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Happy Island Introduces Golden Shrine Mega Attraction

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added a new, ultra-expensive attraction, earlier today: the Golden Shrine. This attraction is for sale for an incredible 1,000,000 coins! To give you an idea of how expensive this is, consider that the second most expensive attraction, the Greenhouse, sells for 160,000 coins. That means the Golden Shrine costs six times as much. And keep in mind that the greenhouse is a new addition as well, and shattered the previous record for an attraction’s price tag.

Three ultra-expensive golden decorations have also been added: Golden Path (40,000 coins), Golden Stairs (75,000 coins), Golden Columns (100,000 coins). The price tag on these decorations might end up actually being more than the shrine itself over the long run, since players will likely need to purchase several to construct the shrine’s surroundings.

Most attractions grandiosity and price increase exponentially with each upgrade, so we’re very curious about what this Golden Shrine’s upgrades could possibly be. We also wonder where Happy Island can go from here…

Happy Island Brings Back Undersea Explorer

By popular demand, Happy Island developer Crowdstar has given players another chance to purchase the ultra-special Undersea Explorer. We wrote about this special offer the first time around, earlier this month.

The Undersea Explorer carries a hefty price tag – 199 FB$ ($19.90), but provides an equally hefty bonus. Any player that purchases one will earn 10,000 coins per day, for life. Unlike the previous offer, this time around the explorer is available in limited quantities. As of now, 12,699 are still available. Players are limited to one per island.

As we commented previously, we aren’t sure this special item makes much sense for high-level players. 10,000 coins per day is certainly a nice bonus, but most players are earning far more than that from their attractions anyway. What do you think? Is this item a good deal? Let us know in the comments.

Happy Island Adds Gifts, Attractions, & Decorations

Happy Island developer Crowdstar left not category untouched today, updating the game’s gifts tab, and both major sections of the Happy Island Shop.

The new gifts are: Blue Tiki Post, Wardrum, Echinacea flower, and a Mini Cabana.

The new decorations are: Stone Bridge, Greek Road, Chess Queen (Black), Chess Queen (White), Starfruit Tree, Wood Bridge, Stone Path, and Boardwalk.

As usual, it is the new attractions that are the real star of this update, however. The new premium “Kong’s Lair” attraction is probably one of the coolest attractions in the game. It is for sale for 66 FB$ ($6.60), and features an animated King Kong breaking through the barred wooden door. A new Greenhouse attraction is for sale for 160,000 coins, making it one of the most expensive level 1 attractions released yet. Finally, a cheaper Paperback Stand bookstore attraction was also released. It is being sold for 13,750 coins.

What do you think Kong’s Lair upgrades into? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Island’s Birthday Wishes

SGC stumbled across an innovative birthday-related Happy Island feature, earlier today. It might be something that has been around for a while, but we never noticed until now.

If you log into Happy Island on a Happy Island neighbor’s birthday, you will be given the opportunity to send them a special in-game birthday gift. Players can choose from a Happy Hibiscus, Birthday ‘Zpam,’ or a Tiki Cake. Giving them this gift generates a post on the person’s Facebook wall. They can then click on this gift to redeem their reward.

For the curious, there is no wizardry at work, here. Many Facebook users enter their birthdate into their Facebook profile, and Happy Island has access to that data.

Happy Island Introduces Lost Dolphin

Along with the new batch of attractions and decorations, Happy Island developer Crowdstar has also introduced a new lost / adoptable animal: dolphins!

Like all lost animals, players will find these dolphins at random. If found, players will be given the opportunity to post a Facebook news feed item. Happy Island neighbors that click on this news feed item will then get a dolphin of their own to keep.

Despite lost animals being a staple in Facebook games for several months, they still cause a surprisingly large amount of confusion. So just to reiterate: the player that actually finds the dolphin on their own island won’t be able to keep it. They can only give their friends a chance to get one, by making a news feed post. If you want a Happy Island dolpin of your own, you will need to keep an eye on your friends’ news feeds.

Happy Island Adds Limited Edition Attractions & Decorations

Happy Island developer Crowdstar has released a variety of additions and enhancements to their tropical title over the past couple days. New attractions, new decorations, and a revised shopping layout are just a few of the changes.

The new decorations are notable because they actually follow a tropical theme. Happy Island is one of the games that helped kick off the current craze of island-inspired Facebook hits, even though it adhered to the theme somewhat loosely. The new decorations are: Tree of Prosperity, Starfruit Tree, Wood Bridge, Stone Path, Boardwalk, Shoji Screen, Yellow Tiki Post, Red Tiki Post, Green Tiki Post, Solar Array, and Solar Panels.

The Tree of Prosperity is a limited edition item (27,566 left as of this posting). It costs 99 FB$ ($9.90), and causes visitors to spend twice as much money on a player’s islands for seven days after it is purchased.

The new attractions are: Coastal Battery, French Bistro, Space Pirate Set, and Island Grill. Like the Tree of Prosperity, the Coastal Battery is a limited edition. As of now 16,262 copies remain available.

Crowdstar has redesigned the attractions menu, as well. Attractions are now sorted into sub-categories, making it easier for players to find a specific attraction, and see all the attractions of a specific type.

What do you think about this week’s additions? Will you buy either of the limited edition items? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Island Adds Noodle Stand & Sustainable Shelter

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added two more attractions to their ever-growing island building title, earlier today: a Noodle Stand, and a Sustainable Shelter.

The Noodle Stand is available for 6400 coins, and collect 650 coins when full. The Sustainable Shelter is for sale for 55 FB$ ($5.50), and collects 2000 coins when full.

What do you think these two new attractions upgrade into? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Island Adds Chess Rooks & More

Happy Island developer Crowdstar made another small update to their tropical title, this afternoon. No new attractions were added this time around, but players do have a handful of new decorations to play around with, including more chess set pieces.

The new decorations are: Bush Lion, Pink Flower, Light Blue Flowers, Rope Cordon, Bamboo Fence, White Chess Rook, and Black Chess Rook. The pink flower is for sale for 2 FB$ ($0.20), and all the other additions are for sale for coins.

Happy Island Adds More Chess Decorations

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added a few chess pieces to the game’s Decorations Store today, with the promise that more would be added there and on the gifts tab in the days to come. A selection of unthemed decorations were also added today.

The new addition are: Pink Flower, Light Blue Flowers, Bush Lion, Rope Cordon, Bamboo Fence, Chess Rook (White) and Chess Rook (Black).

Some Happy Island players have questioned what chess pieces have to do with running a tropical island. A fair question, but in our opinion these decorations don’t make any less sense than Farmville Tigers, or Happy Aquarium Polar Bears.

Happy Island Adds More Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added another handful of new attractions to their tropical island title, earlier today. The company has a habit of quietly adding new attractions to the game and never actually announcing them. We have the scoop on those new items, plus the ones Crowdstar has decided to show off.

The new attractions are: Island Burger, Surf Shack, Popcorn for One, Khmer Temple, and Fruit Patch. The Island Burger and Surf Shack appear to be brand new, but the Popcorn for One, Khmer Temple, and Fruit Patch have been available for a few days now.

Popcorn for One is for sale for 49 FB$ ($4.90), and the other four attractions are for sale for coins. The Khmer Temple specifically is one of the more expensive Happy Island attractions, with just its first level for sale for 90,000 coins.