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Happy Pets Adds Adorable Bunny & More Decorations

Happy Pets rolled out a couple of new updates, late yesterday. The first was an adorable lost bunny. The bunny turns up randomly in players’ pet apartments, and if they find it they will have the opportunity to create a news feed item, allowing their friends to adopt the little guy.

An eclectic mix of new decorations were also added. And I do mean eclectic. A birthday cake, wine glasses, an electric guitar, a grecian bench, and a barrel are a few of the additions. Crowdstar, if you’re out there, it’s good you are updating Happy Pets so frequently, but it might be better if your updates followed a theme. Kudos to Crowdstar for making the items available for coins and not paid currency, though.

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Happy Pets Gives Coins for Downtime

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar has class. Their hit pet game experienced about 24 hours of downtime yesterday and today, and whereas most developers would just apologize and move on, Crowdstar went the extra step, apologizing with their (virtual) wallets. All players who log on to Happy Pets by Noon Saturday will receive 1,000 coins for their trouble.

Crowdstar also made sure to mention that all pets were fed during the downtime, so never fear. If all developers gave out monetary awards when their games went down, I might just keep my fingers crossed for more downime in 2010…

Happy Pets Adds Nine New Gifts

All you Happy Pet owners (see what I did there?), I hope you’re feeling generous. Crowdstar continued its week of Happy Pet updates, this time with a collection of nine new gifts. The team has been busy, this week. First game engine updates (pick up and move your pet), and then two separate rounds of item additions, and now this. A complete list of the new gifts:

Teddy Bear
Gold Candleabra
Short Roman Column
Tall Roman Column
Rubber Ducky
Gold Antique Mirror
Small Barrel Cactus
Toy Plane
French Urn

A pessimist might say that this is a very random list of new gifts. But I say Crowdstar just wanted to ensure there was something for everyone. Check out the new gifts, below (click for full-size):

Happy Pets Adds New Furnishings

Crowdstar has added an eclectic mix of new furnishings to their hit pet-raising title Happy Pets. Something tells me it is the pet owners that will be excited about a green phone or a zebra couch, and not the pets themselves, however. In any case, a partial gallery of the new additions is below.

Sorry about their small size – these came straight from Crowdstar. Crowdstar, if you’re out there, please consider publishing larger glamour shots in the future :)

Stainless Steel Stove:

Green Wall Phone:

Jade Plant:

Zebra Couch:

Log Cabin Table:

Coat Rack:

Country Dining Chair:

Log Cabin Bench:

Happy Pets Adds New Bowls & Beds

Crowdstar’s Happy Pets added new “ultra-comfy” beds and “classy” bowls, earlier today. Most of the items are for sale for $FB, but a couple are available for in-game coins. The items are a considerable class above what has been available up to this point. Much more stylish, and following specific themes. Example:

A partial gallery is available after the jump. I couldn’t take snapshots of all the items, because I wasn’t a high enough level to view them. Happy Pets players should Check out the additions for themselves.

One note: I took snapshots of the “cat” versions of these items, but “dog” variations also exist. Never fear, dog lovers. Crowdstar has got your back.
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Boss Your Pets Around in Happy Pets

Not the most exciting news, but no improvement to a social game is too small for us here at SocialGameCentral. Today, Happy Pets added the ability to pick up your pets and move them around the room. Complete with amusingly cute animations and expressions.

For those keeping track, Zynga’s Petville also allows players to relocate pets with amusing results. Playfish’s Pet Society does not have this function. Let the social pet game wars commence! Competition leads to more full-featured games.