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Happy Island Adds Picture Postcard Feature

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added the ability for players to take a snapshot of their island resort earlier this week, but with a special tourist twist.

Instead of a standard snapshot feature (which is common in social games), players can turn their pictures into postcards, add a special backdrops, and include messages. These postcards can then be sent to a player’s Facebook friends. It might not be as nice as sending a postcard from a real tropical island, but it still sounds like fun to us.

Players can access the new postcard feature via the camera icon at the bottom of the game screen.

Happy Island Adds Asian Items

Happy Island developer Crowdstar is giving players the opportunity to decorate their island resorts with more Oriental flair this week, with the addition of new Asian themed attractions and decorations.

So far, there are just three new items: Emily’s Arcade, Building H.I., and Joseon Watchtower. If this Asian expansion follows recent Happy Island trends, more themed decorations and attractions will be gradually added over the next several days.

Happy Island Celebrates Pirate Week

It’s pirate week in Crowdstar’s Happy Island. This means players can now purchase a variety of swashbuckling attractions and decorations, with more being added at a regular clip.

The new attractions added so far are: Swashbuckler Shanty, Raider’s Rack, Penzance Place, and Me Treasure. All four are permanent additions to the Happy Island shop.

The two new decorations are the Royal Interceptor, and 1i Will’s Ship. Oddly, due to how Happy Island’s decoration system works, both ships must be placed on land, and can’t be placed on water.

Happy Island Adds Futuristic & Steampunk Items

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has updated the game’s shops with items both old and new. New steampunk and futuristic themed items and attractions are now for sale.

The new items are: Bio Sphere, Steamsmith, Empire River, Steam Engine, Steampunk Falls, Steampunk Turn, Island Mech, and Tiki Prime. The items are available for a mixture of coins and FB cash.

The giant mech statue might seem like something out of a futuristic sci-fi show, but it actually really exists. In Japan, a 59 foot tall mecha suit was constructed to celebrate the the 30th anniversary of the Gundam franchise.

Happy Island Adds Fashion Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar seems to know that no island resort is complete without plenty of good shopping. A variety of new fashion themed shop attractions have been added to the Happy Island store. Players can now purchase Kyle’s Jewelers, Masha’s Makeovers, Holly’s Store, Club Greg 54, and Spicy Pink Bags. Besides Spicy Pink Bags, all are limited editions and will eventually sell out.

A Cocoa Experts chocolate factory was also released, with matching chocolate decorations. Resort planners with a sweet tooth can supplement the attraction with the Choco Shrooms, Cocoa Shrooms, Choco Falls, and Choco Lake decorations.

Happy Island Adds More 1930s Items

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has been slowly and steadily adding to the game’s 1930s gangster expansion. Players now have a large collection of goombah goodies with which to decorate their island resorts.

New items include: Meatball Diner, Studio Swagger, E.S. Office, Private Detective, Genco Pawn Shop, Brick Flats, Garbage Truck, Tombstone, Canole, Coppah Car, and Gangstah Car.

Most of the items are permanent additions to the Happy Island Store, but three of the attractions (pictured below) are limited editions.

Happy Island Adds 1930s & San Francisco Items

Happy Island developer Crowdstar released what is likely to be the final handful of San Francisco themed decorations and attractions this weekend, including the ever-popular Golden Gate Bridge. A handful of 1930s mobster items have also been introduced.

The new items are: Bay Meadows, Bay Pyramid, Toll Booth Hit, Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Smuggler’s Dock, Schemer’s Landing, and The Don’s House.

The new 1930s dock and air strip aren’t accessed from the normal Happy Island store. By clicking on the dock or air strip on any island, players can pay to switch their style.

Happy Island Adds San Francisco Decorations

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has released a small bundle of attractions and decorations that seem to be themed after various San Francisco landmarks. Like most Crowdstar expansions, these items never actually mention the city, but as residents, we’re pretty confident that SF was the inspiration.

The new items are: Pier 35, Bay Clock Tower, Korean Flag, Rainbow Flag, Green Birch Tree, Amber Birch Tree, Harbor Seal, Bay Area Arch, and Bay Tower. Crowdstar seems to be fond of trickling out new items over a lengthy period of time, so it’s possible more San Francisco items are on the way.

These newest updates confirms our speculation that the “Crooked Street” decoration added last week is actually modeled after San Francisco’s Lombard Street.

Happy Island Adds More Medieval Items

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added another batch of Medieval fantasy themed decorations and attractions, today. Players can now purchase a cheekily-named “The Juan Ring,” among others.

Although Crowdstar continues to refer to this expansion as Medieval themed, this newest batch of goodies confirms our suspicions that it is actually a thinly-veiled Lord of the Rings-inspired item pack.

Also mixed in with these new fantasy items is a Crooked Street decoration. It reminds us more of Lombard Street than anything found in the works of Tolkien, though.

Happy Island Adds Medieval Fantasy Props

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has added a variety of props that the company described as being Medieval themed, but in our opinion Fantasy would be a much better descriptor. We aren’t convinced that walking trees and hobbit homes existed in Medieval times!

In any case, the new Lord of the Rings inspired items and attractions are: Leaf Dome, Hillside Cottage, Black Pillar, White Castle, Forest Walker, The Forest Gate, Castle Wall I, Castle Wall II, Castle Moat I, and Castle Moat II. All the new attractions are limited editions, and will be permanently unavailable after their supply dwindles to 0. The decorations are permanent additions to the Happy Island shop and will not expire.