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Happy Island Adds Picture Postcard Feature

Happy Island developer Crowdstar added the ability for players to take a snapshot of their island resort earlier this week, but with a special tourist twist.

Instead of a standard snapshot feature (which is common in social games), players can turn their pictures into postcards, add a special backdrops, and include messages. These postcards can then be sent to a player’s Facebook friends. It might not be as nice as sending a postcard from a real tropical island, but it still sounds like fun to us.

Players can access the new postcard feature via the camera icon at the bottom of the game screen.

Happy Island Adds New Island Design

Happy Island developer Crowdstar introduced a new premium island design, earlier today: Crater Lakes. Like the other two premium islands, the price tag is a little high at $15.90, but there is no grander way to set your island apart from the crowd.

Additionally, the number of available islands has been DOUBLED, from four to eight. This major change has actually been in place for a while now, but we were waiting for Crowdstar to say something before publicizing it. They have still yet to make a formal announcement, so we decided not to wait any longer.

Island Five unlocks at level 45. Six at 55, Seven at 65, and Eight at 75.

For those keeping track, there are now six total island designs, including the newly-released Crater Lakes.

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