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Happy Pets Introduces Trapped Mystery Pet

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced a new trapped pet earlier today, in a feature almost identical to the Box of the Unknown popping up in Happy Island. The trapped pet can be found in Room 1 of players’ homes. To release and adopt the trapped animal, players will need to enlist the help of seven friends, to open the seven locks. Friends can be summoned by creating a Facebook wall post.

So, what is inside this mystery pet box? Crowdstar states that it contains one of six brand new, exclusive pets, with some being much more rare than others. SGC has learned that five of the six pets are albino versions of existing animals, while the sixth (and apparently most rare) is something brand new: a mini dinosaur!

Besides this mini dino, the other five pets are:
- Albino Horse
- Albino Ferret
- Albino Parrot
- Albino Guinea Pig
- Albino Bunny

Happy Pets Unleashes Catzilla

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar seems to have perfected the art of releasing special, limited-edition pets. Usually these animals are just normal dogs or cats with a fancy or themed paint jobs. But today, Crowdstar released a cat line-up that is truly special.

Four new “Catzilla” cats are now available: Microcat, Megacat, Ultracat, and Catzilla himself. The hook is that these cats are available in special sizes. Microcat is half the size of a normal Happy Pets cat, and the other three range in size, with the largest (presumably Catzilla) clocking in at THREE TIMES the normal cat size. That’s one big pet!

Catzilla carries a equally big price tag: 198 FB$ ($19.80). The other three limited editions range in price from 88 – 158 FB$.

If this pet line-up is a success, expect to see special ultra-big & ultra-small dogs, turtles, piglets, parrots, and more hit the Happy pets shop in the coming weeks and months.

Happy Pets Releases Horses!

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar has added Horses! While this new pet variety is an exciting addition to be sure, Crowdstar seems to have sensed that horses have been eagerly anticipated by the community – players will need to jump through some pretty major hoops before they can begin raising their new horse pets.

First off, players have to purchase the new Horse Stable decoration. It can (oddly) be placed anywhere, including inside, and cost 800 coins. This part’s easy. The not-so-fun step comes next: constructing the stable.

Like constructing buildings in other social games, players must collect the required materials from their friends. Players can send one another horse stable materials via the happy pets gift tab, or a player can request a specific material via a Facebook wall post. Unlike other social games, players must gather 80 materials in total – 10 each of: Nails, Boards, Red Paint, White Paint, Horseshoes, Hay Stacks, Harnesses, and Bricks. That’s a lot of gifts!

Players that don’t want to go through all that hassle can also purchase a Horse Stable outright for 320 FB$ ($32.00).

Once the stable is finished, players are given a FREE horse as a reward, in a random color. Players can also spend coins to purchase a Coconut, Smoke, and Palomino horse, or spend FB$ to purchase a Fantasia or Cerulian Horse.

If there was any doubt left that horses are a big deal, players should note that horses have their own category in the Happy Pets store. Previously, the categories were Dogs, Cats, and Other, with all the new pet types (turtles, parrots, guinea pigs, etc.) tossed into that Other category.

Happy Pets Releases Limited Edition ‘Iron Cat’ Series

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar continued its recent kick of celebrity look-alike pets and fish today by releasing a new line of ‘Iron Cat’ pets. For those that don’t pay attention to comic books (or movies, or video games…), these new pets are themed after Marvel’s Iron Man. More accurately the upcoming Iron Man 2 film, considering the specific pets that made the cut.

‘Iron Cat’ himself is probably the highlight. He is a dark red with gold trim, just like Iron Man. Also available is a dark grey Machine Cat (modeled after War Machine), a black and red Widow Parrot (modeled after Black Widow), and a brown and black Nick Furry dog (modeled after Nick Fury). I wonder why Crowdstar couldn’t come up with a pet for Whiplash? Perhaps because he doesn’t have a distinctive color scheme.

All four pets are for sale for 88 FB$ ($8.80), and are available in limited quantities. As of now there are around 16,000 – 17,000 of each still available.

Happy Pets Adds More Rooms And Yards

The Happy Pets house just keeps getting larger and larger. In fact, for those advanced players that have unlocked, purchased, and expanded all the available rooms, the house can hardly still be considered a house at all – it is practically a mini-mansion at this point. Crowdstar announced today that two more rooms and two more yards are now available for high-level players to purchase.

- Room #7 – Unlock at level 60
- Room #8 – Unlock at level 70
- Yard #5 – Unlock at level 45
- Yard #6 – Unlock at level 55

All of these rooms can be purchased for 300 coins – no FB$ required! High-level Happy Pets players now have no less than 18 rooms at their disposal, if the special Nursery and Attic spaces are counted.

Happy Pets Adds Pet Dyes

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar added a variety of premium pet dyes to their pet-raising title, earlier today. Now players who are tired of their black lab can finally turn him pink, like they have always wanted. Yet another advantage virtual pets have over their real-world counterparts!

Available dye colors are: Blue, Red, Pink, Black, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Purple. Each dye is available for 18 FB$ ($1.80).

A few notes: First off, a dyed pet will (oddly) pass along this color trait to offspring. Additionally, these dyes will edit a pet’s primary color, but not accent colors, such as paws, eyes, or stripes. Finally, these changes are IRREVERSIBLE, short of buying another dye. So players should be sure they aren’t mixing mismatched colors!

Happy Pets Releases Famous Dogs Collection

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar got creative with their dog designs today, releasing a collection of four limited edition puppies that are designed to look like famous dogs. Each dog has limited availability – about 9000 of each were available when we last checked in. They are for sale for 78 FB$ ($7.80).

The four dogs are: The Big Red Dog, Griffin Dog, Gadget Dog, and Mystery Dog. The Big Red Dog and the Mystery Dog are pretty clearly modeled after Clifford and Scooby-Doo, respectively. Note that due to copyright reasons, Crowdstar can’t use the dogs’ real names.

The Griffin Dog and Gadget Dog are less clear, to us. The Griffin Dog is most likely modeled after Brian Griffin from Family Guy, although Brian is completely white, and not grey, like Crowdstar’s version. The Gadget Dog, however, is a mystery to us. If any readers know what pop culture reference we’re missing, let us know in the comments!

Happy Pets Releases Ferrets

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar has released another new pet variety: ferrets! As with all Happy Pets pets, these ferrets come in a variety of colors, and come complete with their own unique animations and sound effects.

A caramel ferret is available as a lost / adoptable animal. As with all adoptable animal, players will find one at random in their pet house. This will give the player the opportunity to make a Facebook news feed post. Any friend that clicks on that post can then receive a ferret of their own.

Ferret varieties available in the Happy Pets store are: Pink, Firehouse, Blueberry, Cream, Snowy, Sable, S’more, and Lemon. These ferrets are for sale for 64 FB$ ($6.40).

The addition of ferrets brings the list of Happy Pets’ exotic animals up to nine. What other animals would you like to see added? Iguanas? Or perhaps mice? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Pets Adds Washers & Dryers

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar has introduced a new line of washers and dryers into their pet-raising title. Although Happy Pets updates on a regular basis, Crowdstar seems to be more fond of adding new animals to the game, rather than new decorations. In fact, these seem to be the first new furniture additions to the game in over a month!

Three washers and dryers are available: White, Steel, and Pink. All six are for sale for 22 FB$ ($2.20).

It’s interesting to see Crowdstar’s emphasis on new pets rather than new furniture. The other two major pet games, Pet Society and Petville, both take the opposite approach.

Happy Pets Releases Limited Earth Day Pets

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar got into the Earth Day spirit this week by releasing three limited-edition Earth Day pets: a dog, a cat, and (oddly) a parrot.

There are two major ways a social game developer can make an item limited. They can release a set number of them, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Or, they can release an item for a specific amount of time, retiring it from the in-game store after a specific date.

Timing an item has been the traditional method of choice, but releasing set numbers is now increasingly en vogue.

Crowdstar has hedged their bets with these Earth Day pets and done both. They are only available until Monday, April 26. And there is also only a few thousand of each for sale. One interesting side note – if they launched with equal numbers, their current number remaining seems to indicate that the kitten is more popular than the puppy and the parrot, by a fairly healthy margin.

All three are for sale for 68 FB$ ($6.80), and have blue and green Earth-inspired coloring.