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Happy Island Adds Archipelago Decorations

Just as we predicted, the first set of archipelago decorations have been added to Happy Island. Players can now begin to decorate and customize their entire string of islands in the same way each individual landmass can currently be customized.

The archipelago decorations are: Channel Marker, Lost Column, Rocky Outcropping, Lost Arch, and Rocky Column. These decorations aren’t cheap, however. All but one cost north of 100,000 coins!

To access the archipelago shop, players must be on their archipelago view, by clicking the island icon in the upper righthand corner. When in the archipelago view, the normal island shop icon will change into an anchor – the symbol for the new shop. It is also here that players can buy new islands and islets for their archipelago.

Happy Island Adds ‘Box of the Unknown’

If there is one thing social game players love, it is a good mystery. Crowdstar seems to have caught on to this fact, based on the new Box of the Unknown popping up on players’ islands.

Players can find the orange crate on their first island, near the shore. It is animated, shaking back and forth, with a set of eyes peaking out. The box requires the help of six friends to open. Players can ask for help by posting a Facebook wall post, or unlock the box themselves for a whopping 599 FB$ ($59.90). So… what’s inside?

…a monkey!

Bet you weren’t expecting that, were you?

Be warned: Some players are reporting techincal difficulties with their box, and are not being awarded their primate. Open at your own risk!

Happy Island Releases Five Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has picked up its pace, releasing five new attraction plus a handful of new decorations, all within the past two days. The new attractions:

Karaoke Booth – costs 79 FB$ – Stores 2150 coins
Greek Restaurant – costs 271,000 coins – Stores 2900 coins
Coconut Bowl – costs 126,500 coins – Stores 2400 coins
Gold Mine – 142,000 coins – Stores 2500 coins
Short Track – 59 FB$ – Stores 1800 coins

17 new decorations have also been added to the Happy Island shop, including more chess pieces, a variety of country flags, another item in the LOST parody “found” item set, and lots of mining props. We have images of all these new additions below.

Happy Island Introduces Mini ‘Islets’

Happy Island developer Crowdstar made the game’s archipelago view more interesting & rewarded players wishing for more space today, with the addition of a series of new miniature ‘Islets.’

The four new mini islands are: Polar Ice Cap, Desert Oasis, Poseidon’s Retreat, and Aegean Cliffs. They are quite expensive (the cheapest is 1,000,000 coins), but they provide the fantastic bonus of allowing players more room to construct attractions. These islets allow players to construct 5 – 15 more attractions, according to their price.

These islets are sold from the brand-new Archipelago Store. It is located in the same place as the standard Happy Island store (the lower lefthand corner), but it has a different icon, and specific archipelago items for sale. Besides the standard islands and these new islets, there is also a ‘Decorations’ tab, although it is currently greyed out. It looks like players will soon be able to decorate and customize their entire chain of islands in the same way they can currently decorate each land mass!

In fact, some of this functionality is already in place. By clicking on an island from the archipelago view, players can now see stats about it, and can actually MOVE it to a new location. Neat!

Happy Island Adds Beach Gifts

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added a few new gifts to the game’s gift tab, earlier today. Players can now send one another a Yellow Spiral Umbrella, a Robber Ducky, a Pink Umbrella, and a Beach Ball.

Not the most exciting update in the world, but we like it because it actually fits with the game’s island theme. Many players have (rightly) pointed out that Happy Island has a tendency to veer off track, with attractions like a Space Rocket Launch, and decorations like chess pieces. These four additions bring the game back to its roots, and should help spice up everyone’s island beachfront.

Happy Island Mysterious Merchant Ship Spotted

Some lucky Happy Island players may have noticed a mysterious wooden ship with red sails cruising around their archipelago. It isn’t pirates – it is actually a merchant ship, offering up special deals and exclusive offers!

When we found the merchant ship it was offering up six exclusive deals. Hands-down the most exciting offer the bunch are two attractions being sold for coins that are normally only available for FB$! Players that find the merchant ship can buy the Pirate’s Den for 247,500 coins instead of $3.90, and can buy Java Revolution for 314,000 coins, instead of $2.90. Nice!

Also for sale are limited edition or other obscure items that players essentially can’t get their hands on anymore: Purple Daisies, Shangrila Road, Willy S. Balding, and a Mermaid (in a bathtub).

The game warns players that the deals will only be available until the ship sets sail, and it isn’t kidding. Our merchant ship disappeared after just a couple minutes! So keep your fingers crossed that you have enough coins on hand to buy any discounted premium items, when you spot this mysterious vessel.

Happy Island Adds Steakhouse & Bush Camp

Happy Island developer Crowdstar kept the updates coming today, adding a trio of new attractions, a handful of new decorations, and a premium mystery pinata.

The new attractions are: Bush Camp, Fish Tank, and Bill’s Steakhouse. The Bush Camp and Bill’s Steakhouse are both for sale for coins, and store 2700 and 2250 coins, respectively. The Fish Tank is for sale for 55 FB$ ($5.50), and stores 1750 coins.

The new attractions are: Expedition Jeep, Savannah Grass, Acacia Tree, and Redwood Boardwalk. Most of these items seem to match the new decorations (especially the Bush Camp) quite well. Perhaps Crowdstar intended for players to notice the synergy, as well?

Finally, a special Cinco de Mayo Pinata is also available for a limited time. The Pinata is for sale for 24 FB$ ($2.40), but is guaranteed to contain an item that normally sells for for more in the Happy Island shop. There are 15 potential mystery items in total.

Happy Island Adds LOST Parody Items

Happy Island developer Crowdstar introduced three new ‘FOUND’ items today, referencing everyone’s favorite TV Sci-Fi soap opera LOST.

The four-toed foot statue made an encore appearance, after initially being released back in February. A rusty hatch and a crashed Flight 815 have also been added. All three decorations are only for sale for FB$, so LOST fans wanting to create their own creepy island adventure will have to cough up the dough.

What themed item set should Happy Island introduce next? Gilligan’s Island? Lord of the Flies? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Island Adds Helipad & More Golden Decorations

Observant Happy Island players have probably noticed that a new helicopter has been buzzing around their islands for several days now. Now, we know why.

Late last week a new premium Landing Pad decoration was released. It is for sale for 68 FB$ ($6.80), and provides a new gameplay twist: instead of carrying normal tourists, it brings special VIPs to your island! The VIPs only visit fully-upgraded attractions, and spend four times as much money once inside. Additionally, a crowd of normal tourists follow the VIPs around, generating even more income for your attractions.

Crowdstar added a few new decorations, as well. A Mangrove Tree is now for sale for 24,000 coins, and a premium Blowhole decoration is for sale for 44 FB$. Lastly, it seems Crowdstar wasn’t finished with its Golden Series of decorations. A new Golden Fountain has also been released, and is for sale for an impressive 250,000 coins.

Happy Island Introduces Limited Edition Golden Titan

Happy Island developer Crowdstar was one of the first to introduce ultra-premium items that give players permanent in-game boost. It seems these days that not a week goes by without several of these premium enhancements being released.

The most recent example is the new Golden Titan, available in Happy Island. For sale for 139 FB$ ($13.90), it ups the Gold storage capacity of all the attractions on the island by 10%. Note that the bonus is only applied to attractions on island the Titan itself is on.

What do you think about this latest LE item? Let us know in the comments below. Our take? It’s certainly a nice bonus, but probably not incredibly helpful for players checking in on a regular basis.