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Up & Coming: Ninja Warz

By: Cody Musser

The first thing anyone will most likely notice playing Ninja Warz, from Broken Bulb Studios, is how charming this game is. The characters are cute and the zany weapons will keep most people laughing while they level up for at least a bit, but is there enough else going on to make the game worthwhile?

Ninja Warz is a classic combat-style game in which players create their character from one of three clans of ninja and level their fighter to take on all comers. The clan differences add some variety, but your ninja is still going to look like one out of only six-or-so total character designs. This becomes pretty obvious when you advance past having a single ninja and purchase additional fighters for your clan. You can fight with a whole group of ninja, but they all simply add to one total health bar to make things a bit easier to follow.

To progress in Ninja Warz you’ll spend Karma in the dojo making your fighters stronger and gold in the weapon and relic shops nabbing better gear. This system is just like that present in many similar games, with the option available to purchase (with real people money, of course) extra Karma should you choose to. If not, you’ll receive more from leveling up (not your individual fighters, but your overall profile), obtaining achievements (of which there are a ton) or occasionally visiting the Daimyo, a ninja god who will bestow upon you a bonus of either gold or Karma.

Outside of that, the game offers a Hospital to quickly heal your characters to save time at the cost of gold, a Fighting Blimp where you’ll have all of your regular battles, and a Tournament in which rare weapons can be obtained by winning a few fights in a row. Tournaments can either be categorized “same level” or “open,” but this was confusing, as fighters of multiple levels seemed present regardless of the choice.

The majority of your time in Ninja Warz will come from fighting your many enemies and allies. You can fight your Facebook friends who play Ninja Warz at any time, or fight enemies of a similar level. The option to fight weaker and stronger foes, as well as the always present NPC clans was a huge boon for enjoying our time spent in Ninja Warz. It allows you to progress at your pace, and make the experience as easy or difficult as you want.

Facebook friends don’t only appear as your allies in the fighting arena, but are always present on a bottom scrollbar where you’re given the opportunity to assist them for gold and experience bonuses. This assistance comes in the form of mini-games, but the variety is limited and you’ll quickly wear out their novelty. Begrudgingly you’ll keep doing them however, as they’re the best bet for the quick sums of mass experience and loot you’ll be craving. Outside of that, you can send your friends items and relics you unlock as gifts, hoping they do the same for you.

That’s really it for Nina Warz, and if you can’t find enjoyment in performing some of these tasks over and over, it might be a hard game to stick with for long. If something is going to help you make that choice, it will undoubtedly be the clever and charming additions made throughout the game here and there. The weapons, for one, are awesome. It starts with a stick, sure, but then quickly turns into traditional ninja gear, then to non-traditional ninja gear that looks more dangerous than anything you’ve ever seen, and finally it finishes comfortably with outlandish items like fried shrimp, wrenches, drills and more.

The game also has some charming boss encounters that will creep up walking around your floating island from time to time, but we wish they happenened more often. Ninja Warz will be fun for most new players, who will laugh at the gags. Hopefully Broken Bulb is dreaming up ways to add more variation and depth to the experience, to keep Ninja Wars compelling long term. The game’s climbing the charts though, with over 1,400,000 monthly users, so maybe a ninja beating a ninja with fried shrimp is enough for anyone.

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Ninja Warz Adds New Gifts & Relics

The cutest ninja battling game on Facebook released a small update today, adding new giftable relics, and new purchasable relics. For those not in the know, relics are super-powerful equip-able items that effect the stats and performance of your entire ninja team. For example, my Taurus Plate gives all my Ninjas +10% health and +3% attack speed.

Developer Broken Bulb Studios unfortunately didn’t specify which relics were new and which were previously available, so I don’t have images or stats of the new additions. Maybe a more knowledgeable ninja than me can leave some observations in the comments?

As for Ninja Warz itself, I dig it. I knew I liked the game when I looted a gigantic Fried Shrimp off my first defeated enemy, and was then able to equip said shrimp as a weapon. Great stats on it, too.