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Happy Island Adds Cultural Decorations

Happy Island developer Crowdstar apparently decided this week that players needed to add a little class to their tourist destinations. A variety of cultural decorations have been added to the Happy Island store, along with one new attraction.

The new decorations are: Paleolithic Henge (don’t call it Stonehenge), Discus Thrower, The Thinker, and… a “Parrot Perch” pirate statue. No, the pirate statue doesn’t make sense to us either. All four are for sale for coins.

The new attraction is Mauryan Stupa. It is a limited edition, with only 6500 copies left, and is being sold for 55 FB$ ($5.50). It holds a maximum of 1900 coins.

Happy Island Adds Five Attractions

Just a few short months ago it was a rare thing for Happy Island to add new attractions. They were released infrequently, and when a new addition was made, it was nearly always just a single new item. Those days seem to be long gone, however.

Happy Island developer Crowdstar released five more new attractions, this week. Players can now purchase a Mediterranean Hostel, Marine Park, Thrift Store, Can-Can Theater, and Neighborhood Pitch. The hostel and thrift store can be purchased for coins, while the other three are for sale for FB$.

What do you think they upgrade into? Leave a comment and let us know!

Happy Island Adds Country Flags & World Cup

Happy Island developer Crowdstar is giving players the opportunity to get into the international spirit, with the release of a variety of international flags. A World Cup trophy has also been released.

The available flags are: Brazil, Australia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Serbia, Portugal, The Netherlands, Japan, Greece, Denmark, and New Zealand.

The World Cup is for sale for coins, and all the country flags are available for 15 FB$ ($1.50).

Happy Island Adds Benches, Surfboards, & More

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added a variety of new decorations to their tropical resort sim this week. Along with some surfboards and temple arches, a variety of benches matching previous item expansion themes have also been released.

The new decorations are: Ancient Temple Arch, Modern Temple Arch, Diamond Surfboard, Red Surfboard, King’s Board, Flaming Surfboard, Sunset Surfboard, Vintage Surfboard, Red Bench, Ruins Bench, Bench al Arab, Mermaid’s Rest, Tiki Bench, Greek Bench, Bench, and a Red Umbrella.

Best of all, every single one of these items are available for coins! No FB$ needed.

Happy Island Releases Persian Attractions

We at Social Game Central enjoy Happy Island quite a bit, but one of our criticisms of the game is that its updates are eclectic and unfocused. It’s more fun when a collection of new stuff all follows a central theme, instead of being a random mishmash of buildings and objects.

Because we have made this observation more than once in the past, we are going to go ahead and take credit for Crowdstar’s collection of three Persian themed attractions, added to the Happy Island shop today. You’re welcome!

Players can now purchase a Persian Fort, Gyro Stand, and Persian Market. The fort is for sale for 79 FB$ ($7.90), and the other two are both for sale for coins. All three are permanent additions to the Happy Island shop, with no expiration date or limited availability.

Happy Island Adds More Golden Decorations

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has been releasing solid gold decorations for a while now, and has even released a golden attraction, for sale for one million coins. Presumably to give those high-level players something that even their extensive island empires will have to save up for in order to purchase

More golden decorations made their debut today: the Strip of Gold airstrip, and a Golden Dock. The airstrip is for sale for 285,000 coins, and the dock is for sale for 235,000 coins. To purchase either, players must select their current dock or airstrip, and click the ‘Style’ button. This will bring up a shopping menu for just that object, allowing players to customize their dock or airstrip to their liking.

Happy Island Adds Unhatched Mystery Egg

Happy Island developer Crowdstar made another mysterious addition to their island resort sim today, in the vein of the Box of the Unknown released earlier this month. This time, the mystery is surrounding an unhatched egg.

If players come back to Happy Island each day for 7 days straight, and click the “Incubate” button after selecting their egg, at the end the egg will hatch into… well… we aren’t exactly sure! It is a mystery, after all. Players can also instantly hatch their egg by paying 199 FB$ ($19.90).

It sounds like Crowdstar listened to player criticism regarding the Box of the Unknown, and made this Mystery Egg much more player friendly. It can be moved anywhere the player prefers, and it can even be stashed! Players will just need to remove it from their stash once per day to incubate it, and then it can go right back into storage.

Do you know what’s inside this Mysterious Nest? If so leave a note in the comments below!

Happy Island Adds Three More Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has released another set of new attractions, hot on the heels of the last batch, just released a few days ago. The Happy Island team has clearly been busy lately! Especially considering that each attraction can be upgraded twice, with new, more detailed artwork.

The new attractions are: Campfire, Palm Tree Nights, and Yard Sale. In contrast to the expensive yard sale and night club (both cost over 200,000 coins), the Campfire is very cheap at just 6,400 coins. It is interesting to think back to the beginnings of everyone’s Happy Island career, when a 5,000 coin attraction seemed expensive!

Happy Island Adds More Attractions & Archipelago Props

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added another handful of new attractions this week, as well as more props allowing players to customize their archipelago.

First up is a new mini island “islet” – Island in the Clouds. Besides its unique visual style, this islet also gives players room to place 15 more attractions. It is for sale for 299 FB$ ($29.90).

The new archipelago decorations are an ice cube, and an ice drift. Both are available for coins, and seem designed to supplement the glacier decoration that was added last week.

Finally four new limited edition attractions were also released. They range in price from $6.80 to $8.90, and are available in limited quantities. The most popular of the bunch appears to be the Lion Grand – there are only 247 left. The other three new additions are: Ruins of Amun, Vintage Dinar Casino, and The Penguin Casino.

Although the aren’t labeled as being “new,” non-limited attractions Fishing Pond, Tropical Pedals, and Tanning Salon are also fairly new additions to Happy Island.

Happy Island Introduces Trash Master 3000

Happy Island developer Crowdstar gave players the opportunity to purchase a special Trash Master 3000, this week. This trash sucker looks like a giant trash can, but don’t be fooled by its mundane design. It cleans up three days worth of trash per island with a single click. Players still earn the full amount of coins and XP for the trash clearing, to boot.

The Trash Master 3000 is being sold for 99 FB$ ($9.90), and isn’t specifically labeled as a limited edition, unlike other recent Happy Island special offers. It likely won’t be offered forever, though.

Considering the small amount of coins and XP players earn for clearing trash, we aren’t sure this trash master is worth the price. But as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to give players the opportunity to buy a premium item like this, if they want to.