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Island Paradise Releases Western Desert Items

Island Paradise developer Meteor Games releases a new collection of “Western Desert” items this week. Players can now turn their island farming operation into more of an Old West mining enterprise. The item set contains a few surprises, as well.

New items include: Small Rock Spires, Cow Skull, Rock Arch, Mine Cart, Mine Shaft, Apricot Tree, and… Robo-Scraps. A giant, half-buried rusty robot isn’t exactly what we think of when we hear “Western Desert” expansion, but the item certainly will provide a lot of character to the island of anyone that purchases it.

Island Paradise Introduces Jungle Mystery Crate

Island Paradise developer Meteor Games introduced a new Jungle Mystery Crate today. The crate is for sale for 450 MC, and is guaranteed to contain one of five exclusive new jungle themed decorations. The potential prizes are:

- Black Panther
- Jungle Pillar
- Ganesh Statue
- Toucan Trees
- Jungle Wall Ruins

Mystery Crates make irregular appearances in Island Paradise. Previous mystery crates have followed an Ice theme and an “Animania” theme, among others. This Jungle Mystery Crate is available for the next 22 days.

Island Paradise Introduces Structures

Island Paradise developer Meteor Games introduced a new feature today: structures! Players can find them under the decorative –> functional section of the Island Paradise store. The game has had decorative buildings for some time, but these structures are a little different. As Meteor Games put it, they are designed to give players “more of something.”

The Tiki God of Strength, for example, increases a player’s maximum tiki power by 80. The Fishing Hut gives players two additional fishing pools, and so on.

Meteor Games has promised that more structures are on the way.

Island Paradise Releases Summer Mystery Crate

Island Paradise developer Meteor Games is helping players get into the Summer spirit with a new blue mystery crate! The crate is for sale for 450 Meteor Coins ($4.50), and contains 1 of 5 exclusive Summer themed items.

Based on the silhouettes teased on the game’s fan page (pictured below), it looks like players will have a shot at a rubber ducky, an octopus, a buoy, and perhaps a tug boat, although we encourage you to draw your own conclusions about what those objects might be.

Meteor did state that at least some of the mystery items would be placeable in water.

Interview: Meteor’s Island Paradise Creative Process

In addition to our Ranch Town Interview, SGC was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask Meteor Games President and COO Donna Powell a few questions about their hit tropical farming title Island Paradise.

Powell provided insight into how Island Paradise is different from other farming titles, how players themselves have changed the course of the game, how what exciting developments are on the horizon for Meteor…

Social Game Central: Island Paradise was one of the first tropical-themed social game hits. Now there are several. Is it flattering or frustrating to see so many island titles popping up?

Donna Powell: It was definitely surprising how many island themed titles sprung up following the success of Island Paradise. I don’t think you can allow yourself to be frustrated by it, we just need to step up to the challenge and make sure that Island Paradise is the most enjoyable tropical themed game.

SGC: Island Paradise certainly releases holiday expansions and other “expected” item packs, but the game also has more innovative expansions, like the recent archeology week. How does the team decide what items to release?

DP: Meteor Games is somewhat different to most social gaming companies in that we come from a very gamer-centric background as opposed to marketing/metrics. All our production team actively play our games, in fact the whole company are gamers. We have a lot of creative folks who put forward suggestions for things they would like to see added. We also listen to player feedback and run polls on our fan pages to get a feel for what people would most like to see.

SGC: Has fan feedback ever led to Island Paradise heading in a direction Meteor Games didn’t originally plan? If so, what did the fans clamor most for?

DP: Yes, all the time. We have a fantastic team of Community Managers who are very hands on with our player base. Most notably our fans wanted the ability to have more animals and to be able to interact with their pets. Early this year we released the totally revamped animal system that provided just that. This was a significant recode, but the positive response we received was definitely worth it!

SGC: Many members of the Meteor Games team have been making games for a long time – how is making a game like Island Paradise different than working on a traditional video game?

DP: The timescale is the biggest difference. As opposed to years, a game goes from concept to launch in a matter of months. This can take a lot of getting used to, but the plus side is you see results very quickly and are able to adapt to changing market trends very rapidly.

Getting the game to launch is only the beginning. In the console game industry once you ship your product, you are really sending your baby out into the world and there isn’t much you can do to help it adapt. With social media games, that is when the real work starts. You need to listen to your players, watch for new developments in the market and constantly add new features to keep your game fresh.

SGC: Anything on the horizon that the Meteor Games team is most excited about?

DP: Yes, our next game is something that we are all very thrilled about. It is a bit of a departure from what is currently available on Facebook and is going towards a more story driven approach. Like all our games, it is a very high quality product with an amazing art style, but we will have to wait and see if it will become a hit…

SGC: Thanks for the insights Donna!

Island Paradise Adds ‘Animania’ Mystery Crate

Island Paradise developer Meteor Games released a new “Animania” Mystery Crate today. The crate is for sale for 350 MC$, and as the name suggests, contains (mostly) exclusive animals that can’t be obtained by other means. So what’s inside? We have the full list:

- Macaw
- Elephant Topiary
- Tide Pool
- Hermit Crab
- Sunning Seal

We feel a little bad for those unlucky players that get the topiary instead of something more unique like the Sunning Seal. Still, different players chase after different types of items. Did you buy any of these mystery crates? If so, did you get what you wanted? Let us know in the comments below!

Island Paradise Walks Like an Egyptian

Island Paradise from Meteor Games has been slowly releasing Egyptian-themed decorations and clothing items, the past several days. Previous Island Paradise expansions have included a Greek item pack and a Hawaiian item pack – it seems Meteor has a thing for geography!

New additions include Sandstone furniture, an Ankh, and a Golden Urn. Two limited time Meteor coin items are also available – a Cobra, and a Mummy Sarcophagus. Both are available for three more days.

Like the ridiculous Easter Bunny costume added last month, the highlight of this Egyptian expansion so far is undoubtedly the new mummy avatar outfit. What is perhaps most amusing is that the outfits can be mixed and matched. A mummy with bunny ears? Or pehaps a rabbit with a mummy head? Or a fedora? It’s all gravy.

Island Paradise Celebrates Archeology Week

Island Paradise developer Meteor Games added a small collection of archeology-inspired decoration items and avatar clothing, recently. Players can now purchase terra-cotta warriors and chicken idols for their islands. But the true highlight of this expansion is the new outfit.

Players can now dress their avatar like a certain famous treasure-hunting archeologist, whose name rhymes with “Mindy-Anna Phones.” There is even an iconic fedora up for grabs.

Are you buying any of this new gear for your Island Paradise avatar? Let us know in the comments!

Island Paradise Adds Easter Items & Animal Levels

Island Paradise developer Meteor Games seems to have a habit of releasing major game updates very casually, and today was no exception. The company released a handful of Easter items, devoting the majority of their announcement to them. Almost as an aside, Meteor Games also revealed that players can now brush and interact with their pets, earning rewards along the way.

But first, the Easter items. Two decorations, Easter Bunny Toy and Net of Baby Chicks, are available now in the Island Paradise store. But the true star of this update was the full Easter Bunny costume players can purchase for their in-game avatar, complete with rabbit nose. We can’t decide if it is cute or just creepy.

So, back to the animals – as players brush their animals and show them love, they will now level-up. Meteor Games didn’t give specifics, but did state that various rewards can be earned for players that have high-level animals. A new Makeshift Barn was released to store animals, as well.

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Island Paradise Game Cards Now Available

Island Paradise developer Meteor Games announced today that Meteor Credit gift cards (the game’s premium currency) are now on sale at Target stores nationwide. $15 game cards are confirmed to be available, but it seems likely that cards in other denominations are also being sold.

As a special bonus, Meteor Games is offering all players who purchase a Meteor Credits gift card 300 BONUS credits when they redeem it!

The Meteor Credits gift card also be used to purchase currency in the company’s other game, Little Rock Pool.