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Crowdstar Fan Appreciation Day Two

Crowdstar Fan Appreciation Week continued today, with more free items up for grabs.

Happy Pets gave players one free Insta-Grow. As its name implies, giving insta-grow to a baby pet instantly transforms it into an adult.

Happy Island gave players a free Mossy Spring decoration.

Happy Aquarium’s free item went up much later than the other two, but is available now. An Antique Gold Vase is up for grabs.

To collect the free item, players simply have to log into the game. No jumping through hoops necessary!

Happy Pets Adds Attic Storage Space

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar added a new room to player’s pet homes, earlier today: an attic. There’s a catch, however: No pets are allowed! The attic is intended to be a storage space for those items you don’t necessarily want out in the open, but you can’t quite bring yourself to get rid of entirely. Like an attic in real life, more or less.

The attic can be purchased for 300 coins, as long as a player has 25 neighbors. If a player doesn’t meet the neighbor requirement, the attic can be purchased for 10 FB$ ($1).

Happy Pets Fan Appreciation Week Begins

Crowdstar is running a special Fan Appreciation Week promotion, starting today. Every day for the next seven days, players will receive a new free item.

Today’s Happy Pets freebie is a Love Potion! The only “catch” is that the potion is only received when a player has two pets breed with one another.

The Love Potion guarantees successful breeding between two adult pets. Truly, true love conquers all.

Happy Pets Releases Easter Pets

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar decided to celebrate Easter in their own unique way, today: by introducing a set of Easter-themed pets, of course. This should come as no surprise to Happy Pets followers – by now players should be used to outlandish pet color combinations.

There were four pets added in total. Each is only available for 12 more days, and each is for sale for 48 FB$ ($4.80). The new pets are: Chocolate Bunny, Easter Dalmatian, Easter Cat, and Easter Bunny.

The chocolate bunny is a two-toned brown rabbit. The three Easter animals are Teal, with Yellow and Pink accents.

Happy Pets Introduces Pet Trader

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar pulled the lid off its Pet Trader feature that has been in the works for a while, yesterday. The feature is pretty simple – it allows Happy Pet neighbors to trade unwanted pets with one another.

To get started, players can click the Pet Trader icon at the bottom of the game screen, next to the Pet Hotel icon. From there, players will see three tabs: Status, Find a Pet, and Give Away. The Give Away tab is where players indicate which of their pets they are willing to trade. Find a Pet shows players which pets their neighbors have put up for trade. Status (we’re assuming) shows you what stage any of your current pet trades are in.

Despite having over a dozen Happy Pets neighbors, no one had put any pets up for trade yet, so we weren’t able to test out the feature firsthand. It seems a safe bet, based on the ‘Status’ screen, that players will be able to confirm any trades before they are completed, to ensure everyone is happy with the trade and that there are no hurt feelings.

Happy Pets Adds Even More Dogs

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar is in the midst of what SGC is officially referring to as a Dogsplosion. That’s a dog explosion, for those not up on their lingo. Earlier in the week 20 new dog color combinations were added. And now 14 more new dogs are available.

Unlike the last set, these new dogs are once again drifting towards the more outlandish color combinations that the Happy Pets team is clearly so fond of. I don’t think there are very many naturally-occurring pink and blue Bubblegum Dalmatians.

The full list of new dogs: Black Mittens, Blond Poodle, Brown Labrador Retriever, Bubblegum Dalmatian, Dark Grey Dalmatian, Grey Poodle, Mocha Dalmatian, Orange Labrador, Pink Dalmatian, Rusty Poodle, Tawny Labrador, White Dalmatian, and White Poodle.

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Happy Pets Adds Pet Hotel

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced a new Happy Hotel feature, earlier this week. Players can now “store” their pets in the hotel if they want to make room for more pets in their house itself.

So, the hotel is basically just a fancy pet storage system. But it’s much more fun to imagine that you’re sending your pet off to a happy hotel, rather than simply storing them for later. The hotel initially holds up to four pets, but it seems very likely that players will be able to pay to expand this storage space in the future.

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Happy Pets Adds 20 New Dogs

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar released 20 new dogs to the Happy Pets store, earlier today. They might not be as flashy or outlandish as recent pet additions, but sometimes (probably most times) a plain German Shepherd is all a player really wants. Hound Dogs, Rottweilers, Huskies, Dobermans, and German Shepherds in a variety of color combinations have been added. The complete list:

Black & White Husky, Blonde Hound Dog, Blonde Husky, Blonde German Shepherd, Brown Doberman, Brown Rottweiler, Espresso German Shepherd, Gray Doberman, Black & White Hound Dog, Gray Rottweiler, Gray German Shepherd, Orange Mittens Dog, Orange Husky, Rusty Hound Dog, Rusty Rottweiler, Spotted Dog, Light Brown Hound Dog, White Husky, White Rottweiler.

These new dog options are unlocked across the level spectrum, and have a wide range of price points.

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Happy Pets Releases Psychedelic Animals

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar released a new series of “psychedelic” pets, earlier today. The multi-colored, tie-dyed animals certainly won’t be for everyone, but… there is no denying that there is no better way to stand out from a crowd.

The new animals are: Psychedelic Siamese Cat. Psychedelic Dalmation, Psychedelic Turtle, Psychedelic Hamster, Psychedelic Parrot, Psychedelic Duck, Psychedelic Pig, and Psychedelic Bunny.

These limited-edition animals are fairly pricy at 76 FB$ ($7.60), unfortunately. Still, my hunch is that any player that sees the extremely bright pink and yellow Psychedelic Bunny and says to themselves “That’s the pet for me!” isn’t going to let the price tag stand in their way.

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Happy Pets Increases Coin & XP Earnings

Just like sister game Happy Island, Crowdstar has increased the rate that players earn XP and coins in Happy Pets! This means players will level-up faster, and will make more money doing so. A full breakdown of the increases:

Levels 1-14: Basic Experience, Training Points, Coins
Levels 15-24: +25% Experience, Training Points, Coins
Levels 25-34: +50% Experience, Training Points, Coins
Levels 35-44: +75% Experience, Training Points, Coins
Levels 45+: +100% Experience, Training Points, Coins

These numbers refer to player actions like petting, feeding, cleaning litter boxes, etc. No bonus coins for selling furniture! So, this means that players level 45 and higher are now earning double the amount of XP, coins, and training points! Seems like a pretty good deal, to me.

An example scenario: At levels 1-14 petting your pet earns you 6 coins and 6 XP. At level 25 – 34, you will now earn 9 coins and 9 XP. At any level above 45, you will earn 12 coins and 12 XP. Nice!

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