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Millionaire City’s Advent Calendar Giveaway

Millionaire City developer Digital Chocolate is getting into the holiday spirit for the whole month of December. Every day this month, the company is running a contest on the official Millionaire City forums. To enter, players simply have to complete each day’s Advent activity. Millionaire City community manager Ronald Goldtooth (not his real name?) then picks one winner, and awards them some free Gold Bars.

For example, yesterday’s task was to take a Christmas picture. The day before that, players were asked to create a 10×10 winter district inside their city.

This contest is taking place on the game’s official competitions message board.

Millionaire City Announces Mission Design Competition

Millionaire City developer Digital Chocolate is giving players the opportunity to put on their game designer hat, with a new mission design competition. The contest is taking place on the official Millionaire City forums.

The contest itself is pretty simple. Digitical Chocolate is looking to add one or more new missions to the game, and has asked fans to suggest what it should be. The winning suggestion(s) will receive 25 Gold Bars, the game’s premium currency.

The competition is already quite fierce, with over 200 people suggesting new mission ideas.

Right now there is no scheduled end date to submit a mission idea, but with so many already submitted, players shouldn’t wait to participate.

Millionaire City Updated

We like Digital Chocolate’s Millionaire City because it doesn’t beat around the bush. There is no language about building a happy neighborhood or try to delight players with flowers and parks. No, Millionaire City is all about making cold, hard cash. And that’s something we can respect – at least in video game form.

Anyway, a Millionaire City update was rolled out this week that included lots of bug fixes and other enhancements. Some bits of new content were also introduced:

- Two new buildings: Futuristic Building and Super Skyscraper
- Five new missions including Help Friends VI and Pimp the Colonial.
- A new premium Rent Collector tool for players that don’t want to click all their houses one by one.

Millionaire City Holding ‘Best City’ Contest

Up-and-Coming city building title Millionaire City from Digital Chocolate is running a contest to find the best cities out there. Out of an initial pool of many, many applicants, the field has been narrowed to 10. Players can visit the Official Millionaire City Forum to view the entries, and vote for their favorite.

Right now community member Zordan has a commanding lead. We’ve included his city below. To view the other leading cities, click the link above. The winning entry will walk away with 25 Gold Bars – the game’s premium currency.