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Happy Pets Adds Letter Block Gifts

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar added a variety of new children’s toy gifts to the game’s gift tab, earlier today. New additions include a stuffed teddy bear and blue, pink, and brown sock monkeys.

26 letter blocks are also available to gift to friends – one for each letter of the alphabet. Take a tip from SGC – if you’re planning on using these letter blocks to spell something specific, like your new kitten’s name, send your neighbors a Facebook message letting them know what letters you need!

Most Facebook gamers just accept whatever gifts their friends send them. But doing that with these blocks would make it nearly impossible to get enough letters to spell something coherent.

Happy Pets Adds Pandora Jackalope Loyalty Reward

Social Game companies are always coming up with new ways to get players to return to their games, day after day. The most common and arguably best way is to simply add new content. But, other strategies have emerged, including bonuses for consecutive logins.

This is the tactic that Happy Pets developer Crowdstar is now testing out. Players that log into Happy Pets for 14 days straight will earn a free Pandora Jackalope. The horned blue bunny can also be purchased for 62 FB$ ($6.20).

SGC is all for these login bonuses. Most players play their favorite games daily anyway, so items like this are really just happy extras. 14 consecutive days is a little steep, though. Seven seems more like the magic number, to us.

Happy Pets Adds Guinea Pigs

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar added another adorable new pet variety, yesterday: Guinea Pigs! Like other pet species, the guinea pigs are available in a variety of colors, and come complete with new animations and sound effects.

Available guinea pig varieties are: Blueberry, Pink, Peach, Plum, S’More, Heather, Brick Red, Charcoal, Cream, Nougat, and Lemon. The majority of these are for sale for 54 FB$ ($5.40).

Remember, guinea pigs are not to be confused with Hamsters! The easiest way to tell them apart in-game is that hamsters are the pet inside the ball. The guinea pigs roam free.

Happy Pets Adds Special Twin Idol

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced a special, limited-addition idol in their hit pet game earlier today: the Twin Idol. Crowdstar has released limited-time idols before, but always in Happy Aquarium.

Like its name suggests, the Twin Idol ensures that any time pet breeding is successful, players will ALWAYS recieve twins. An excellent bonus to be sure, but it comes with a fairly high price tag. The idol can only be purchased for 238 FB$ ($23.80).

Happy Pets players that want one will need to act fast – the offer expires tomorrow night at midnight (Tuesday, April 13 at 11:59 PST).

Crowdstar Fan Appreciation Day Five

Crowdstar fan appreciation week continues! Today’s prizes were probably the best yet.

Happy Pets players were given a new exclusive pet: the CrowdStar Cat! It is yellow with a star on it.

Happy Island players were given an exclusive new attraction: a Crop Circle! Crowdstar has promised that this attraction won’t be seen again, so Happy Island players should be sure to collect theirs before it is retired.

As with previous days, Happy Aquarium’s free item is quite late, and has not yet been added. Yesterday’s freebie, after it finally made its way online, was a Feeder Prop.

Happy Pets Adds Loads of Fluffy Cats

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar released ten new fluffy cats (their description, not ours) earlier today. The earliest one unlocks at level 20, and the rest slowly open up from there, up to level 35.

The new fluffy cat varieties are: Black and White, Blue, Blue Striped, Gold, Gray Calico, Orange, Orange Striped, Pink, Purple, and White. We have a picture of all these new fluffy kittens below – which one is your favorite?

Crowdstar Fan Appreciation: Day Four

Crowdstar’s Fan Appreciation Week passed the midpoint today, and the free deals and specials continued.

Happy Pets players aren’t being awarded an item for day four – instead, today’s prize is double coins earned when feeding, cleaning, petting, and collecting. This syncs up nicely with yesterday’s double EXP bonus.

Today’s Happy Island freebie gave me a chuckle – it is a Volleyball with a handprint on it that should be very familiar to fans of Tom Hanks movies. Its in-game name is “Willy S. Balding,” however. Most likely to avoid any potential legal concerns.

As of now (11PM PST), the Happy Aquarium prize is still not available. All week it has consistently been released several hours later than the other two.

Happy Pets Adds Nursery Rooms

Like the attic released a few days ago, Happy Pets added another new room to player’s pet homes that has a special purpose. The new Nursery room is only for newborn pets that are still in their baby basket.

The Nursery costs 300 coins and requires a whopping 40 neighbors to unlock, unfortunately. Those players that don’t have that many Happy Pets-playing friends can also purchase the room for 20 FB$ ($2.00). The room comes with its own new wall and floor patterns.

Normal pets aren’t allowed in the nursery – babies only! There are actually quite a few rules about what is and isn’t allowed in this new space. The following has been taken from the official Happy Pets forums:

- Nursery acts like a regular room but capacity is increased
- Nursery comes with it’s own unique wallpaper and floor

- Nursery is fully customizable
- The store is functional in the Nursery, but limited. You cannot buy pets or pet accessories when you are in the Nursery.
- You cannot move already born pets into the Nursery.
- Neighbors can visit your nursery to bless your baby baskets.

- Requirements: 40 neighbors + 300 Coins OR 20 Facebook Credits to unlock the Nursery
- Nursery starts with a base of 4 Pet capacity but increases by +2 Pet capacity every 3 levels
- Babies are not allowed to “Hatch” in the Nursery (you must move baby basket to another room in the house before you can hatch it)

Gameplay Changes:
- User must now “Grow Up” a baby in order to receive
* Requires a Click on the basket when the baby has completed it’s growth cycle (instead of being automatically born when entering the game)

Crowdstar Fan Appreciation Day Three

Crowdstar Fan Appreciation Week rolled on today, with another three freebies up for grabs in the company’s three biggest games – Happy Aquarium, Happy Island, and Happy Pets.

Happy Island’s free gift is a Violet Daisies decoration. Happy Aquarium’s gift is a new fish called the CrowdStar Fish. In Happy Pets, rather than give players an item, today’s gift is double experience points. All in-game actions earn double XP until tomorrow at 2PM PST.

2PM PST tomorrow is the last chance players have to obtain the other two free items, as well. To earn these freebies, players simple have to log in to each game. In Happy Island, the “Crowdstar” icon on the right side of the screen must then be clicked.

Happy Pets Expands Pet Hotel

Happy Pets’ pet hotel pet storage system was certainly a welcome addition when it was initially released, a couple weeks ago. But some players pointed out that just four storage slots felt a little stingy. Crowdstar took major steps to address these concerns today, releasing a series of pet hotel expansions.

Like Happy Pets room expansions, expanding the size of your hotel once is a no-brainer. It costs just 50 coins and has no requirements, and doubles the amount of storage space from four to eight. The second expansion has steeper requirements. It costs 800 coins and requires 20 neighbors. Players also have the option of purchasing the expansion outright for 20 FB$ ($2).