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Final Mafia Wars: Bangkok Episodes Now Live

Similar to Mafia Wars: Moscow, Zynga released Bangkok, the mobster RPG’s new city, in stages. When it was initially sent live over a week ago, only the first two episodes were available for players to tackle. But late yesterday the switch was flipped on the rest of the Bangkok content.

The biggest new addition is undoubtedly the final four episodes being made available. Interestingly, instead of the final two episodes being Episode 5 and episode 6, they are instead listed as episode 5A and episode 5B. It seems a reasonable guess that earning a high-level of trust with either the Yakuza or the Triad unlocks one of these two episodes. It will be a little while before I can confirm this, however. I’m still working my way through episode 3: Pirate.

Also added in this update was Player vs. Player combat. So if you’re like me and don’t put many upgrade points into your fighting stats, better start banking your Baht now, before other players steal it all.

Finally, a handful of Bangkok-specific achievements were added. There aren’t many – just four that I could see. Gaining allied status with the Yakuza, gaining allied status with the triads, gaining allied status with both factions simultaneously, and finally completing episodes 5A and 5B.

How far are you in Bangkok? How do you think it stacks up to other Mafia Wars cities?

Mafia Wars Bangkok Vehicles Guide

Mafia Wars: Bangkok is here! And with it came a new batch of items to purchase. We have the low-down on all the new vehicles available. Note that since Bangkok uses a new level-scaling system, you might see stats different than these. These stats are only for players level 200 and higher:

Tuk Tuk 8 Attack 10 Defense

Moped 10 Attack 7 Defense

Long Boat 7 Attack 12 Defense

Thai Compact 13 Attack 9 Defense

Japanese Sedan 10 Attack 14 Defense

Junk 12 Attack 12 Defense

(Click for full size)

Mafia Wars Bangkok Armor Guide

Mafia Wars: Bangkok is here! And with it came a new batch of items to purchase. We have the low-down on all the new armor available. Note that since Bangkok uses a new level-scaling system, you might see stats different than these. These stats are only for players level 200 and higher:

Silk Shirt 5 Attack 9 Defense

Wrist Wrap 8 Attack 6 Defense

Khen Shield 7 Attack 11 Defense

Royal Thai Army Helmet 9 Attack 13 Defense

Tabi 16 Attack 12 Defense

Kowloon Police Uniform 15 Attack 10 Defense

(Click for full-size)

Mafia Wars Bangkok Weapons Guide

Mafia Wars: Bangkok is here! And with it came a new batch of items to purchase. We have the low-down on all the new weaponry available. Note that since Bangkok uses a new level-scaling system, you might see stats different than these. These stats are only for players level 200 and higher:

Chinese Army Knife 9 Attack 15 Defense

Chinese Army Pistol 14 Attack 10 Defense

Thai Sword 15 Attack 11 Defense

Bullhook 12 Attack 16 Defense

Bo Staff 10 Attack 18 Defense

Chinese Army Assault Rifle 17 Attack 12 Defense

Yakuza Only
Raion Assault Rifle 41 Attack 20 Defense
B$127,000 Faction Standing Needed: Neutral

Yakuza Assassin 50 Attack 26 Defense
B$480,000 Faction Standing Needed: Allied

Fugama Hasu 46 Attack 23 Defense
B$240,200 Faction Standing Needed: Honored

Triad Only
Cheng-Wei X94 Machine Gun 25 Attack 45 Defense
B$280,000 Faction Standing Needed: Neutral

Shaolin Bodyguard 27 Attack 51 Defense
B$470,000 Faction Standing Needed: Allied

PLA Armored Car 21 Attack 40 Defense
B$126,000 Faction Standing Needed: Honored

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Exclusive: Mafia Wars: Bangkok has Four Mission Mastery Levels?

Although I did (finally!) get my Mafia Wars: Bangkok access, I’m still too early to confirm this. But, based on a Facebook ad Mafia Wars developer Zynga has been running, it looks like Bangkok has four mission mastery levels, instead of three:

Up until now Mafia Wars missions have only had Bronze, Silver, and Gold mastery. Is Bangkok adding Platinum? Or is this simply an error? Very interesting! I wonder if Zynga would ever go back and add Platinum mastery to New York, Cuba, and Moscow to keep players busy…

New Details on Mafia Wars: Bangkok

Zynga released new details on Mafia Wars: Bangkok earlier today. The most interesting revelation is that Bangkok uses a new level-scaling technology to make the expansion more accessible. Bangkok is available to players beginning at level 18, but those that travel there so quickly will find it takes less energy and generates less rewards than players at higher levels. At level 200 missions will have much higher requirements, but also much higher payouts.

Zynga also gave many new details on the Yakuza / Triad system – it is a much more in-depth choice than Vory / Mafiya was in Moscow. Which faction you choose impacts what businesses you have access to, can open or close access to faction-specific items, and more.

Zynga’s entire note is below. I have bolded the elements that I feel are of the most interest:

Mafia Wars is proud to unleash its newest city – Bangkok, a city overrun by crime and chaos as two gangs struggle for dominance over turf. Get ready – you’ll finally get the opportunity to continue expanding your Mafia Empire. Do a brand new set of jobs, take over more businesses, battle with a new set of bosses, and earn even more achievements!

First, choose which side you’ll be loyal to – the Yakuza or the Triads. While the Yakuza place value in a good offense and in increasing their attack power, the Triads focus on strengthening their defenses to ward off attacks. Each faction has its own unique weapons and businesses to offer in exchange for your loyalty, and that allegiance will affect the rest of your game play. As you do certain jobs and fight against members of your rival faction, you’ll climb the ranks and earn respect within your own faction. Earning enough loyalty grants you access to special items at the Faction Store that are exclusive to that side.

In Bangkok, how you choose to spend your energy has never been more important. Be careful how you choose to play – siding entirely with one faction is sure to anger the other. As you use your energy in jobs and fights to increase your street credit with one side, your reputation will decrease with the other side. If your reputation drops below a certain level with a faction, they’ll cut off your access to their select items, so get a game plan and play wisely!

One of the ways we’ve made Bangkok unique from our other expansions is to make it more accessible to newer players. As long as you are level 18 and above and have collected the Yakuza Sake, Triad Coin, and Thai Note found in the New York jobs, you can travel to Bangkok once you have obtained your Passport. For players between levels 18 and 200, we’ve created a sliding scale for energy costs and experience payouts for jobs. This means that lower-level players can complete new jobs and advance through Bangkok’s episodes, as jobs will require less energy to complete but have correspondingly lowered experience rewards. Players who are above level 200 will not be affected by this sliding scale.

We hope everyone will enjoy this latest addition to Mafia Wars. Stay tuned for the release and try to grab your Thai passport to start your crime spree!

Mafia Wars: Bangkok Beta Begins

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Zynga finally launched the Mafia Wars: Bangkok beta! But before you rejoice… there is a catch. Only a limited number of Mafia Wars players were given access. The rest of us (myself included, sadly) have to wait. But don’t give up hope yet! Zynga has given all members with Bangkok Beta access three invites of their own to hand out. So if you really, REALLY want in, your best bet is to spam all your Mafia Wars-playing friends hoping one of them has access, and has a remaining invitation.

Will you be prepared for Bangkok when it does go live? Remember that there are three items that must be obtained in New York, before Bangkok will be unlocked. Which faction will you side with? I’m leaning towards the Triads…

Zynga also gave a preview of some of Mafia Wars: Bangkok’s top-notch artwork. Just as Moscow’s color palette was red, Bangkok is giving off a definite purple vibe:

What’s Inside the Mafia Wars: Bangkok Crates?

Mafia Wars added a new Bangkok mystery crate late last night, announcing at the same time that the Mafia Wars: Bangkok beta would be rolled out to a small group of lucky players later this week. The crate is for sale for 12 reward points (about $3), and contains 1 of 8 limited edition Bangkok items. Players have a 60% chance of receiving a common item, 20% chance at uncommon, and a 10% chance of a rare item. So… what’s inside? Let’s take a look:

(Click for full size)

Starting at the top middle we have a Daisho Sword, a Fugama Kondoru motorcycle, a Hung Chu Enforcer, Lloyd’s Archangel, a Spitting Cobra, a Sumotori Fighter, a Titanium Keris Knife, and a set of Yin Yang pistols.

I spent 12 hard-earned Reward Points myself, but only received a common item (the knife). It still has pretty nice stats on it, though:

Mafia Wars Adds Royal White Elephant

Mafia Wars added a new item to further tease the upcoming launch of its Bangkok expansion: A Royal White Elephant. Available for 25 Reward Points (about $6), this elephant does more than just look cool. Like other paid Mafia Wars items, the stats on this big guy are pretty nice as well: 34 Attack and 48 Defense. The elephant is only available for another 30 hours however, so if you want one, better act fast.

Is the 30-hour countdown telling us more than how long this item will be available? Maybe Bangkok is finally coming soon? There have been some other hints that something will be going down Thursday night at midnight… but maybe I’m reading too much into things.

Mafia Wars Gives Free Reward Points

In anticipation of the imminent Mafia Wars: Bangkok expansion (and probably to get some inactive players to come back), Zynga is giving all players 5 free reward points, just for clicking a link. If my math is correct, this adds up to about $1 in free in-game currency. But hey, free is good, right?

To receive your free reward points, simply click Right Here. This is yet another hint that the expansion will be dropping any time now (along with the FB ads and the beta announcement). Once Bangkok does launch, keep your browser pointed to SGC for all the latest.