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Happy Island Releases Picnic Decorations

To help Happy Island players further capture the spirit of summer on their tourist islands, Crowdstar has released a variety of picnic themed decorations. The new picnic tables are available in a variety of styles, to ensure they match everyone’s islands, regardless of their theme.

The new items are: Shangri-La Picnic, Tiki Picnic Table, Greco Picnic Table, BBQ Pit, plain Picnic Table, and Picnic + Umbrella. All the new tables are for sale for 110,000 coins, and the BBQ pit is for sale for 10 FB$ ($1.00).

One suggestion is to place these tables near food stand and food truck decorations!

Happy Island Introduces ‘First Windbreaker’ Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar is developing quite a reputation for movie parody item sets. The newest example is their new “First Windbreaker” collection of elemental temples. The four buildings are a reference to the new summer movie The Last Airbender, and the cartoon of the same name.

There are four temples for sale, corresponding to each of the four elements: Fiery Shrine, Frozen Shrine, Geo Shrine, and Breezy Shrine. Each one costs 45 FB$ ($4.50). Players that purchase all four receive The First Windbreaker himself. The shrines are limited editions however, with only about 1000 of each left as of this post.

On an unrelated note, the rest of the MIA giant Tetris blocks we wrote about two days ago are now available (yes, including the long straight piece).

Happy Island Adds Tetris Blocks & More

Happy Island is no stranger to odd decorations. The game has been updated with plenty of items that are an obvious fit with a vacation or island theme including beach gear and tropical topiaries, but there has also been plenty if weirdness, including a complete giant chess set.

Today’s decoration additions might be the most unusual yet, though. Players can now purchase oversized Tetris blocks to decorate their island. The full set isn’t available yet – for now just the Purple T, the red S, and the Green Z are for sale. Presumably the rest, including the coveted long straight piece, are still on the way.

Other recent additions include two kites, a BBQ Pit, an Enlightened Temple Attraction, and a Stumpy’s Sparklers attraction.

Happy Island Releases N.D.’s Dig Site

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has released another innovative permanent bonus. This time in the form of N. D.’s Dig Site (cute name!).

The dig site is for sale for 89 FB$ ($8.90), but like the Pot of Gold added to Happy Pets, it also awards players 1 FB$ per day for the first 14 days. So if a player checks in each day, the price is effectively reduced to 75 FB$.

At the end of the 14 day period, players are given one of three golden artifacts, modeled after the three items Indiana Jones is after in his original film trilogy – a golden chalice, a golden ark, or a golden idol. After that, the dig site continues to award 5,000 coins per day, forever.

Although the Indiana Jones theme is cute, like the Pot of Gold, the value of this offer seems a little iffy to us. A couple of free attractions will also earn a combined 5,000 coins per day forever. So players are spending $7.50 basically just to get the special golden artifact.

Happy Island Adds LE Wizarding Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar released two limited edition wizard themed attractions today. Like the rest of Crowdstar’s pop culture-inspired updates, these items never mention Harry Potter by name, but the inspiration is clear.

The Wizard School and the Wizard Field attractions are both for sale for 55 FB$ ($5.50). They strongly resemble Hogwarts Castle and a Quidditch pitch, respectively.

Both appear to be quite popular. Despite going on sale just a few hours ago, there are only 500 Wizard Schools 1100 Wizard Fields left for sale. Perhaps their success means more wizarding decorations and attractions will soon be in the works?

Happy Island Adds Summer Sports Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar is celebrating the summer season with a collection of summer sports attractions. To keep everyone’s island tourists from getting too healthy, other attractions, including a pancake restaurant, have also been added.

The new attractions are: Children’s Slide, Volleyball Net, Pharaoh’s Palace, Imperial Shrine, Tuscan Villa, Street Ballin’, and The Short Stack. Like all Happy Island attractions, these can be upgraded over time. So that basic tennis court might turn into a complex stadium, if a player has enough coins to upgrade.

Happy Island Adds Island Bank Premium Building

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has made their island sim, which was already pretty painless, even more easy to play via the new Offshore Island Bank.

The bank is a premium item, costing 99 FB$ ($9.90). But, it allows players to collect all the money bags on one island with a single click. The drawback (besides its price tag), is that only 75% of the money is collected – the other 25% is eaten up by a “banker’s fee.”

Players are free to spend their money how they like, but in our opinion this is a much weaker offering that most of Crowdstar’s premium Happy Island offers. Players can click once and only collect 75%, or click each attraction and collect 100%? Plus, it costs $10 in real money? And it only works on a single island, when most players have many? No thanks. To justify the $10 price tag, this bank should come with no collection penalty.

It should be noted that this 25% fee can be reduced by upgrading the bank. But without purchasing one (and we certainly aren’t going to), there is no way to know what that upgrading entails. If anyone has the scoop, leave a comment and fill us in.

Happy Island Adds Three More Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has three more attractions for island planners to pick up – two standard, and one premium.

The premium Russian-style Onion Domes attraction is for sale for 48 FB$ ($4.80), and is available in very limited quantities. Just 1500 are left.

The new Island Radio attraction is one of the cheapest in the game, with a price tag of just 3,500 coins. Finally, a Pumpin’ Iron workout station attraction is for sale for 30,000 coins.

Happy Island Adds New Mystery Gifts

Happy Island players have four new mysterious gifts to send to one another! Each orange and green mystery gift seems to follow a different theme, so although you might not know exactly what you are sending your friend, the gift isn’t 100% unknown.

The new gifts are: Green Thumb Mystery Gift, Cultural Charity Mystery Gift, Path of Philanthropy Mystery Gift, and a plain/generic Mystery gift. The green thumb gift is likely a plant or other type of flora. The cultural gift is probably a statue, column, or one of the other new cultural decorations. The philanthropy gift is probably money, XP, or other numerical prizes.

If you got one of these new mystery gifts, leave a comment and let us know what was inside!

Happy Island Releases Oil Spill Charity Decoration

Like its cousin Happy Pets, Crowdstar has also given Happy Island players a way to get an exclusive item, while doing some good for the ailing gulf coast region. Players can purchase a Bottlenose Dolphin Pod for 99 FB$ ($9.90), with 100% of the net proceeds donated to the National Wildlife Federation.

The dolphin pod is actually an archipelago decoration, and should do a lot to spice up a players’ island chain.

Crowdstar has not defined what is considered “net proceeds” so it is tough to know the total amount of money from each purchase that will go to charity. Facebook itself takes a 30% cut of all items sold with FB$, and our best guess is that this is what Crowdstar is referring to. With any luck (and maybe a little public pressure), Facebook will agree to donate their portion of the proceeds from these for-charity virtual items, as well.