name.

There are four temples for sale, corresponding to each of the four elements: Fiery Shrine, Frozen Shrine, Geo Shrine, and Breezy Shrine. Each one costs 45 FB$ ($4.50). Players that purchase all four receive The First Windbreaker himself. The shrines are limited editions however, with only about 1000 of each left as of this post.

On an unrelated note, the rest of the MIA giant Tetris blocks we wrote about two days ago are now available (yes, including the long straight piece).

Happy Aquarium Adds Firefly & Pegasus

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar added a flying creature duo today. Players can now purchase a Pegasus and a Firefly for their tank.

Crowdstar emphasized in their announcement and in the creature descriptions themselves that both animals “fly.” But if a creature is moving around inside a fish tank, isn’t it really just… swimming?

In any case, the Firefly can be purchased for 1550 coins, and the Pegasus can be purchased for 55 FB$ ($5.50) or 66 Pearls.

Happy Island Adds Tetris Blocks & More

Happy Island is no stranger to odd decorations. The game has been updated with plenty of items that are an obvious fit with a vacation or island theme including beach gear and tropical topiaries, but there has also been plenty if weirdness, including a complete giant chess set.

Today’s decoration additions might be the most unusual yet, though. Players can now purchase oversized Tetris blocks to decorate their island. The full set isn’t available yet – for now just the Purple T, the red S, and the Green Z are for sale. Presumably the rest, including the coveted long straight piece, are still on the way.

Other recent additions include two kites, a BBQ Pit, an Enlightened Temple Attraction, and a Stumpy’s Sparklers attraction.

Happy Aquarium Introduces Fish in the City Line

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced a set of four “Fish in the City” parody fish, today. Each is for sale for 49 FB$ ($4.90) making the full set a little pricy. But players can always just purchase their favorite Sex in the City fish parody.

The four fish are: Melinda, Charla, Corey, and Sandra. Crowdstar smartly disabled the sex selector – all four are only available as females. The fish are limited additions, with about 3500 – 4000 copies left.

Happy Pets Adds Pandora Pets

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced a set of three “pandora pets” today, inspired by the blue cat aliens in Avatar. These animals come with a special twist, however – they can’t actually be purchased from the Happy Pets shop.

The only way to earn them is via consecutive Happy Pets logins. If a player checks in every day for 14 days they are awarded the spotted blue Pandora Pig. Log in 21 days straight, and a player earns the Pandora Ferret. If a player can manage to log in for an impressive 28 days straight, they will be awarded the Pandora Dog.

Since there’s no other way to obtain these animals, if you visit a neighbor next month and they have this dog, then you will know they are a truly dedicated Happy Pets player.