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First Look: Me to You: My Place

Me to You: My Place from Sharkius Games is one part Treasure Isle, and one part Tamagotchi, with a dash of FarmVille tossed in for good measure. That entire package is then wrapped up in one very cute and cuddly package.

The game stars Tatty Teddy, a character from My Blue Nose Friends. Gameplay starts off familiar enough. Players are sent out to dig up maps, one square at a time. A square can contain coins, treasures, food, or other goodies. But before long, players will come across a cute animal, and it is here that Me to You distinguishes itself.

These animals live back at a player’s home base, and need to be cared for by the player to build up their Friendship meter. Bathing an animal raises its hygiene, and feeding it fills its hunger meter. Once those essentials are taken care of, players can continue to click on an animal to do things like tell a joke, play a game, or read a story. These activities raise an animal’s social, fun, and friendship meters, but lower energy, hunger, and hygiene.

It’s an interesting twist on a familiar formula, and gives the game a nice flow. Once players have fully drained a pet’s energy, it needs to sleep to recover it. Those periods of “downtime” are good opportunities to go dig up more treasures, or spend some coins redecorating your space.

A light farming element is also present, where players can use a few pre-set farm plots to grow more food for their pet.

The game’s sugary sweet music, teddy bear protagonist, and stuffed animal virtual pets will probably turn off adult gamers, but it makes Me to You: My Place a great choice for the younger set.