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Ranch Town Adds Sprawling Estate Expansion

Ranch Town developer Meteor Games gave farmers the opportunity to further expand their plot of land today, but the expansion comes with quite the hefty price tag. The new Sprawling Estate expansion can be purchased for either 650 MC$, or a whopping 170,000 coins.

The new expansion gives players a total farming space of 27×16. All previous expansions must be purchased before it is unlocked.

Ranch Town Adds Tortilla Press

Ranch Town developer Meteor Games introduced a new machine today: a Tortilla Press! Players now have yet another option for what to do with the flour and corn they harvest.

The Tortilla Press is the highest level machine in the game, with players gaining access at level 26. It is also the most expensive, with a price tag of 15,000 coins.

Ranch Town Adds New Prairie Space

Ranch Town developer Meteor Games gave players a large plot of new ranch space today, but it can’t be used for farming. Instead, this new green “prairie” space is just used for decorations. It comes with one run down shack, but players will need to supply the other ranch decorations themselves. Our guess is the shack will soon be upgradeable into a proper ranch home.

Players can also purchase a new Fertile Pasture to increase their total amount of farmable land as well. The expansion costs 100,000 coins, and increases the total farm space to 23×16.

Island Paradise Releases Western Desert Items

Island Paradise developer Meteor Games releases a new collection of “Western Desert” items this week. Players can now turn their island farming operation into more of an Old West mining enterprise. The item set contains a few surprises, as well.

New items include: Small Rock Spires, Cow Skull, Rock Arch, Mine Cart, Mine Shaft, Apricot Tree, and… Robo-Scraps. A giant, half-buried rusty robot isn’t exactly what we think of when we hear “Western Desert” expansion, but the item certainly will provide a lot of character to the island of anyone that purchases it.

Ranch Town Adds Cheese Maker

Ranch Town developer Meteor Games released a new machine today, but it is only available for premium Meteor Coins. Players can now purchase a Cheese Maker for 500 MC$.

As its name implies, the Cheese Maker transforms milk into cheese. Production time is only 30 seconds, and the profit margin is significant. Each unit of cheese can be sold for 30 coins. This is double the 15 coins milk can be sold for, and 6X the value of alfalfa, which players must purchase to start the production cycle. Not bad!

Island Paradise Introduces Jungle Mystery Crate

Island Paradise developer Meteor Games introduced a new Jungle Mystery Crate today. The crate is for sale for 450 MC, and is guaranteed to contain one of five exclusive new jungle themed decorations. The potential prizes are:

- Black Panther
- Jungle Pillar
- Ganesh Statue
- Toucan Trees
- Jungle Wall Ruins

Mystery Crates make irregular appearances in Island Paradise. Previous mystery crates have followed an Ice theme and an “Animania” theme, among others. This Jungle Mystery Crate is available for the next 22 days.

Ranch Town Adds Storage Shed

Ranch Town from Meteor Games includes lots of features not present in most other Facebook farming titles, including mining, fishing, and a complex crafting system. One feature that has been noticeably absent, however, is a storage system. today Meteor Games fixed this, with the release of a new storage shed structure.

To begin constructing a storage shed, players first need to buy the frame for 18,000 coins from the store. After placing the frame on their farm, players will then need to collect the rest of the construction materials to complete assembly. Ten parts are needed in total. The parts can be found at random when visiting neighbor ranches.

Once constructed, the shed holds not just decorations, but also unwanted machines.

Island Paradise Introduces Structures

Island Paradise developer Meteor Games introduced a new feature today: structures! Players can find them under the decorative –> functional section of the Island Paradise store. The game has had decorative buildings for some time, but these structures are a little different. As Meteor Games put it, they are designed to give players “more of something.”

The Tiki God of Strength, for example, increases a player’s maximum tiki power by 80. The Fishing Hut gives players two additional fishing pools, and so on.

Meteor Games has promised that more structures are on the way.

Ranch Town Releases Outhouse

In a small but quite important (from your farmer’s point of view!) update, Ranch Town developer Meteor Games has released a new outhouse decoration. It is for sale now for 1800 coins in the decoration section of the Ranch Town store.

In our opinion, Ranch Town needs something more than the occasional new decoration to jolt it back to life. The game launched very strong and quickly became one of our favorites. At first new machines and features were introduced at a healthy clip. But lately, things have slowed down considerably. It’s almost as if the game has gone into hibernation.

Hopefully features like more fishing and mining equipment (and locations!) are on the way, along with new types of crops and recipes to go with them. A proper pioneer town players could explore and buy/sell items would also be welcome.

Ranch Town Introduces Pie Maker

Ranch Town developer Meteor games introduced the first new machine since the Jam Maker, released several weeks ago: a Pie Maker! It is for sale for 8,000 coins, but only for players level 20 or higher.

As its name suggests, players use the Pie Maker to craft pies. Available pie varieties include apple and strawberry. A Ranch Town Pie Maker has been hinted at as far back as mid-April.