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Happy Pets Introduces Pet Bears

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced an entirely new pet variety today: bear cubs! Perhaps not the most realistic pet to be added, but there is no denying that these bears are considerably cuter and more cuddly than the real thing would be.

So far just four bear cub varieties are available: Polar Bear, Brown Bear, Black Bear, and Psychedelic Bear. The three standard breeds are for sale for $4.80, while the more outlandish Psychedelic Bear is for sale for $6. If these new bears follow the pattern of other Happy Pets animals, we’ll be seeing many more bear variations, including unique color schemes and sizes, over the coming weeks and months.

Happy Pets Releases Many New Horses

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar added 13 premium horses to the game’s pet store today. All 13 are permanent additions, meaning there is no need to rush and purchase your favorite before supplies are exhausted. Prices range from $5 to $6.20, depending on how exotic the pet is. Having a pet unicorn or pegasus isn’t cheap!

The new pets are: Pinto Clydesdale, Amethyst Appaloosa, Psychedelic Horse, Bronze Zebra, Zebra, Cherry Horse, Orange Pinto Horse, Violet Horse, Snow Clydesdale Appaloosa, White Clydesdale Pegasus, Cotton Unicorn, Jet Black Pegasus, and Jet Black Unicorn.

Paying over $5 for one virtual pet seems a little pricy to us, but Crowdstar’s limited edition pets sell out on a regular basis, so perhaps we’re in the minority. If you pick up one of these new horses, leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Happy Pets Introduces Social Breeding

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar finally released its social breeding feature, giving players many more options for gaining unique kittens, puppies, and other baby pets.

The feature itself is pretty straightforward. When visiting a neighbor’s pet house, players can now click on any of their neighbor’s pets and select the new “breed” icon. From here, players just have to select which pet of the opposite sex they want to complete the coupling.

After paying 200 coins to send a breeding request, the process is completed. If your Happy Pets friend accepts the breeding request, both players will receive a new pet basket if the breeding is successful.

Happy Pets Introduces Red Iguana & More

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced a new line of Jumbo Albino pets, along with a new Red Iguana, today. But players can’t just purchase them from the Happy Pets shop. Instead, they need the help of their friends.

Players have a new trapped pet in their home’s main living room. If players can get all 7 locks open with 72 hours (three days), they will win one of the new pets, chosen at random. Players can have their friends help them clear the locks (one lock per friend), or pay FB$ to unlock them automatically.

In addition to the Red Iguana, the new Jumbo Albino pets are: Duck, Horse, Hamster, Pig, and Turtle.

Happy Pets Releases Good & Evil Pet Collection

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar released another collection of premium pets today. These six new companions follow a Good & Evil theme, with no room in between! All the new pets are either quite angelic, or downright demonic. At least in how they are styled.

The six new pets are: Sparkling Guardian Dog, Hell Hound, Sparkling Angel Cat, Raven Unicorn, Sparkling Guardian Unicorn, and Hellcat. The three “good” pets are all white and sport halos, while the three “evil” pets are red and black, with horns and red eyes.

The dogs are for sale for $6, the cats $7, and the unicorns are $8.

Happy Pets Releases Shrink & Grow Elixers

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar has been selling very large and very small premium pets for a while now, but now players can shrink or grow their existing pets! New Growth Elixir and Shrink Elixir are for sale now in the Happy Pets shop.

Each Growth Elixir grows a pet by 20%, with a limit of twice the pet’s normal size. Each shrink elixir shrinks a pet by 10%, with a limit of half its normal size.

The Elixirs are a little pricy, however. The Growth Elixir is for sale for $4.80, and the Shrink Elixir is for sale for $5.00. We wonder why Crowdstar isn’t selling them for the same price?

Happy Pets Introduces Piggy Bank Upgrades

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar gave players a new way to up their daily piggy bank bonus, today. Players can now spend a little bit of real world money ($5.60 for the first improvement) to upgrade their piggy bank. The upgrades are:

1st Upgrade: Doubles the coin reward.
2nd Upgrade: 1st Upgrade + Better Odds
3rd Upgrade: 2nd Upgrade + adds a chance to win the 3-day XP idol with every spin.

Not the best value in our opinion – we think players determined to spend some cash in Happy Pets should at least get a premium rare pet for their money.

Happy Pets Releases Mini Parrot Line

Most Happy Pet updates come in two varieties these days: pets styled and named after celebrities or famous fictional characters, or pets in very large or very small sizes. Today’s mini parrots update falls into the latter category.

Developer Crowdstar introduced seven mini parrots in total. They are all limited additions, with 450 – 1150 copies left. Besides their small size, these seven parrots are also unique for their color schemes. The seven varieties are: Blue Macaw, Amazon, Purple Amazon, African Grey, Orange Amazon, Eclectus, and Light Green.

All seven are being sold for $6.80.

Happy Pets Introduces Twilight Pets

In a move that’s sure to drive girls both young and (let’s be honest) old wild, Crowdstar has introduced a set of four premium Twilight inspired pets. All four are for sale for 88 FB$ ($8.80), and are available in limited quantities. There are about 1500 left, as of now.

The two cats are Sparkling Edward and Sparkling Victoria. As their names imply, they sparkle, just like the vampires from the books. The two dogs are Huge Sam and Huge Edward. And just as their names imply, they are very oversized. We aren’t sure how their size relates to the stories, however.

In our opinion, this is a disappointing update. Sometimes, Happy Pets’ movie animals make sense. When Crowdstar released a huge black and green cat named Catzilla… we got it. But releasing a big brown dog and calling him Jacob? Just seems lazy, to us.

Happy Pets Adds Pandora Pets

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced a set of three “pandora pets” today, inspired by the blue cat aliens in Avatar. These animals come with a special twist, however – they can’t actually be purchased from the Happy Pets shop.

The only way to earn them is via consecutive Happy Pets logins. If a player checks in every day for 14 days they are awarded the spotted blue Pandora Pig. Log in 21 days straight, and a player earns the Pandora Ferret. If a player can manage to log in for an impressive 28 days straight, they will be awarded the Pandora Dog.

Since there’s no other way to obtain these animals, if you visit a neighbor next month and they have this dog, then you will know they are a truly dedicated Happy Pets player.